My Qliphoth Journal 1

Yesterday I didn’t keep the note up bc I had my Art Akademia upfront now so.

Today it will come

16th day of practice
Begin22:44 End23:03

BF Meditation:5min
Qlipoth Rite:14min
Nothing in particullar

Whole munutes:19min

Note:I just keep it as a grind even in my deep tiredness never fall out of routine and practice keep it up even in my so called diggin days.

17th Day of practice

Beginning:23:07 Ending:23:42

BF Meditation:10min
Thoght clearence, tiredness…
BF Mantra:3min
Qlipoth Rite Lillith Gamaliel:22

Whole minutes:35min

End Note :Nothing in particullar other than tiredness… Next. One!

18th Day of Practice
Beginning:21:08 End:21:45

BF Meditation : 20min
Qlipothic rite Lillith Gamaliel:;17
Whole minutes 37

End Note.

Git here and there sexual induced imagery. And also on some occasions visions of blue colors and a deep blue colored Sphere that is showing in my spirit eye…

Also I practice twice in the morning before normal practice routine (Adviced in Michaels W. F Work.)and now before I sleep.

In the morning by the weekends I have more time than under the week and such there are two prayer parts that are made especially for morning and before sleeping. I discovered…it wasn’t openly suggested in the book…

Well. It was like close to one hour the whole rite. Morning one.

And in Kombination of my usual rite and meditation recitation practice it cultivates a huge amount of spiritual energy and there can happen that thinks appruptly manifests.

So in my later practice I noticed a subtle manifested snake like Ssssss at my corner. I didn’t think of it much at my altered mind state.

But a little later I figure there is my copper snake statue in the corner…

And in my Qlipothic openings prayer there is a part of “Who gather the serpents and the beasts of the Earth”

And in my usual practice I state “Nagas satanas satanama satnam Lucifer”

But the connection is more to the above bc I really invest in this prayer…

Since than I have the feel that now a Serpentine Spirit or entity is residing in it as present of the Qlipoth…

What do you think?

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19th Day of Practice
Beginning: 20:22 Ending:21:25

Qlipothic Meditation:40min
Journey trough the blue and hyacinth tunnel of Seth to Lillith Gamaliel… First succubus Sal and incubus Sal arousal. Than the conversation and a lesson from Lillith. To transform one’s primal lust into a thrive and self motivation unto thinks that you know are gonna liberate you in some way or another Sigil of sexual transmutation.

Qlipoth Rite Lillith Gamaliel:25

Whole Minutes:65

End Note :Furat I came trough the hyacinth tunnel of Seth to Lillith Gamaliel a black vast desert was shown than the black moon suucubus and succubi spirit is engaged around me greeted me. They had shadowy Forms of pleasure and arouousels. A big orgy was performed around the mistress lillith she brought me to come to her. She blackened my visions with succubi spirits who than get in shape of my favorite sexual interests the females I really find sexually attracticive. And aoursed my primal instinct of engaging in sex and releasing the semen. But instead she thought that in engagement even mentally you are cooking up your spiritual essence never realase it only cook it and transmute unto thinks you want to manifest be it spiritual be it material but teoigh sexual arousal and engagement you can further its progresses. Than she thought me the Sigil where I should focus on while mediattinflg and transmitting my energys… Than she sad draw it the end.Fwlt a little sick but unusual sick and heat… Afterwards it got at ease and than vanished…

Yo bro you managed the scan?

Ken it is in working. Be patient. You will get it I will make it tomorrow.

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Alright thanks

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I see that your three main upper Chakras are mainly more in use than the lowers but are in moderate activation its colors are per from light green to pastel light blue crown. 3deye kinda pinkish and lil violet throat dark green. Have a weird feeling of spinach. Something toxic like spinach smoothy but getting it lil stench if ya know what I mean. But well. Idk…
Your aura the first layer has rosa outwardly it is getting into a more and more darker vilolet. Are you activating some kind of black flame within?Or are ingaged in black sun workings? And third eye. I see your wings one is black one is white but are young. You hold in your hands a vodooun gold rod (Ancestry?)

But I see a dark greyish fog energy between your croch and upper part of legs and a dark Portal unto your genital. Dark root like veins sprouding from there to your solar plexus but have not reached as of yet. Is it intentional I have the feel yes in some way. Two endarkened serpents are ready to intertwine once again like the DNA string kind of but it is not yet completed.

I have a feel you are ingaging in some way or form in a darker alchemy of self and related practices.

Or am I mistaken?
If I am I apologize I make later another one will train more on that.

Sincerely Serpentslight.
T. F.

When I look upon it deeply it seems like you are using your subtle upper means of Chakras to activate your primal dark essence from below Chakras transform it from the bottom to up. From root these dark serpents entertwines and are waiting and nourished from your dark workings to complete its first stage of whole darker transformation. And to up crown

Thanks you. Yes indeed very accurate stuff. I’m engaging in black sun workings with the queen of hell. It’s dangerous stuff though

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I can imagine.

Well I see for you green light you can and will successfully do it mate :blush::muscle:

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It’s seems like my ancestors have been around me though. Funny I haven’t worked with them often. Should I pour libation?

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What is your connection to them telling you?

Beginning:21:00 Ending :21:33

Qlipoth meditation:18min
Too dreamy too tired

Qlipoth Rite Lillith Gamaliel:13min
Whole minutes38

End note:Nothing special it was usual. Grounding… Deepening.

Being that Gamaliel is tied to the elements of the moon. You will feel the effects of the realm of Gamaliel the strongest when it is mostly dark. I felt a strong pull of sexual energy a few days ago when it was fully dark(new moon). People don’t go bonkers about the dark side of the moon for nothing. Sometimes, my dreams take a long time to process when the moon is full. But last night’s dream was intense. I was visited by Zburator, a wolf-headed dragon that can change into an incubus or a human-like being that has the persona of an incubus. I’m of firm belief that Zburator has ties in one form or another to Gamaliel, Romanian origin makes no difference. Gamaliel is universal in its ties to several beings, not limited to Lilith.

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I share your belief and thank you :slight_smile:

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Happily, I was doing my daily passing through and I could not simply ignore this.

images (2)

Zburator as he appeared in my dream.

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