My Lucifer Journal

I may have not mentioned this in my introduction to this site, but after a month of being here, I’ll tell u more about myself so u can understand where I’m coming from. I have vengeance spirit sometimes. I alway have wished to be able to get revenge to those that have crosses me in ways I deemed unacceptable. I went through a difficult time a few years ago and only got through because of music. You might ask what kind of music. Well, I love heavy metal music smong other grunge rock bands. My fav for metal being Metallica abd Grunge, Nirvana. Metallica’s St.Anger album filled me with all the anger I needed to destroy that someone that made my life difficult through court systems. Their new one Hardwired to self-destruct also has me going. Some lyrics can be considered dark like in the song, “now that we’re dead.” So that’s me in a nutshell.

During the times mentioned above, I for some reason became attracted to Lucifer. The whole idea of getting revenge against my enemy at the time filled me with so much rage and determination to do just that. I’d ask for his help, but since I didn’t much like I do now, I didn’t get as far as I wanted. I then became a Laveyan Satanist. It was all good for a moment, I’m actually a registered Satanist, but don’t hold the red card as I’m still a 1st degree Satanist. I won’t be trying to get higher than this just because I didn’t get much fullfillment from it. I love it’s philosophy on putting urself 1st. I realised there’s nothing wrong with being selfish. It’s me 1st. I might mention a few Satanist qoutes on here from what I’ve learned. Plz don’t be offended. I mean no harm.
On BALG, I learned alot more on how to contact spirits. With Laveyan Satanism, meditation was empasized on so when I goton here and had to use that technique, it wasn’t so hard to do. By reading other posts on here and the supportive community on here, I’ve been able to establish the relationship I needed with Lucifer. At first, i used Lucifer for knowledge of what goes on around me that I may not know. He was good at letting me know that, but sometimes just gave me clues that would help me figure things out. I Then began to ask myself, since I’ve confirmed I can communicate with him, what’s next? I had thoughts about writing a book about him, but told myself I didn’t have all the knowledge needed to do that. My quest to learn more grew even more at this point.


I began to evoke Lucifer after watching a few of E. A Koetting’s videos on evocation and invocation. Each time I did, I felt as if he didn’t hear me so I kept on trying. I knew something was different spiritually about me and I needed to find out what it was. I’d previously as a Laveyan Satanist evoked all the 72 infernal demons. What happen after that kinda spooked me lol! Unfortunately, I can’t go into details about it.

I was backing up in my car one night and saw a figure that definately wasn’t a man, looked like one of the destruction infernals. I freaked out, was kinda scared to go to sleep,but then I remembered during a ritual, I’d asked them not to harm me cuz I was one of them. That idea made me comfortable going to sleep. The following day at the gas station, I was backing up and had I not looked to the back, I’d have run over a lady that was behind me. This was so similar to what I previously saw with the figure that just vanished in thin air. I took that figure to have been a warning sign about what would’ve happen if I didn’t look back before I backed up in my car.

The above incidence made me want to learn more about the occult world. I kept evoking Lucifer per E.A Koetings rituals, but never manifested anything. It wasn’t till I watched him evoke the 9 gatekeepers that I truly began to see and feel the unseen. In this video, he said it was a live ritual, and if u watched or listened to it, be aware of what you hear jot down what each gatekeepeer told you. One of them told me not to go after things I didn’t know because I was already protected. Another told me, " we have been waiting for you" Back then, I didn’t know who said what. I just remember what I’d been told during the experience. I then evoked Lucifer and asked to be enlightened about what had just happen before I fell asleep. Back then, I could only reach him just before I slept to ask a few questions. This time around, I got my answers and heard other voices I couldn’t figure out. At that moment, my bed shook terribly I thought we were having an earthquake.

When I woke up, much as I felt like I’d been asleep for a long time, I’d actually been asleep for just a few minutes. Called my boyfriend to ask if we’d had an earthquake and sure enough, he said no. I couldn’t explain this incident.


I want to read this but the lack of paragraphs makes it difficult.

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After about a month or less on BALG, I’d learned techniques needed to manifest Lucifer. This had now become my next thing to do after I realized I was able to communicate with him. I evoked him several times, but really didn’t get what I was looking for. I then asked myself besides meditation, what else can I do. I could communicate with him in my sleep, but wanted to see and hear him too when I was awake. I then lit a candle and my expirience went from not seeing him even when I used incense. I kinda gave up on that idea, but maybe a day or two, I tried again.

