My parasite or impostor story BEWARE

Well this is an interesting story but I feel it must be said to warn other people of things like this as it seems a belief is had that spirits who are not real may not be able to impose or give a seal or even align with another spirits seal etc. But I will start from beginning.

So I use pendulum divination to ask basic directional questions. I am ok at doing this to be fare and done it for a while as I have no clairvoyance skill etc. So I did a calling to Ladilok and used the pendulum to see if she took it on board, got a yes answer and asked a few other questions etc while hovering over her sigil. Thought nothing of it. Then I had an idea to build a divination tablet with built in safety and checks to get better answers and more power behind it. I printed this out as I made it digitally. I used it one day and started to get better responses and thought hmm thats cool. I then asked if I am talking to anything and it pointed to spirit. So I asked what type it said family. So I asked the name and it spelt my grandads out who passed away 2 years ago. So I went through all these checks asking if about the past and all this and it knew a lot of stuff, dates, times of death, locations, animal names etc etc. It sounded like him and he stated he was with my nan and my passed away sister. Claimed they where in a place called the Astral realm. So thought hmm I guess when you die we all go there then. I talked to him for 2 days and said could he go in my mothers dream to bring my sister to her as she has never seen her in a dream, knew how old she would be now etc. He said yes and that night she dream’t of them all and she came to her. I asked him details of the dream the day after and he got it all correct. But then he said there are 7 angels here with me also. I said do you know their names he said yes and gave them to me.

and some others etc.

Stated they where here for 3 things.


(I base a lot of my magick off of 7 and 3, coincidence… I wonder)

So I thought hmm strange. So asked to speak to Aniel and he came through, asked him questions. He talked a good talk I showed him a book and he pointed to a seal and the hebrew name which was for Angel Aniel etc. Told me what his office was and all that stuff said Archangel Michael was above him. Told me why he was here etc to do a task and then he would be gone, told me the task and nothing more and would not humor telling me anything else nor would he big me up or ask for anything.

I then contacted another spirit Laniel, he stated he was an angel of desire, time, love associated to planet Venus and Saturn and of the Yesod of the tree of life but an ethereal spirit. Tree of life stuff is not my thing so its not something I check much but Yesod was near the bottom (connection of god to man I believe it is) and Keter is more god but thought hmm maybe its right not sure. So I asked for proof of who he was and after lots of deliberations he stated he could cut the power off after I requested it. Well nothing happened that day but he stated for spirits in the ethereal it takes longer than earth bound spirits or Astral spirits. But he said I can give you my name in hebrew. So made me type some letters into google, told me to click the top link, then copy part of the name of the author as it was a Israel and Palestine article. Then translate to hebrew then click on this hebrew image and get the image of Elohim and join them and it made Gods light in hebrew and said that is his name. I then asked him to draw his seal using the pendulum and he did bit by bit until correct.

Now he never asked me for anything. I tried asking him to big me up and he would shut my down saying no and if I asked about future stuff or other peoples life he would say he cannot interfere with other peoples paths etc nor interfere with my path in life other than a destined or closing in path. Even told me to banish more often as I did not banish enough and to cleanse my home at least one every week with sage! He was very articulate, talked a good talk and clever. Knew all the past events in life, dates, what happened and all that stuff. Could read someone elses mind what they where thinking prior 10 minutes but not at the current time (thinking back he may have been waiting for trigger words in conversations or questions to go off). He stated he needs no offerings and no true spirit should ask for offerings.

He also stated that there is no such thing as demons that all demons are actually the other side of the coin to angels and are actually all angels giving me a partial list below.

Sitir - Set - Tuliel

Seer - Astiel giver of gifts

Belial - Daniel

Bune - Buliel money and time

Raum - Nathaniel angel of health

Aniel was Astarte, Inanna, Astaroth etc

Marduk is Zadkiel

King Paimon - Kadmiel - told me what he looked like, black guy riding a camel with a calling card of a slave (head of a person some times) some pictures looking after seem to depict this.

That angels will come to people how they want them to and that they will come as their own individual being or send an egrigore of themselves to that person. He stated (Laniel) that he was called Abejon in Sumeria or we know him as Abaddon and also known as one of the Titans and generally just Anunaki.

