Can anyone who can see spirits or sense them tell me what this seal goes to at all?

Can anyone tell me who can sense or see an entity what spirit this seal goes to as I cannot see them but I want a confirmation of if it is who it claims to be or not.

I sadly cannot see them etc my psychic abilities are mute so I was given it by the spirit through a pendulum drawing each bit out for me until correct, then digitized it.

It seems to be a spirit with some sort of shapeshifting ability. I saw it as something similar to a wendigo and as some sort of dog with dinosaur spikes

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what sort of spirit is that?

Be careful. I don’t get great vibes from this.

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Putting this here for better context:

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After a cleansing, room cleanse ritual from protection magick book, banishing ritual like normal and parasite removal it seems to have gone. Had good conversations though I give it that, very clever entity unless there where multiple I aint sure. Got several seals! I wonder if anything like these would be useful at all for usage as I would assume most spirits started off as some form of unknown thing someone encountered and then it grew more powerful over time with use. I just find it strange how it gave me seals and hebrew names for itself it perplexes me and I wonder what it is, where it is and if it has any power at all.

What do you feel or see if you dont mind me asking?