My Magical Experiments

Tao Sigil for Good Luck Charm

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Tao Wealth Fu Sigil:

Mercury Magickal Square:

An you explain the details behind yhese sigils, their creations and your successes or issues with them?

It was created by my friend who is a good magician

U just have to focus and meditate on the sigil for atleast 15 minutes

Cool stuff, so what kinds of results have you been seeing with these? I’m with @DebiDenice I’m very curious to know what kind of energy these sigils bring and how it manifests.

It is Tao sigil which is a chinese magick,it uses power of chi to manifest.

Right, I am a qigong practitioner, I have studied Taoist magick and used fu’s of the handwritten kind myself, but my question was, what are your personal experiences with them?

Or have you not had a chance to try them out yet?


I tried it many times,it works very fast within a week,like i did a spell so that my relatives don’t come to my house.The relative got sick within a few days.
Make my WhatsApp group active by making the fu sigil as pfp of my group to make members interact with each other

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Modified FU Prosperity Sigil:

Ganesha Yantra:

How should I meditate with those sigil what’s the best modalities I could perform some form of meditation on it should I visualize something I want to achieve or have a mental picture of what should I intentionally seek to manifest?

Gaze the sigil from right to left each alphaphet and have manifestation thoughts in ur mind.

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