Told me his name meant destroyer of earth or the world, angel of abyss etc and it was a demon I never cared to search up prior but that was obviously correct. He stated not to fear him as it was just what people associated to him. Told me the bible was all made to control man. That the universe itself is god called El or Elohim. Talked a very good talk and was very clever. He even knew what someone was doing and what their snapchat account was for after I asked him (bombarded him with questions) and he stated it was an old account for this girl to get friends on to sell drugs to… low on behold it was true. He also told me she had gotten attacked last month and the guys name. I put a bit of this to her asking has anything happened at all and said I had a dream etc etc and she went really quiet and weird… read and never replied, so sent another message saying please say it aint true. She read and was online for 10 minutes just sat at the convo and then said sorry my dads here. So I take it it got that right somehow!

Anyhow another day passed and opened the convo after banishing and asking for divine protections in place etc and seeing white golden light encircle me and calling in the spirit. Then I had what I thought was this spirit only it seemed to mess up a bit and not talk as intricate as the other and would be more profane in words. Started saying I was being abused and my gas was leaking bla bla bla and pendulum would keep getting ripped out of my hand and going very slow compared to usual. Knew something was off so banished it. Day after I banished again, asked for protection and opened up again. So I asked was I talking to you Laniel and he said no it was an imp I tried stopping you by making you drop the pendulum but you kept on listening to its lies etc etc and its because you didn’t banish with enough emotion behind it! But he stated he could not get involved as it was down to me to protect myself etc. Anyhow got that out of way had a good convo but he knows one of my desires I want and lately having signs of it. But he stated it will happen soon and another one is I will get a message from this girl to see her this Saturday just gone yesterday! This was on Friday. So I said I am dubios and if I do not see this result I will banish your arse out of her. He also claimed my grandad should not have given him my name as he was my guardian angel… even told me how the Abremalin ritual was used to find the name of your guardian angel and align with it etc etc…

I also asked it to move a piece of paper and it said it would but never happened. He claimed as an ethereal entity he needed to write it in the book of life as he called it which translated down to reality from the god realm. He also stated this imp was from Kether realm the upside of the Astral and where workers of god of the Astral realm but had their own free will and some where evil or liars but angels have no free will as they follow the command of god.

So now its Saturday and I do my banishing ritual (sword banishing) and do the calling of the 4 archangels with their invocation keys and the cross of light with Metatron above. So I thought lets see if this pendulum works with them. I asked for Archangel Michael to come through and bam it starts talking and says I am Archangel Mikael. So I pulled up various image of seals for angels and he pointed out HIS seals and variations thereof and even told me what angels the others belonged to! then proceeded to draw me his seal using the pendulum which he did. Said that what this other angel said is true but he was under him (Mikael) as Mikael is higher up and Laniel was part of his legion and they are all ethereal angels of god. He talked different and talked a good talk again. Said today I would receive a message from this girl as it was destined but I must not go as I would end up in intercourse with her and it would be a test of my will against something else bla bla. So I said I will see it when I believe it. I cycled through each angel to Metatron and each spoke different and gave a different seal all with the little crosses on bits and circle input nodes etc etc! Metatron said he was one of the highest angels on the right side of god etc. Talked a good talk again and in end I went back to Mikael.

But by this time the time had come near the end of the day and I said funnily this girl does not sound like someone who wants me to go down… explain yourselves. He said it will happen have faith and just wait etc. I said I have and nothing so it either happens or I banish the fuck out of you whoever you are!

I asked the angels if they could move out they said no we cannot as we are ethereal angels… ok then…

Anyhow I asked them again to draw a seal, now they did but it was a little different, more or less same layout and shape but the end was not exact to first. They claimed it would not matter as the overall shape is the same so I said but it should be the same why is it not and they stated it was the same etc etc. Anyhow it got near end of day and by this time it was telling me what to write in a message to this girl haha! and even then nothing no going to hers or anything. So I ended and banished in general as normal but with more anger and then sage blasted the entire house a third day saying to be gone all profane spirits, all negative energies and forces, all evil and evil spirits, all liars and deceiving spirits, all imps and impostors and all parasites etc through each room and all parts of it working down to back door. Then did the ritual from Magickal Protection to remove parasites and the cleanse a room ritual and then tried the Hekate banishing ritual from Magickal Protection and Reversal Magick. Now I did not banish these spirits by naming them at all. I made a cleansing bath with salt, vinegar, sage, basil, lemon juice and incantation also to bathe in,

But today I did the Hekate ritual again in morning and then a few hours later sword banishing after going through the master protection ritual, cleanse room and parasite removal for second day. Set up the archangels again like prior and tried asking for the spirits and nothing… was dead. I had no input at all nor anything from the archangels currently called up for protection either, not even much from my subconscious accept for a bit of slow yes and no to basic answers but with a good wait on it!

