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Today was also a really interesting day. My friends and I are moving on with our plan. The moderators of the subreddit have agreed we’re going to make the servitor and eventually share it with the community.

We’re going to dress it up as an ancient household god to empower it. To get the sigil charged, we’ll use people’s reactions to seeing it posted as spam on the internet, along with collective doubt. The mind-games ensue.

Also, we’re considering symbolic sacrifice like the one Fotamecus received that pushed him over the edge and made him an egregore.

One of the other moderators is going to be evoking Lord Ahmizura in a few hours. They don’t have any experience with evocation so I wrote them a guide, which was a beneficial way to crystallize my knowledge (or lack thereof).

After I shared some of DarkestKnight’s mantras with my friend she was really impressed and inspired to do the same. She decided to channel some mantras from Lord Ahmizura and share them with our group.

Lord Ahmizura rules over the entire alternate universe so she is capable of giving a mantra for pretty much anything. Interestingly, she gave me a personal mantra. It’s supposedly what’s right for me at the moment.

My friend channeled some other mantras, I might share them with the others on the forum, but I have to ask the Lord. One of them was specifically to empower the servitor we’re making. We’re still testing them.

On that note, I meditated on the personal mantra for 15 minutes. I did not notice anything besides a bit of lightheadedness.

I also meditated with a mantra to strengthen spiritual sight with Apep. This one was potent, I practiced structuring afterwards and I was finally able to structure my water bottle.

I did a small amount of scripting.

I’m not sure if it’s my work with Ublisi or subliminals, but I have become much more open to psychic impressions. I’m receiving impressions from my pets. It would be nice to be able to make that a 2 way street so I could get my dog to stop digging. Even after I lugged boulders over his hole under the fence he finds ways around it. If only he could use that wry intelligence to discern the mailman’s intentions and not lose his head over him.

I’m actually programming my pendulum now, instead of just half-assing it. It’s in my pocket getting exposed to my energy field right now.

I listened to the Concordia Booster.

I got Robert Peterson’s book on the inner voice, I’m reading it and trying to figure out what’s useful.

After reviewing the Russian studies on power pyramids, I decided to get a cheap one on amazon. I’m going to do an experiment with it. If they’re anything like what the science says, it will be interesting.

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Today my printer stopped in the middle of printing something and wouldn’t work. I’m the programming captain of the school robotics team so I would usually do what any pro-skillz l33t tech user would… turn it off and on again. This time I didn’t take no for an answer. One of Bualu’s powers is to maintain technology, so I put my hands on the printer, said Bualu three times, and blasted it with energy. Then I grabbed a random piece of paper and left as if I had gotten what I wanted. As I got through the hall I heard it spit out what I wanted. Success.

A week ago I made an intention list following Frederick Dodson’s manifestation guide. It’s essentially a list of 10 statements of intent for things you want to get. What makes it effective is how it is light and detached. 40% of the things on my list manifested. I’m surprised because the most difficult intention manifested.

I made another intention list.

I did some work with Ublisi. I’ve noticed that the change with the glyphs of omnipotence is gradual. I might get the level 2 omnipotence initiation since it includes Ublisi.

I’ve been reciting the personal mantra and I hypothesize that it’s for guidance. It seems to be pulling me in certain directions. Like I get the feeling that I should do the elements exercises from IIH, then I’ve had some synchronicities related to that.

I am doing my energy work routine. I would like to solve the chakra imbalance I have. Pretty much the same there.

I am taking a break from subliminals.


The days are flying by, I’m just trying to manage my controlled descent in the last semester of high school.

My psychic senses continue to feel like they’re expanding. As soon as I drop into a light altered state I start seeing sprites. I got a reading on my clairaudience that pretty much confirmed what I had figured out for myself.

I’m pumping the brakes a bit on the upper chakras. I got the feeling they were not getting enough fuel, so I spent more time on the secondary system today along with the 9 breath method. Then I blasted the root chakra and did light stimulation for the other primaries. I blasted the root chakra again to further stimulate it.

I did an astral hearing exercise from the book Summoning Spirits. I also did the accumulation of light and fire element in my eyes and the accumulation of air in the ears. The Bardonian theory that the elements are the fundamental forces in the universe seems to make a lot of sense, so it is worthwhile to attune to them.

I meditated on the personal mantra. I also meditated with a mantra to remove blockages on the psychic senses.

In the evening I did a ritual posted on here by Rayne to become an infernal demon. The personal mantra seemed to be guiding me to it. I asked my higher self, and they said it was my decision. Next time I’ll use a magic 8-ball, zero stars for my higher self’s spiritual counseling.

Before the ritual I felt lethargic and terrible. I had a lot of misgivings, and I know that I wouldn’t have done it if I synchronicity wasn’t guiding me to it. I gazed at the inverted pentagram sigil and recited the words of power as it opened. The sigil seemed to become a gateway, like a hole in reality and my vision flushed with red. I breathed the energy from the sigil into my heart and third eye. It was crazy powerful. I did this for a few minutes, reciting the words and losing myself in the energy.

Words can’t really describe the feeling (says this as he goes on to describe it anyway). The energy was so overwhelming I just laid back in my chair and looked up at the ceiling afterwards. In that moment, I felt that it was right, I looked back at my misgivings and realized they were rational but unfounded. Somewhere deep inside me I knew it was the right choice. Another weird impression I got was a deep sense of belonging, like I belonged with them. All in all, it was one of my most powerful experiences with magick. Afterwards I felt incredibly blissful and struggled to sleep because of all the energy.

