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Oh, the chair?

Time & Space. Horizontal and Vertical.
Now that you know, you know.

Edit: Obviously a W.I.P., super early draft


Interesting drawings! Looking forward to the completed one!

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The medium draft! :smiley:

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Invoking Omnipotence

I’m honored to hit a breakthrough with the Angels of Omnipotence, from the 6th and 7th Books of Moses. For reference, I did use Jareth Tempest’s Omnipotence Attunement.

One begins by drawing their energy into yourself. Here, you “mold” the energy. I mold the energy into the Archangels themselves. And for a moment, there are no boundaries between.

For example, I use the LBRP/LIRP and am known to the Archangels. I know their signature.

One draws the energy, and makes it into, say, Archangel Michael. For a moment, there is no Michael or you: there is only a greater integrated being. You could use a lot of words to explain what this is. The power behind all power, the form behind all forms is a great alternative rendition.

Regular performance of the above, taking raw Omnipotence energy, and making it into the for Archangels, doing something with the energy… Whoever has been scouting for gems and pearls, there you go! :sunglasses:

As an Archangel, use intent to direct the “as-an-archangel” towards a purpose which is of the Archangels’ domain.

As Michael, I cut cords. The results were on par with evoking Michael, or Pathworking to it.

So What?

Basically, this is a way that you can experience… I think language fails here.

You draw in energy, and can make it into any spirit known to you. And for .05 of a second, or whatever, the whole “you” and “spirit” duality thing goes away. If I need to explain why this matters, don’t sweat it. You’ll see when you need to.


I don’t this this post is for everybody. I don’t buy into the whole spiritual rank thing. But, if you think this makes you “SPIRIT XYZ INCARNATE!!!” : respectfully, this isn’t for you. This is not for those lost in Yesod-daydreams or Neptune-delusions. Get lost.

I do think you can merge with a spirit/potential. But, I believe it is for fractions of a second, at best. I maintain that this is practical. Not of fantasy, but rooted in the real.


Have several synchronicities


Sitri goes to the Club

That click bait worked, didn’t it?

Sitri is a potential with a far richer and greater array of powers than often discussed. The aim of this post is to provide an example of this.

*11 And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake:

12 And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

13 And it was so, when Elijah heard it, that he wrapped his face in his mantle, and went out, and stood in the entering in of the cave. And, behold, there came a voice unto him, and said, What doest thou here, Elijah?
1 Kings 19:11-13
King James Version*

To teach you the lessons you must learn is his new power. sex themed lessons is applicable.

Essentially, he recalibrates your beliefs about sexual themes, to optimize you. This means you become more sexually desirable, confident ect. This is done via shifting your beliefs.

Why evoke hordes of spirits to get laid, when you can shift your beliefs and obtain the same results?

The Example

I’m speaking from the point of view as somebody who worked with a bunch of spirits for sex fun, but neglected the inner work.

Sitri’s lessons I experienced as two-fold. An inner download (which felt like a piano key being played and held) and an outer (a set of events, that felt like a movie reel).

Music, alcohol, lust and fun flowed at the gay club. Sitri showed me a woman taking her top off, and then he scared me by screaming “IT’S ME!!”

The Lesson:

Sitri wasn’t “really” with the said woman. Or, only a very small amount of him was with/as the woman. Only a very finite amount of Sitri was with the alcohol and lust going on.

It sounds crazy. But Sitri, Lord of Lust and Nudidity, was here: in the Belonging. In the Free Expression.

You see, he showed me a good amount of people are still uncomfortable with their sexuality, at least in terms of being open about it. He showed me that some of these people could NOT express their LGBT identity with their families.

Sitri was basically like “Here I am. This adult who here and now, can be themselves. No judgment. No hate. Dance.” He showed me that the Spirit of the Church, is now in Clubs. Blasphemous right?
Church was supposed to be about love and acceptance, and since that isn’t the case anymore, that spirit of belonging, love and acceptance has moved into clubs.

The Bible Verse?

Sitri was not in the topless women,
He was not in the alcohol,
Sitri was not in the lust,
A silent, quiet sense of belonging and acceptance,
That’s where he is.

