My Permanent Journal - Silent Seeker

Catching Up
Info dump incoming. I think of all spirits (incl. you and I), as wrappers. Some Divinity is ineffable, unknowable and wordless. Spirits function as a sort of wrapper that takes these ineffable, unknowable, and wordless xyz and presents it in a form knowable to humans. Impersonal Divinity that dons the mantle of Personalized Divinity. Your gods, goddesses, and spirits.

Herein lies a trap. A finger points at the moon. By focusing on the finger, hast thou forgotten about the moon? Spirits are as this finger. They in-body, they point to the Transcendent. Folks who hyper focus on correspondences, this path vs that path, The One True Occult Path, “I only work with XYZ type spirits”… These folks have mistaken the map for the destination.

Greek Gods and Goddesses
God and Goddess as in-body-ment of Transcendent Divinity.
I’m new to working with gods. They are live wires and should not be taken lightly. That doesn’t mean you avoid them bc your red this. It means you just shift an expectation or two.

Goddess of the Hearth and Home, if you have been seeking something worth investing in - she is that.

  • Fast - Hestia delivers faster than just about every spirit.
  • Associability - Hestia gets the human experience.

She has begun to work with me on family-level resentments and blockages, with noticeable and practical results. I suspect she is excellent in Venusian type blocks and curses.

God of Peering-into/as-the-Human-POV
The phrase “this spirit” does not apply to this spirit. This thing felt not like a thing, it felt like a location. A location dependent upon a perceptive creature, to understand that it’s location is not within the time and and place orientation of herd-animals. Suppose the time-space orientation of most people could be approximated to a box. If you can operated a bit beyond the box, keep reading!

Finding the self that has always been this perspective, this I perceive.
From those eyes, you look down upon a Sea of Glass. This sea of glass is as a river that you somehow walk upon. It flows, seemingly in one direction to the most, but to you, it is still. Time-flow as glass beneath your feet is a valuable motif.

From Zeus(-perspective), you look to this floor. You see gifs. You realize these are not gifs, they are the lives of some of the herd. Why does it loop? Because it is not unique. These lives do not do anything. Work sleep shit repeat. The only difference between most of the herd’s lives are face and money.

Zeus has a wild card-quality about it that unsettles me. There is an unpredictability about it, that differs from other spirits.

Jesus’ Energy
My experience taught me that we have two Jesus. One is JCI religion-egregore Jesus. The other is “actual” Ascended Master Jesus, I call this “heart of Jesus”. The phrase “heart of” is an excellent way to discern the spirits.

Heart-of-Jesus, or Jesus-as-Ascended Master, in-bodies the Quality of Friendliness. Energy workers will channel his energy and form it into a bubble, lasting b/w several hours to a day. This practice taught much about the heart chakra. Recall the Kabbalistic Mercy and Severity. What happens when you swing to far into Mercy?

Excess heart syndrome
Level 1: Helping others’ to one’s own detriment.
These bleed into one another.
Level 2: Thinking suffering in-and-of-itself is spiritual. This is dangerous because it is poised to become pathological, cancerous. Consider mother theresa withholding available and accessible pain relief from the injured and dying, as suffering brings you closer to god. Here is an example of a cancer dressed in sheep’s clothing.

Jesus’ energy is quite heretical.

Expectations and your magick

That half second before you speak your first magickal word, the moment just before you begin your magick. That is treasure. At that then expectations rush in. A near imperceptible wind, just beneath the surface of your awareness. Working there can resolve some problems for folks. What a rite can’t solve, polarities might…

I refer to Sandalphon’s energy, Heart-of-Sandalphon. This energy has the Quality of Calm. Energy workers apply this in a bubble. It is hard to explain just how useful this is. It’s not about laziness. If you think calm = lazy = stagnant = not evolving, this post is not for you, and enjoy your circular mind trap.