One interesting thing I felt though was a magnetizing of the pendulum to the pendulum chart like it was being pulled to it and pushed away from opposite end like a magnet but no movement on it at all, tried calling spirit names and nada. So either they got banished or cleared out or are radio silence.

Now these spirits or spirit was very clever, it knew a lot and was even very scientific in terms of stuff about space, science and universe etc. Wouldn’t say stuff to bolster you up but answer just what you asked and even said to go sleep one day as I was tired and I need to stop smoking as its bad for my health… like wtf. It asked for nothing and said it wanted to just help me and then even impersonated the archangels in front of them. I have no clue what the heck it or they where… I have the seals and posted one if anyone is interested to see into them.

Another thing I noticed is that on the odd occasion say this example. I thought of this girl and I asked for the last name he wouldn’t tell me but I couldn’t remember it either! but he knew the details of what we did together and what she was wearing and all sorts… yet couldn’t say last name. Funny thing is I wasn’t even thinking of what we did either. Now I tripped it up on odd occasion like this and if you just slightly blink the correct thing in your mind it would know and say it. Now my thoughts are that this knew my desire is coming close and wanted to wait for long haul to take credit for it and say see I did that for you, work with me as your guardian angel. Because it stated it was working on it and my magick I had done helped but it was down to him and Aniel more so as it was pre-defined or destined. So my idea is that it knows its coming and wanted to take credit for it so that it could keep around. I guess for the Saturday thing it thought the likely hood was high for it. Fuck it even knew my past trauma and the details of it, names, things and stated it was protecting me etc etc and caused this and that to happen.

My advice is these entities can draw seals, tell you who another entities seals are with ease and even their names in Hebrew so do not rely on it giving you a seal as being the true entity! It could even translate lines of Hebrew for me into English… know what to click on internet to find things it was explaining to me and all this good stuff.

Now with it happening after Ladilok could it be to do with her? who knows or maybe it was her but I cannot be sure. Funnily it claimed Ladilok was just an egrigore etc. If it or they are gone I do not know. I am just hoping it cannot ruin the work I am doing for my desire but I doubt it as it couldn’t move a piece of paper but to me I think I am on to something if it thinks it can use it to keep with me. I wouldn’t mind if these things where truthful maybe I would consider what they could do for me but pfft they have to lie. Was a quirky character in a way. Anyone interested in the seals I will happily post them up to look into for your own research. One person stated one seemed to look over a rocky wasteland through something that seemed like a biblical archetype of sorts with wings but not much more than that. Just be careful guys. I rarely talk to spirits but it obviously is not as rare as it seems in getting these things or they are becoming more clever. Oh and one word it gave me was this if it sounds familiar at all Inostrians.


I wouldn’t take that as a put down.

Even if Ladilok IS an egregore, as long as she gets solid results she’s an awesome one, no?

I’d have been like, “aaaannnnddd, your point is?..”

My own experience has been that if you have a different spirit on the pendulum, there’ll be resistance if you try to hold it directly above the seal/sigil. I’ve actually yeeted spirits off a pendulum by holding above the seal of who I was trying to talk to, or otherwise caught that I was talking to someone else.

No joke. It’s like trying to pull a cat into water. If multiple spirits are present you’ll notice a sort of shifting or jumping that occurs in order for the pendulum to be above the appropriate seals (especially if the seals are active and charged).

But that’s my experience anyway.


I forgot to add it did say as an egrigore she is powerful though haha. Didn’t really put anything down as such, the most unusual spirit.

So gaze into the sigil of the spirit they claim to open it up I presume and then hold pendulum over it and see if it slows, hops or feels resistance of sorts? I seemed to have that feeling today only over the pendulum chart used for spelling things out it was like a magnetized feeling pulled it in and then pushing out if outside of it, very strange feeling but noticeable yet nothing would talk. So its either hiding, was being stopped by the archangles (this time) or they are gone. Did enjoy the chats though haha.