He showed me that porn and media makes sex abstract and disassociative. “About parts, and not people” A lesson of his was that sexual attraction (which doesn’t = sex), in a more whole sense, is art. It includes belonging, vulnerability, communication… It’s not about a big ass, dick or whatever. But it can include those, Sitri wanted me to add as I type this.

I’m still in my 20s, so learning this has not at all been obvious. Magick is wierd, like wtf am I doing having a mini sexual enlightment moment, in a club???

Relevant Meme


Updating the Goetia

Sandalphon has led me on an interesting journey. This journey led me to performing the LBRP and meditating. I was concerned, as I feel wrong for not summoning a bunch of spirits and tasking them. Let’s keep in mind Sandalphon’s association with Malkuth, so we have a focus on the practical and applicable.

These experiences occurred as an intuitive, spontaneous knowing with a small amount of downloads. Therefore, much of this doesn’t really “fit” into words.

I found myself liberated from myself. In meditation, I usually feel my ego-awareness as a dot or pinprick of light. This time, I was simply “elsewhere”. In meditation, I felt myself as infinite blackness surrounding this dot. I just felt like I was everything, like an eagle looking down on my ego-awareness.

“Here” is where the really cool work began. I focused on my ego-awareness, but kept a significant amount of my attention on the periphery, the blackness. I realized that all the spirits I worked with, will work with, and those spirits interested in me - they are all here in this blackness.

In the Depths
For example, I felt something very old swimming just under my ego-awareness. I meditated on this, and just knew it was “Amon”. However, it was Amon in a larger sense, an Amon (potential?) that includes the Goetic Amon, but is not limited by the Goetic Amon. I meditated on this, and just knew “PAST”. Working with Sandalphon, he showed me that Amon can help one with all matters pertaining to the past. For example, if you are stuck in the past, or daydream so much about what was, that you neglect what is, or what can be, work with Amon.

Sandalphon showed me a method to basically perceive my surrounding potential (the blackness). By taking time and meditating on these potentials/energies/currents, you receive a clue. Often a word, phrase, or image. By taking time and meditating on the clue, you receive a previously hidden power of the spirit. In this manner, you update the Goetia, which is filtered and verified through your own experience.

I MUST state this clearly and explicitly. You do not force this, in any measure. It is the Will of the Divine and your Will dancing as one. It is when the little ego steps aside and realizes that the Will of the Self and the Will of the Divine are shakti and shiva, samael and lilith: as One.

“As effortlessly as the will of the divine is so too do you effortlessly realize which spirits are around you.”

“This is effortless. This is the Will of the Divine. You are not trying to. You do it as effortlessly as breathing. Effortless as creation, destruction, and the great dance of all this stuff.”

“And when you feel the energy of this spirit, it will reveal new powers to you. In a sense, you can discover new powers to these spirits and why is that significant? Because you update the Goetia to this time and this place. What this means is of such a profound significance that you can create your own version of the Goetia that is unique to you.”

“This is not an evoke the 72 spirits challenge. This is not a bull powering through the 72 spirits, unlock your powers within me, now, now, now, go go go. No no and no. This is DEPTH. This is discovering NEW colors and NEW sounds. It’s not about rushing through something, it’s about savoring something and appreciating it. This is not about checking spirits off a bucket list. But of developing a working relationship with those whom you feel drawn to.”

The Critical
I MUST state this clearly. You do NOT call the spirit itself. You FEEL the energy of it. Be patient. Let the ego part of you that wants to command the spirits take a nap. For this, you feel. It’s like painting. You don’t scream at the paintbrush or canvas to bow to your authority. You feel the color, and let it gently be what it will.

I will share that I experienced most of this while drawing and sketching. I think all magicians who are looking for a new thread to follow should simply start drawing. What does your own art evoke within you? A picture is worth a thousand words, and for those with our interests, it can be quite valuable to side-step language.

Advanced practitioners will notice this is closer to energy work, instead of other approaches.

Edit: Amon’s updated powers: to remain grounded in the present, to release the hold of the past, to recalibrate one so as to make the most of the now.

Edit: If you feel slighted by my 72 challenge comment: ego-trap.

I want to thank Jareth Tempest for this Sandalphon Initiation.

I want to thank Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcoatl~Kukulkan, and Chaac.