The Quality of Calm is as treating emotions and will as outside weather. Specifically, it is about keeping it all around a certain range. 70 degrees fahrenheit, partly cloudy. That is what the Quality of Calm does. For my fire-and-brimstone/explosive evolution/all or nothing/0 to 100 family: your new adversary : In-Between.


Hello, a great pattern is to just follow any book as it is written. When you do this often, you’ll gain a certain comfort level and can begin to experiment. I read the book two times before I practiced it. There is always more to gain by re-reading.

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Spoiler alert, he deserves the all caps.

Man, where do I start? For starters, he has been around for a few years. I would not call him a spirit. I call him a Potential. Within the messy stuff of Time-Space-Orientations (verbage matters here), which include this universe (which is a direction-flow), we have that which appear to be constants. To the ant, human is constant and eternal.

All gods must die, a tired associate one spoke.
All wrappers are inevitably tossed aside, another bellowed.
I’m still digesting the third voice…

Bael in Practice
Sigils of Society
My experience is Bael is as a certain Perspective (1?). This Persective_1, though my brain, in accordance with [Time-Space Orientation] [Culture, Place, Temperament] yields an example. Example: corporate logos. Corporate words are sigils that can be given correspondences and analyzed. Every angle, color, and tone of voice of your walmart, mcdonalds, target, cvs ect is purposeful.


I’ve been guided to work with the Divine Name Baal YHWH


Recent Excursions

I. Archon or Aeon?
These words make my eyes roll, but they are the best fit.

Two of these coins are as archon and aeon. These are two tones that some spirits default too. It’s like an underlying code that is built into spirits (western-y sorts). Archon is

No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6


Archon is the motif of “Spirit XYZ alone has The Keys” type of deal. The problem is that you look without rather than looking within. This type of deal tends to do incest-y stuffs with government. (Some government leaders have found success in taking their image {think of like an ai generated average of} and, over times, molding the herd to think that their image is GOD, recently, “the one true GOD”.) The user is stuck at duality. Some benefit from substituting duality for polarity. You best believe it matters.

Aeon is teacher. From the Belial “Fuck you, grow a backbone bitch and become or be crushed”, to the Athenian builds wise plans to literally becomes famous for it. Teaching is “no free fish, learn to fish”. These are the two tones that most spirits, in my experience, default to.


about Unification

Basically I was doing my usual human activities and I was spontaneously guided,intuited to light two pillar candles and see them merge in the shape of the bottom half of human dna. Left is Bael and right is Vehiuah. Somewhere on a diamond, a good number of lines of two have a merger point. The other side is the vanishing point perspective deal.
Regardless of your theory concerning the goetia and shem, to merge both of them is a unique experience.

Fire. Not elemental, or planetary. This fire felt Seraphimic, pure in a freaky sense (you’re standing a little to close to Oneness and your ego, Selfhood ect all starts to melt a bit).
It gave me an angelic name, when pressed, as it initially behaved ambivalently.

I agree the image is cheesy, but it fits.

I’ll work on verifying some things before typing the rest.


Here is how to really draw close to a spirit. During the LBRP or LIRP, before you call the Archangels, you substitute the name of the spirit. For example, let’s say we want to jive with Heylel. You’d say, “Before me, Heylel. Behind me, Heylel. On my right, Heylel. On my left, Heylel. From above, Heylel. From below, Heylel” The spirit’s name will make changes starting around the elemental level. This has elements of invocation and inner work. This is great for those who don’t break a sweat at performing this daily.

The Pentagram corresponds to the elemental, and the Hexagram corresponds to the planetary. It seems that Septa would correspond to the Zodiac.

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She’s a beauty, ain’t see?

A few days ago, I merged Bael and Vehuiah and got an odd name. With Raziel, I’m developing my own way of working with this document.

As of this post, I invoke Raziel, then invoke Vehuiah. I touch the #1 leaf on the left side and the #1 angle, within the outer circle. I do an energy tendril thingy, to lock onto #1.