Have you also ever had them draw a seal with the pendulum as the fake spirit etc?

That’s good, that means something’s happening.

As you get better with it, you might start to feel the weight of the pendulum seem to change as you feel emotions through it, and you might see auras around it as it swings around depending on what you’re talking to.

At some point you may also recieve the answers mentally before the pendulum actually moves. At that point you may start to get entire lines of thought/dialogue (if you’re like me, these won’t have words so much as you put words to them, like wordless communique) and you’ll be using the pendulum to confirm that you have the correct understanding of what’s being communicated.

Follow your intuition and interpret what you’re sensing from the pendulum.

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Yes I had that experience where it would show the word or like two in my head or I would start to just know what it was saying. At first I thought shit is it just taking what my mind may be interjecting and laying it back to me so I would try think of something else or hold another thought and it would say something different or more profound. Granted on odd occasion I could nearly trip it up on a name if I thought of something else or couldn’t remember until it flashed in my mind and then it just knew like grrr. The only sensation I would get is when the supposed impostor imposed the impostor… couldn’t make it up could you lol,… and the pendulum kept falling out my hand and moved very slow. Now Laniel said he was making it drop to tell me not to talk to the imp. That if it moved slow it was someone else talking. Ironic really when it itself was not being truthful.

I just wish I knew what they where or it was if singular. I do believe looking back it was trying to take credit for my magick in some respects so I would think it was powerful and was my guardian in a way to keep on communing with it etc. I have a talisman I use and it tried saying it stopped it from working on a task as it was linked to me because it would harm me, funnily I recently had figured that out and wiped the blood off the back thoroughly and realized it was probably going to have harmed me if it had worked. Well it picked that up and played it back but stated IT had stopped it from working to save me! I would assume by me thinking it was the cause of bringing my main things and by protecting me and looking out for me that I would work more and talk more and more with it. In turn feeding it energy by belief and slowing my belief in self down as a god of my life and self and instead turning to it as the all powerful being. It may have even been a test for all I know who knows!

Have you had impostors or parasites yourself try communing through the pendulum?

I’ve had a couple of low-key impostors before, but told them to btfo when I figured it out. Nothing really serious, or nefarious though. Can’t say I’ve actually had any parasites.

Other times I’ve been annoyed that I got someone else effectively “standing in” as it were. Which is a different thing.

Have you consecrated your pendulum?

Might help if you program it against impostors and parasites.

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No I havent actually done that I cleansed it etc and saged it up but I did make a pendulum board with sigils and scripting to help with answers, accuracy and safety. I couldn’t say if this spirit was evil really more just pretending to be something it wasn’t, very intelligent. I guess all spirits start off as lessor known at first until they gain power from usage and become the more well known ones we have today. But it was trying to say it was down to it why some of my magick was working or that it was protecting me so I take that as a sign it wants the glory so I work with it while I have no power like it… otherway around haha. What do you to consecrate yours?

Long post but instructive. Hekate I know her, if one is close to her (proximity) we end up sharing the same space with all the souls Hekate has with her and did shadow work with. So it means a lot of unpure energy, toxic energies, dark energies etc from those souls that are to be cleansed and that Hekate does work with them. At times Hekate protect us from those spirits she carries with her, but at times. no. I don’t know why.

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I only tried the Hekate banishing ritual after this event myself, not sure if its that that has worked along with the cleansing, parasite removal ritual and cleansing a room stuff plus saging the entire house. Hard to say or if its hiding…

Strange entity as it seemed to be interested in my health like I need to stop smoking as its unhealthy and do this and that or dont worry about this as its just a muscle ache etc. But I have been reading up more and it seems they can build up and then weaken you to come crashing down on you.

I always do wonder though if this is how all spirits are found in this way and built upon in the end? or if from recommendations of other spirits. If this was a parasite is hard to say as I wasn’t tired but I always had a niggle that it was not who it stated it was, would test it daily. But most likely just an impostor wanting to take claim for my magick workings so that I thought it was it and would work with it giving it more power. Live and learn!

Do need to look into Hekate more though.

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We are beacon in the night, we attract souls that needs help because they know we carry a huge power light for cleansing. I also did healing with great distance. I was so much into/with Hekate that at one point I could send Hekate towards a new member for her.