Yes. It is an important part in realizing one’s Power, up until this point or similar. A lot of work has gone into making this possible. This should also be seen as an achievement.


Thanks for the comment, I’ll take it to heart :ok_hand:t4:


Sitri goes to the Club, part 2

Experimentation works. I was guided to experiment, and use an angelic method of conjuration for Sitri. Wierd right? (The Here and now, let the worlds part… Alakandal rogor mettu namah chant)

Angelic Conjuration of Sitri
I was nudged to call Metatron, and then resume my angelic call to Sitri. At one recitation, I felt an immediate interest. At the second recitation, I felt Sitri turn his head like this
At the third recitation, I felt a “no way!” impression from Sitri. Not really an ego thing, more like Sitri was saying props for figuring something out.
Sixty eight years, said Sitri.
“Do you mean, it’s been 68 years since somebody contacted you like this (angelic conjuration?”
He didn’t reply, but he basically showed me the mythological story of Abraham in Sodom and Gomorrah. As Abram expected to find XYZ number of spiritual people.


Magick is different recently. If I sound dualistic, it’s moreso a function of language, instead of the whole object/subject trap.

Example: Spirit XYZ tells me I am super rare.

Then, I would have applauded myself for the edgy darkness level I had achieved.

Now, I feel two choices. I could resume the above. Or, I can consider that the original “choice” is an ego-trap. So what? Well, realizing that XYZ is an ego-trap forces a change in perspective. It makes you move from the ego-POV, to the POV of something greater than the ego.

Detail Dump

I have nowhere to neatly share this so I’ll post here.

My ongoing work with the Angels of Omnipotence has yielded this image: A silhouette of a humanoid holding a box. The horizontal lines of the box are time, the vertical, space.


The part of the LBRP, when you call “Atay, Malkuth, VeGeburah, VeGedulah” and anchor to the time/space boundry of the respective location. (Atay, boundry of above. Malkuth, below. VeGeburah, right. VeGedulah, left). These four anchors are the four boundries of the box (from Omnipotence).

The LBRP, where you call the four angels. These are four “principles, or guideposts”. I know they have been explained, but I’m invested in my take on them. A Meso-American take: Quetzalcoatl, East. Tlaloc, West. South, Xochipilli?. Tezcatlipoctla, North. The Meso-American Name does NOT equal or parallel the Archangels.

Energy work is neglected by a good amount of Western magicians. Jareth Tempest has a way to do energy work that is practical and yields useful results.

Final Edit

I suspect Sodom and Gomorrah are connected to Sitri, and his mysteries.

Sodom and Gomorrah somehow connect to hell, be it the soul-travel take or the this-is-my-daily-life take. “Sodom and Gomorrah” in your paradigm, is an untapped source of riches. The Lust Thoth taro card. #11

Remember this bad boy?

Draw it out (I used regular markers and paper), and spend time with the bag in the right hand.

If you wanna have a hoot of a time, do yourself a favor, and write “gnosis” within the bag. Instead of the boring and average knee-jerk response of “wealth”.

I’m hitting on the art angle for this reason. Spoiler Alert You do the pathworking deal, ect. Develop depth, by art-ing/drawing your unique pathworking. Wtf do you think art is? Add a bit of intention, and badda boom badda bang, thy pathworkings of self rendered in this time and this space.

Oh, you evoke the most empyrean and that of the outer abyss? Tell me, dear one, why won’t you dare to art?

You evoke spirits from the vastly deep?
Well, if they are to come when you call them,
You ought to pick up and start creating and not just consuming.


art magick ftw

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Traditionally, the Genius of Success.

Feels like a dancing swirl that is mathematics.

Labezerin I experienced as an intelligence that points at certain recommended rituals, and then displaces a map of this that looks like a sort of geometry.

For example, yesterday she made ritual recommendations. Her energetic signature was present in the recommendations. “Twist” is part of her energetic signature. I suspect this twisting is moreso based on your expectations, instead of anything else. She provides clues to your expectations. For example:

In Practice
She indicated I should use Demons of Deception, A Ritual to Forget, to bring about the mending of family dynamics and connections. This is a clue that I think of Demons of Deception and make it = being edgy. This is why the ritual was connected with an outcome of healing! This is Labezerin.