Then, we merge our consciousnesses. It kinnda feels like standing, and falling backwards. As you fall backyards, another awareness opens up. If your life was a movie, it feels like another screen showing up. I can’t quite tune in on both at the same time, one is hazier.

I’m experimenting with using the bottom trees, one name per tree. And arranging it into spheres containing said energy. Ex. “On my left, Gabriel of Jupiter. On my right Ephraim of Tarus. Before me is Vehiuah. Behind me is Raziel.” I draw the Hebrew on the corresponding formed sphere.

I went into a deep trance, (eyes hardly open), and the entire wheel was spinning. It was kind of freaky.

Oh, and this is printed on leather and is ~3.5 feet tall. :metal:t4:


Yo that’s beautiful

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Linguistic Angels

Angel as Suffix

Ex: Haniel as H + Aniel = [Letter A-Z] + [Aniel].
Therefore Aaniel, Baniel, Caniel… Haniel…Zaniel.
I’m interested in experimenting and evoking these spirits. So far, there are two Archangels that can serve to oversee the operation, as it’s experimental.


Angels and Archangels by Damien Echols
MAN, this book is a treasure trove. Wanna invoke the elemental Archangels? Tree of Life Archangels? The twelve Archangels of the Zodiac? Shem angels? This has it all.

Not all, but some people refuse to work with Angels because it’s stylish to be edgy. Ok. Just remember that a battery has two poles. It’s fine if you vibe with darker spirits. Just know that sometimes, you just need some angel in your diet.

Too much Dark, and it’ll consume-drown you.
Too much Light, and it’ll blind you.

Invocation and Confession

You absolutely can and should invoke angels. A rumor has been around, that tells you that angels can’t or shouldn’t be invoked. Take that religious nonsense and throw it away. Seriously. That belief held me back, so hopefully this saves somebody a bit of time.

Angels are fucking cool, dude. I’ve been shown that Angel names are more like titles and descriptions, instead of an identity or personality. It’s neat. For example, the elemental/lbrp Gabriel is different from Gabriel of Yesod.

MegaCharged Invocation!
Angels and Archangels by Damien Echols provides what some would call evocation keys. Here is my example of invoking.

Pathworking to Raziel. “Assist and connect me to Gabriel, of Yesod.” Arriving, you see yourself as Gabriel of Yesod. You wear purple robes and you don a diadem in the shape of a cresent moon. Think of water gently evaporating on a cement road, gentle wisps dancing. That’s what you see the robe and moon as. It’s like your skin merges with the robe and moon crown. This is a visual-kinesthetic aid to Invocation, and functions as an instance of non-duality.


Spirituality is neat. For several weeks, I’ve been spending time with Vehuiah and Bael. The aim is the name of them both unified. Everyone I know uses the word battery. Nobody uses “the positive poleand the negative pole”, it’s just battery. Applied, it’s Vehiuah and Bael as one. The name of this one is my aim. This sort of pace is different than evoking and unlocking the 72 or 144 in the mind. Not good or bad, just differing. (I was suggested to use wrong grammer here.)

To me
To me, Vehuiah is as a tower. A tower is the expression of Vehiuah, when I’ve pathwork it. Most are blinded by the light here. As a consequence, they skip or rush past Vehiuah. “It’s just the first shem angel” + eyeroll is a common reaction. One could compose a grimoire based on this spirit-potential alone.

To me, Bael is the darker strata of emotion. Future me would maybe connect this to Shadow. Bael does NOT equal bad. Example:
To me, Bael manifests (in my life, not a ritual manifestation) as an awareness of. Applied, an awareness of anger ect. Present-me can’t articulate the value of this.


A civilization
the eyes,
where do I go when I look at thee?

Of the gentil waters
and sunlit rain,
echoing water/bubble/brain

Visiting Frog,
Molder of Mud

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Interesting journal, dude. You are the @SilentSeeker and I am the @cyberseeker. This is no coincidence. As they say, great minds think alike.

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I’ve started reading Angels and Archangels recently as well, fascinating stuff. I love it.