My prosperity magick is like a swinging pendulum

Hello BALG family - my first forum post after lurking for a long time. For the last 3 years I’ve been doing a combination of prosperity rituals for hire & my own rituals for the same. I get great results pretty quickly, but then everything I gained (and more occasionally) goes away as quickly as it came to me, and I’m back where I started again.

Need to know if I’m doing something that the spirits frowned upon and they keep punishing me with reversals of fortune, or if it’s something external like someone cursing me to sabotage my success. In the latter case, it could be any of a few possible culprits that I know also work with magick. Would much rather it be something about myself I can change to give the results more longevity, than someone out there continually cursing me & trying to make me kill myself (as curses are known to do, and it has felt like that before).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.

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I’d say talk to your higher self and make sure your magick is involving your heart. You have to want it with everything your are on all levels or there’s conflict. If your higher self thinks you have to be without for some reason, for example, it can cause problems.

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