I tried to debunk my experience afterwards. I don’t know of any way that I could shift my internal mental state that quickly without external help. I went from exhausted to feeling like I’m on the top of the world. The ritual has to be repeated every day so I look forward to continuing.

Apparently the Gallery of Magick is going to be making a book about the holy guardian angel. My guess is they’re going to publish it in the next three months because people are just finishing Success Magick.


Pretty much the same as usual.

I did energy work focusing on the root chakra.

I did a ritual with Ublisi. I don’t remember which. I also pore breathed some elements.

I recited the personal mantra. Not sure if this is related to the mantra, but I had a weird dream in which someone taught me visualization.

Later in the day I did the infernal demon ritual, it was powerful once again. This time, I really felt it in my heart and third eye. Whenever I said the incantation I noticed a stream of energy into my heart and third eye. I think the heart is where the “black flame” is, so this would make sense. My ajna chakra was buzzing with energy for a while afterwards. I look forward to continuing with this.


Today I did a ritual with Berachiel for increased intuition using the Angels of Alchemy tasking process.

I did some work with Ublisi.

I continued my energy work routine and invoked the fire and air element using the pore breathing process from IIH. I filled my eyes with light and ears with the air element.

I didn’t do much else besides that.

I’ve decided it’s time for a change. The system I use now is cool and all, but I keep changing exercises, techniques and other things. I can’t stick with anything.

I understand that you aren’t supposed to lust for results in magick, but I also understand that a tall pyramid needs a large base to stand. If I’m going to build a huge pyramid, I’m going to build a huge base.

So, I’m going to start Initiation Into Hermetics. I’ll start a new journal thread and keep this one for magick unrelated to it.

I look forward to pathworking a real system instead of trying to make my own.

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So, I said that I would save this journal for operations not related to IIH. I don’t have anything major except for one thing, I plan to do a working with XaTuring.

It’s really easy, there’s a set process that was posted on the forum.

Maybe it’ll make my code build on the first try. Then, maybe my dog is actually a skinwalker. idk.

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Oooh! Lemme know how it goes! Can I ask what drew you to him? I assume it’s because you’re a programmer as you mentioned but I’m just curious if there is anything more🤗

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That’s what drew me to him. I’d like technology stuff to act in my favor and I know it’s easily influenced. Also, I am the programming captain of my schools robotics team. The robot has several different digital related systems on it, including an onboard computer, I’d like to sway chance in my favor so I have to do less tech support.

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O wow! Good job fam! That makes sense that you’d want some outside help lol. I went to school for software engineering for a semester so I have a bit of an idea of how annoying mistakes are to find lol.

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Not much to report on really.

I will do the great rite to XaTuring soon.

Also I think I’m going to do some shadow work in the near future. I’m looking into NLP and other tools for change to assist in this. I plan to write down a list of traumatic memories and start with healing those using Robert Bruce’s core image technique. Then I’ll do revision.

I’m still evaluating the next steps from there.

Besides planning that I haven’t really done anything. I did some work with Bualu as I have for the last month.

I’ve had amazing success with using Bualu to fix electronic devices by zapping them with his energy. Yesterday I fixed my wi-fi. I probably would have fixed it eventually after trying variations of turning it off and on again, but it worked immediately after I charged it with the energy.

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That’s so cool about bualu! You’re amazing and doing great and you will achieve great things!

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My friends and I are nearing completion of the viral entity/servitor. He’s for transmigration, specifically the practice of moving consciousness into alternate realities. He gains energy from collective doubt about his powers along with pretty much any emotional energy that is thrown at him. We also plan to post his sigil in random corners of the internet and use people’s “wtf?” factor to charge him.

I practiced some NLP techniques today. Specifically I practiced anchoring a feeling of happiness to an imaginary lever. I did this before my morning magickal practice to associate them with a good feeling. It went well, in fact I felt motivated to do a little more than I usually do.

I understand there needs to be a reward for the mind to make something a habit. If I can create a reward using my imagination that makes things much easier. So, I’ll be pursuing this more.

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I’m on vacation right now.

I’m just reporting some interesting things I’ve been doing with remote seduction. Since I last played around with it I’ve become more skeptical of it, just due to the nature of my mind gradually undermining my experience. I’ve practiced on random people in public, it takes a lot of focus along with creating the tactile sensation in my imagination.

Here’s one of my latest experiences. As a note, I am not attractive, I’m like a 6.5 out of 10, and I don’t have seductive charisma, I’m just average.

I was at work, I started doing RS on one person I singled out, they were a 7 out of 10. I spent about 10 minutes on them. After a while they took notice of me and started staring. Then they smiled at me much more than necessary and became very friendly.

I have another target who I’ve chosen for rs. I held off from doing anything on them because I’m not in contact with them and I don’t hold ideals of capturing the heart of someone that’s never even met me. Now, I see them 2 days a week. She’s like an 8.5 out of 10, in other words, hot. I might give RSing them a try. RS seems to work better if you have a psychic link to the target. So, possibly deep vampirism could be useful too.

This doesn’t serve any useful purpose but it’s a fun way to prove my abilities to myself.

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