She guided me to Pathworkings the 72 Shem and task one a day. To heal a person that is revealed to me that day. The phrase “bless them in the way they need it most.” I won’t analyze this example. Labezerin wanted me to add sowing*

applying sight beyond sight
Visually, this manifested as a beautiful swirl impressed upon a sea shell. This swirl had a central line. This central line is a film strip. It’s "my"self performing these rituals, some in other universes/dimensions/whatever. (This isn’t like the movies, everything looks the same. There is a small silent voice that tells me to stop looking with my eyeballs.)

Focusing on the film strip, little whisps of cloud and blue. They are dates and times, shifting and changing. Probably possibilities.

I didn’t plan on writing this, but Labezerin had other plans. I would definitely add “Lightning” to Labezerin.

Short version:
Labezerin: twist, lightning.

This spirit is Lightning.


The Strange Evocation of Halphas and Malphas
6.16.22, Thursday. Hour of the Sun.

I saw a decapitated pigeon on the sidewalk today, as I went on my morning walk. I unintentionally spoke “Halphas” the first time, and “Malphas” the second time. I smell an opportunity! Let’s fast-forward to the evocation.

Experimentation Works!

I evoked them via the conjure an angel call.
Here, and now, let the world’s part and the heavens tear and The Light Descend, Bring Forth [Name]. Alakandal rogor mettu namah semine lastusah. Ergo mansine ehqua lunte sanso he alakandal rex lux in nomine dei nostri et filito [Name]

Halphas really got a kick out of that. Before I began the call, I felt a sensation of perplexment. Like Sitri turning his head to the side. I called, and Halphas let out a laugh, an instructive laugh.

  1. Ego-check. So many magicians are bound by themselves and their ego. Meaning, you don’t always need to over-identify with the role of commanding spirits. Take a step back. If all duality is an illusion, than there isn’t a magician or a spirit: it’s the same stuff.

    If the color yellow demanded to be king, and for all other colors to bow and submit to it’s almighty will, most of it would be shunted. Take a step back “color yellow”. Getting out of your own way means telling the toddler-on-the-throne, jester, sorry-you-call-yourself-ego:

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

There is far more at work, than your ego-perspective. A power of Halphas flashed, “Sends soldiers to appointed places”. Meaning, “to direct thy subconscious towards a desired (end)”. New power for Halphas.

Dig for the Gold

Things get difficult here. Halphas and Malphas collapsed/merged into something else. This something else is filtered through the lense of the angelic call. Time got weird, so if there is an incongruency, that is why.

I see a mime that indicates Halphas and Malphas are as the rainbow, and XYZ is the white. Alternate rendition, Halphas and Malphas are two notes. Together, a melody is. XYZ is this melody. Who is XYZ?

[This has nothing to do with Lucifer and his faces, the forum said. Respect this for what it is. Spirit X and Spirit Y do not equal Z.]

The head of a living eagle, surrounded by 360 wings. (As I type this, Guardian of the East, maybe?). Italics is spirit, regular is me.

Who are you? I state my actual name.
I know nothing about you. I state that we have interacted many times before. It appers to be unconscious of how Halphas and Malphas interact with it. :thinking:
How do I know that you are you?
Ater I gain the impression that this spirit, via this method, has been tuned away from humans for a long while.
What do you want of me?
To know and integrate you.
No jewels?
This is the jewel.
I’ll watch you from now on

An impression of Halphas & Malphas (who are brothers) merging and forming a new melody, this melody can be said to approximate Ater. Ater specifically said, I like that in reference to my note and melody analogy.

The Gleaming Spiritus
Associated with Ater.
Gleaming, “(of a smooth surface) reflecting light, typically because very clean or polished.”
Spiritus, " Latin term for breath, often used figuratively to mean spirit."

the Interview

What are thy powers?
Imbellishment. Start with Imbellishment. I had to search this up, embellishment means “a decorative detail or feature added to something to make it more attractive.”
What are you associated with?
fire I see a link with the flames of a phoenix, NOT the phoenix itself.
Ah, transformation and transmuatation!
if that is how you see…
I see Communication, Ater. It smiles reminiscently.
It’s been a long time since I worked in that capacity

I tasked Ater, and it wanted public praise. This post constitutes me fulfilling my word.


