My mind isn't clear during ritual (and a vine experience)

I had fear and excitement during ritual, which my magician acquaintance fixed it with summoning vine and requesting him to make me able to summon demons. i recommend vine to all new magicians. but there is still a problem that vine didn’t fixed it…

Even when i meditate before evocation, when i start gazing at sigil and chanting demon’s enn my mind gets filled by many thoughts like “what if it don’t work?” and much more thoughts bullshit as this. i tried to ignore them but they don’t let me focus on ritual. what should i do?


Practice makes perfect. It’s still new right now, keep at it and you’ll get used to it and work your way into being more comfortable.


Realize the goal of a evocation is not to see and experience a demon. It’s to enact change, to manifest a desire. If you do an evocation and cannot “see” the demon but you follow through with the ritual. Making your request and communicating with them as if they’re present and within your immediate area then you will see results.

It is highly unlikely you will evoke a demon to full manifestation if you’re a beginner or every time you perform and evocation.
Part of this is due to your astral senses or better known as your imagination. When you are just beginning holding onto all the evocation keys or traditional grimoire depiction of a demon maybe a lot. This is okay.
Try your best and know that they are there, make your request for change and trust your intuition.

If you’re summoning for answers or a conversation have a notebook handy and write down any visions, feelings, and thoughts you have when you ask a question.

When I first began I evoked Belial. I imaged a figure with horns and what I thought he looked liked based on the energy emanating from his sigil (I didn’t use the “traditional” grimoire depiction). I asked him a couple questions and did my best to visualize/imagine his form.
When I asked my questions I got answers but it was hard to tell if it was my own thoughts popping in my head pretending to be Belial or if it was truly Belial. Originally I had thought the voice of a demon would be very distinct and clear but this isn’t the case (or at least wasn’t for me).
Nevertheless I trust my intuition and kept notes. As I progress and began to evoke more demons I was able to clearly see (from my notes) that the voices in my head were the demons themselves. Sometimes they communicated in words, sometimes in tongues, other times in visions and emotions it all depends.

Just keep at it and don’t give up, practice makes perfect.

Also you might wanna pic up your copy of “Evoking eternity” by E.A. koetting. Or “Demons of magick” by Gordon Winterfield. I’ve tried both methods from each author and they both work. Nowadays I prefer demons of magick by Gordon Winterfield.


Also if you wanna increase your ability to visualize and improve your imagination you should read fiction books. When you read and visualize in the books you are using your same imagination muscle that you use to visualize a demons evocation keys or traditional grimoire depiction



I have demons of magick but don’t have conditions to do the methods. i would rather to continue this way till it work.

By the way one of my reasons to summon is to hear demon’s voice, can this be stopping demon from coming?

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Are you trying to do the full evocation?

I suggest either doing the petition ritual or the connective evocation. I do the connective evocation and I although I don’t see a head and body I still very much feel the full power of the demon they also speak in tongues and have even explained to me how to best help a ritual manifest when I asked the question.
Demons of magick is so powerful because of the evocation keys, the banishing ritual to center you, and if you’re doing the connective evocation the words of power to help you get in a trance “Hah-ah-ree”

Communicating with the demon is far easier than seeing a full materialization of it. I found using demons of magick I’ve been able to communicate with the demons. Sometimes they speak in cryptic tongues but I still get what they are saying, sometimes I can understand the words they are speaking in English, sometimes I just feel their answers or they answer my question with a vision.


No, connective. i mean i don’t have time to read the book and memorize the chants. also i decided to only summon marbas for now, so i would rather that direct way which seems to work with marbas better and easier.

cool, but i heard if you summon a demon only to see if demons are real, demon will ignore you. same for summoning a demon to have communicate with a demon because its a bit … cool?

You don’t have to memorize the chats you just have to take notes and follow along. I have notes explaining how to do it if you want it.

I don’t think they purposely ignore you it more like panning fir gold and expecting a giant nugget rather than focusing on panning more and being consistent and being happy with the small nuggets you get.

Contact demons to manifest change not to have a supernatural experience.

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Cool. i take them after i wanted to summon more demons, thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey there!

I’ve read your intro, you are very young. Honestly, I envy you, wish I could start doing magick that early. So, I’m going to give you my two cents about concentration and tell you how I prepare for evocations.

I know, it sounds like boomer’s nagging, but your generation is generally bad at concentrating. This is because you spend too much time consuming all kinds of entertaining content. This is a problem for most modern people, of course, but your generation is especially affected by information overload. I work as a teacher and I’ve had many students of your age, so I know what I’m talking about. Quick questions: how much time do you spend using social media, playing computer games, watching videos on the Internet? How often and how long do you meditate?

I would recommend you to abstain from social media, games and movies for at least three days (a week would be better) prior to evocation. Use the Internet only if it’s really necessary. Find information about the spirit you are interested in. Read some reports from those, who have already evoked this spirit. Meditate on spirit’s sigil and chant spirit’s enn every day. You don’t have to spend much time on this, just 10-15 minutes a day. Doing all this you attune yourself to spirit’s energy.

Oh, and one more thing which I personally find important. When the day of evocation comes, prepare your ritual space in advance (a few hours before evocation), don’t do this at the last moment. Good luck!


Well, most of my day with virtual stuff. i meditate like 20-30 minutes in day.

Thanks, seems very helpful. what about listening music? that’s my daily work, should i stop that too?

Well, I personally don’t exclude listening to music. I think it’s not as bad as social media.

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