My Personal Experience and Encounter with OROBAS

I would not call myself an adept but certainly I have had romance with great mystical and occult practices yet I still feel I have much to learn as my life progresses. Maybe because I am not one that like to limit myself to a mystical or magical tradition as with experience I have come to realize that all religion, all mystical or magical tradition have a meeting point.

Magical correspondences will give clear insight on how everything connects to everything else. At the base of the pyramid of existence all seems separated but at the peak, that lofty apex, everything is one. All religion, all traditions be they mystical or magical unite and this is the point of God himself.

It came to a point in my life where I needed some drastic change. I was tired of playing it safe and hoping things will get better. I was not doing too bad myself buy I really needed to push my luck a little further. Well, things where really not moving the way I would have wanted them.

As a matter of fact I had dreams, goals and aspiration You should know the feeling when you don’t have enough and somebody needs your assistance not a good one I must say. But at this point when I need to make good for myself, things just seems to come to a half and this caused me depression I swear.

I live in a country where the energies are really dense and some times it take more than just prayer and visualization to get things done. In fact Nigeria is a tough place and if you are here you know what I mean. It should not come as a surprise that most Nigeria youth give in to crime and blood thirsty rituals just to make ends meet a constant battle of spiritual energies goes on daily. If you ask me, hard work can fail you here sometimes.

I have been studying the goetia for more than 3 years without attempting any experiment because of fear of demon and all that. Besides the ritual setup can be time and resource consuming. No wonder in times of old you need to be wealthy and intelligent to do ceremonial magic. You honestly cannot do ceremonial magic without proper preparation little ritual such as lesser banishing ritual r pentagram (a must learn), Lesser banishing ritual of Hexagram, Middle pillar and more. They all need to come in to make an effective session.

Several partial successes came along as I began practicing Goetia magic but that was too discouraging. I have always done planetary spells using candles and cabalistic correspondences and they have been helpful though. But this time I need real and drastic improvement.

After several pondering on which spirit to use to fulfill my goal of drastic change, I finally decided to call on the might and powerful prince OROBAS. On a Tuesday evening at the hour of Venus which was 7:00pm Nigeria time I was set to put out all my ritual tools which involve a miniature triangle of arts which I made myself with a black mirror at the center. On the Monday before I did some fasting and same with Tuesday too as this was to ensure maximum receptivity to his presence.

First was the lesser banishing ritual of hexagram followed by lesser banishing ritual of the hexagram, Preliminary evocation (HGA Ritual), middle pillar ritual and finally the evocation and welcoming of Mighty Orabas.

I am a very energetic person I thought I was to feel the flow of energy through the room and my body but that was not the case here. There was this stillness in the room maybe this was necessary to facilitate the telepathic communication that was to take place between I and Orobas. I after chanting his enn and three times and reciting a simple evocation for same three times I decided to ask for a sign that he was here and I clearly heard in my head that he has been waiting for me and this made me smile because my communication with this prince was more than I really though and this was a cool thing to me.

I told him the reason I called him and he made a request that I place an egg on his seal for seven days to enable him start his works. To be truly honest this was very ridiculous as to what does a so called “western spirit” have to do with an African style of spirituality, not hat egg was totally an African thing but it is used very often here in the African Traditional Religious practices. Spirits knows no time and space and they all exist beyond our human comprehension.

I told him I was to write an ebook in this honour and promote his seal and he said “That was fine by me” but he insisted on the egg been place on his seal and I agreed. As if he knows me so well; he said I should ask any question as I have many questions to ask and I told him that will be for another session with him. I did as him to give me a sign between the next full moon and so many amazing things happened the next week that follows

He ended the conversation saying he was going to start by removing limitation and this amazed me deeply and I finally thanked him for coming and politely licensed him to return to his abode.

The next week that follows was full of jobs here and there. Unexpected calls came in and I was able to have some sort of financial ease which I actually requested anyway and this was the sign that he gave me and I knew that was him.

I cannot rely put all experience I have had with him here but this spirit is a faithful one who will not allow harm to come to a magician and will do what is required of him so long the end of the bargain is kept.

My Hymn to Orobas

Mighty Prince of Hell
Beautiful Patron of Horses
The true and Faithful Orobas

By thy seal you obey
By the sacred chants of calls
you come forth to assist he who calls on thee

Wonderful is thy essence and pure is thy countenance
Exist Orobas, Exist Orobas, Exist Orobas



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Thanks DarkestKnight for the reminder

I have been desiring Prince Orobas very much after I read his description in the Goetia several years ago.Prince Orobas is magnificent to work with and to spend money to invoke him is well worth it.I have drew his sigil on parchment and opened it bought his sigil pendant from Poland ,chanted his enn and the sigil moved and I knew that he had arrived I gave him my requests and I strongly believe that all will go well.I believe that visualizing any desired results will manifest if you carry yourself as a living GOD and do what is natural to humans all will be well seek KNOWLEDGE!