My questions that may help others too

Hey, I have just registered a few minutes ago, but that does not mean i was not here before. I did my introduction, you can read that if you are a little more curious about me.

To sum up that, I have been reading and reading this forum for a long time now, and I have a few questions that I have not found the answers for.

1, When you do any magic any summoning with sigils, any pray or saying and asking for your desire or even a spell (excluding when there is an ancient form or language part/enn/Names of the spell)

-Do you use English during the whole process or do you use your born language? (Because I was born in Germany I just have learned English during school but I feel like I can express any desire emotions or anything in English) Because for eg. I have read a spell that I want to “cast” but the instructions (what to say and when) was given in English.

2, The thing I want to solve now is bring back my ex girlfriend (we are in no contact since the breakup) (you may laugh because I see during the half year how much people asking about this topic, but I hope my questions and approaching style are acceptable for you and yes I have searched for this in the search bar so hope the questions I will ask won’t be a duplicate)

-So, is it true that because I have had a love bond with this girl (when we first broke up, I ordered from a few professionals to put on a love bond , you can judge me but you know a young loving heart does not think about morals) and a few weeks ago I went to a spiritual man who just cut and removed all those bonds but said that I have past life history with his girl. - is it harder to get her under love spell effects, and love bonds again after we had one for 2.5 years and now it’s removed?

I’m asking this because I have cast and ordered professionals to do love spells on her, and somehow I don’t see any results yet, it’s been 2-3 weeks since the spells been casted.

I also tried some from the “love spells on ex that works” or what named topic but see no results not even with a contact me pact. But those were the light spells not include any demons.

Now I want to involve demons, with sigils,enns you know. In this situation when you had past love bonds, and case seems difficult, who would you suggest?, To be honest I thought about Santa muerte. Because I did my first “summoning” a few hours ago with Dantalion (I don’t know how it went because I did not feel anything and I was confused about which language to use to speak to him) But I told him about my desire and also to shown a sign. After the ritual I randomly searched for (pick a random tarot card) And the random card which come up was Le Muerte. So I think that’s a sign to work with Santa muerte. But I’m really curious about your opinion.

Thank you for all who read and answer to my questions, have a nice day.


My take on it is: if you want to accomplish something with Magick, don’t exclude anything. Start with lighter forms like candlemagic, include sigils of your own design, make petitions. Anything. Keep at it until you see a result and than replicate the procedure that brought you that result.
Be thorough and persistent.

I am at the moment involved in a similar situation, and am working amongst others with duke Sallos. When I talk to him, I speak in my native tongue. But in the past I have spoken in English too.
When working with Angels for some reason I find English more suitable.


Do you have some links for those candlespells, and what do you mean by sigils of own? Should I randomly draw and write my name in the circle ?

Thanks for answering partly by the way, still curious about others opinion on the topic.

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Hi, I thought you wrote that you have been reading for some time, so I assumed yo might already know some spells or the like. I design my own and I believe everyone does.
I am sure you can find information on candlemagic with youtube or google …


Sorry, and I meant sigils using the method by Spare for example, or of your own design

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I never read here about own sigil maybe I just skipped those topics.

About candlespells, yea I remember them reading here but thought you have specific ones, also I do not believe in YouTube ones because you know those videos are only for maximalize the clicks on them but if you have a specific YouTube Chanel you follow I would warmly welcome to watch that.

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The approach to youtubevideos is - I believe - to get inspired. Search for a topic and watch several videos by several persons on the same topic. Read books and / or articles and draw your own conclusions.
I wish you the best.

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Thanks I wish you too.

Waiting the answers for others too.

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Anyone having experience with love bond/spells after the previous one is removed ?

You can use your native language. It’s the intention which is energy directed by thought that matters.
That is said over and over again on this forum, so I question how must you think you’ve read.

Paraphrasing to be concise - please correct errors in understanding:

What’s past is past. Having a past life connection in no way creates any contracts in a new life by itself. You might have some karma if you’ve allowed yourself to subscribe to that, but karma has been optional for while now (since the shift in 2012), and as a block to ascension is best dissolved. I agree with V.K Jehannum in this - I’ll post what he said recently about it as he explains it rather well:

you can judge me but you know a young loving heart does not think about morals)

Correct. I do judge you (jut judging is what humans do, it’s normal) and no, this is not your heart talking, its your ego. Your heart, if it actually loves her, would want what’s best for her, not you. You love yourself and nobody else right now.

Now I want to involve demons, with sigils,enns you know. In this situation when you had past love bonds, and case seems difficult, who would you suggest?

I recommend Belial to get you out of your addiction and back focusing on yourself and your ascent. As you do your inner work, you ascend, and that which does not serve you falls away - if you are meant to be with this person, the path will naturally clear for you to be together becuase you will be ready… if you are not, you will realise it and not want it any more.

In short, you are not ready, and she doesn’t want you like this, so it’s time to level up.


Yes, and they work fine. The first does not affect the later spells, which should layer and work together, if that is your intention.
The spells aren’t the issue, this is as hard as it is because you’re working against the flow of the existing tide and against her free will, and she seems to have stronger will than you.
That means you have to change yourself into something she’s not against.

You must Ascend.

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This thing you said, I’m something she does not want changed my mind really. I will change my aura my energies because maybe that’s blocked my and others spell work.

Also thank you for the information about using your native languange during rituals. I will do that.

Also the past life video was helpful.

So overall I felt some negativity from your answer but maybe that was honestly only, thank you I profited from it much.

Waiting others opinion too, because I think most of you have an opinion about this popular kind of topic.

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Hi did anything work? If so what did you do?