My parasite battle

So long story short I had a legion of parasites within me and behind the chakras I had called pazuzu and he said that is a lesson
And I must banish them myself

So I traveled into my energy body seen those motherfuckers

Here is the fun part

The lesson is to realise my inner godhood and power
With all my power and will said
“I am my god and no one has power over me”
I said this with pure will
I felt my power I seen my solar plexus and I got one by hand put the mother fucker in front of me…

Hahaha :joy: the whole expirience once a bit funny and stressy but it had some
The other I dissolved it in the void
The other I drained it, and to another one I drowned into the abyss
I did these to all my chakras eventually I finded the strongest and the mothers that create them


They became Ash
And aslo someones screamed from fear and runned to other places

But one can resist the will of unchained God…


Very nice :slight_smile: I totally agree,

“I am my god and no one has power over me”

If only more people would realise this. So true.

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