90% of the time, I use a psycopomp. Usually Raziel, sometimes Lucifer. For this, I was guided not to. Therefore, this is very much UPG.


Like a meta something? vk has a word for it I think :thinking:

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Jesus, an Ascended Master

Nothing triggers quite like Jesus, does it? The circular and shallow idiocy of this hand and that hand. Grow up. If my tone bothers you, leave. If Christ or Satan are your enemy, go stare at the word integration, holy ones. For this, a spine is required. We don’t have to agree, just voice your opinion without all the “Ultimate Truth” nonsense. Here is my opinion.

self-assertive in a rude, noisy, or overbearing way
I’m brash. I just realized that two days ago. Why?

Look, I straight up don’t vibe with Jesus. (That’s why I have to work with him, shadow work.) I’ve been told Jesus is infinite love, basically “Mr. Heart Chakra”, and that shit is basically the opposite pole of my existence.

& Belial

I am of the earth, unapologetically. I know the muck and mire of existence. My biological mother was nearly killed four times by my biological father. I died four times in the womb. I was born with a blue head, the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck. I was a hanged man before I even took my first breath. In these times, and this place, that is as Tezcatlipoca as you get.

Ascended Master

What scares me about the Ascended Master Jesus (separate from religion-y Jesus) is how much he gets me.

See Him

Both manifest as a face and two hands.

Face One:
A bronze colored male, in his mid twenty to mid thirty. Manifests as a middle eastern or hispanic male, with jet black hair. Hair flows down till his earlobes, a full black beard and moustache. He is not outstanding.

Face Two:
Same as above. The flesh is ebon black. Two raindrops from this repeat on the left side of his face.
Two purple raindrops fall down his black face. This is as a gif, they are not actual raindrops and they repeat.
The impression that this Jesus just feels like da Vinci. Jesus feels like the deeper gestalt of da Vinci. (Not a gestalt, the gestalt.)

This figure is not sexual. If it had to express sexuality, it would be non-traditional. Sexually speaking, the above face two. The addition of white and pearl colored make up, a dash.


To me, Jesus ~ (approximates) this: two thumbs punch into my forehead. This causes two wheels to appear in my vision. They start and end at the tear duct, lacrimal caruncle. These two wheels ~ cycle.

I’ll post the rest later.


Yeah, I’m familiar. My aim here is to develop my own words and interpretations for things, instead of relying on anybody else.


A golden lesson, my friend. Negotiating from a position of power can net more longer-term gains.

Yes, good point. I typically think of it as “resource allocation”, but hadn’t considered your point before. Thank you.

Totally agree, but I haven’t taken it further. I see them as two parts of a similar whole. Saying parts of the " same whole" is a leap I haven’t made (but may, if I continue with them). I absolutely agree with a sort of complementary (at the least) congruence.

I’m afraid that’s the limit of my experience with them. I remain interested in, and will follow, yours.


Energetic Structuring

Working with the energy of spirits, and not the personality-interface, I found a reliable form. Example: the energy (not personality) of Sandalphon has the quality of calm. Envison the energy radiating from your hands into a sphere. See the texture of this sphere as the lines of graph paper. See the name of Sandalphon upon these lines. Know the quality of calm is an intrinsic quality of these lines. When I do this, the energy will blurt out “four hours” or something like that.

Edgy Opinions

If you wanna be a living god, but haven’t figured out how to be an effective human: stop trying to sprint before you learned how to walk. Oh, and tell your ego to hush as it reads that.

How many wings does a dragon need to fly? “I only work with one group of spirits, and I can’t figure out why I’m falling apart.” “I’m this hand path till I die!!” OK. Keep hopping on one leg buddy. A battery needs both poles…

Death curse just ain’t hitting? Try dying to yourself first. Whaa? What do you mean they had a brain hemmorage?

What constitutes a cult leader?

You won’t jive with every spirit. Accept it and move on.

If you see an opinion you disagree with and argue for hours about it, you aren’t anywhere near as developed as your ego thinks you are.


Hi Silent Seeker. In reference to “The pathworking of the watchers” by Churaki Ashan, do you put up protection, before contact or just follow the book’s instructions? Thanks.

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It is a rule of the forum to properly introduce yourself.


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