The morning after my last evocation, where I felt His presence as a cold breeze on my back and since I wasn’t sure it was Him, I asked him to make my candle fire bigger if it was Him I felt. I used a glade candle that had 2 wicks in it. My incense was a long stick that was supported by the candle wax. Between the 2 candle fires was also an old incense stick that had burned down and maybe only 1/2 a cm was left, if not less. I only had 2 flames on, but when I asked for the flame to become bigger, as I focussed on the flames with my hands to both sides of the candle, the flame became big enough to light up the small incense stick that was in the candle wax already. I now had 3 flames. 2 that I lit, and 1 by whatever force, but not by me. That small incense stick that was lit during this process then became the bigger flame. I assumed I saw Him manifest using the flames. I was happy about this and more excited about lesrning more about him.

I got a different candle. My intention was to use that parricular candle to invoke/evoke him. That evening, using that candle, I evoked him.i saw so many different figures on the glass that held the candle. He’d told me to focus onthe burning flame and as I did and looked around the same glass, there was a second fire burning. I thought it was a reflection ofthw fire already burning only to figure out it wasn’t. Each time I moved my head, the flame moved to the direction I moved. Like I seriously moved to the left, and the flame moved left with me.To the right, and it moved with me too. I then sat there waiting to see what would happen next. I then saw a reptile that became a green snake more I looked at it. Then a red crocoidle whose sharp teeth were visible. There were then 3 images of what may have been demons, one of them however was a handsome man. Since then, when I did evocations of Lucifer to help me out with anything, I see those 3 figures, an entity in a black hoody probably a robe or a jacket. I have also seen an image of 2 faces in my backyard shade. One of them was a haddsome man, the other not worthy of a second glance. I did a banishing of entities I hadn’t welcomed. Funny enough, the handsome entity didn’t go away. I kept on seeing this handsome man everytime envoked Lucifer while I was awake. I couldn’t figure it out and left it alone to try again later.


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I’ve continued to evoke Lucifer for a while now. I use meditaion sometimes, but since I became able to communicate with hin while I’m awake, all I do is some deep breathing in and out saying repeatedly in my mind, Lucifer come. Lusifer come…’ till i felt his presence. When I’d like for him to talk to me, I inform him he has permission to do so and he communicates with me what I need to know. My last very vivid experie ce with him, I was venting my frustrations about tge individual mentioned above that previously made my life a living hell. Yes I got my revenge ore should I say justice was done. But now, he’d like to have his records expunged by tge court sytem. I was thinking to myself hell Fn no. Cintinue having thw difficultues u have now for ur payback. I complained to Lucifer about this and explained my fruatrations about it and asked he didn’t let me his child have to suffer any longer. I expressed I wantes vengeance to be carried out against him I really meant it. At that time, we- botg Lucifer and I seemed to be in the same environemt. It wasn’t dark like u’d expect it, but more like a dull pink. Not baby pink, but a really dull pink like the color had been mixed with a bit of brown. I then saw the figure in a rob turnning a seal till it was locked. He then said, “it is done.” I took that to mean the person in question wouldn’t get his request fullfilled. I find out tomorrow afternoon. I will blog again on rhe results on here tomorrow 5/17/18.


5/14/18- here’s what happen:

Ok…so today, I envoked Lucifer to thank him for something I’d asked for. The 1st step occured today, now I’m waiting to find out if I will receive what I asked for. I’d been reading on offering gifts to demons, but didn’t find anything that informed me what Lucifer likes. I previously have evoked him also using the energy of an orgasm. For some reason, as I thought of what gift to give him, I had that urge to play with myself and dedicate the orgasm to him. I got my vibrator out and laid on my back with my legs crossed like u would cross them when seated up during meditation.

My legs were crossed as shown in the diagram below, but instead of sitting up, I laid flat on my back. I then began my usual process of calling him. Mentally focused on his sigil & mentally repeating his name over and over. Then I saw a blue flame and triangles in a yellow environment. The triangles finally formed an inverted pentagram. I then pictured Lucifer’s blue flame sigil and continued to call out his name mentally. I heard my name, and he told me to play with the vibrator in that position. It felt so much better than when I did it just by myself. I never orgasm on my back, but did during this process.

Mentally, the inverted pentagram formed inside it a goat face kinda like baphomet’s sigil, but I was focused on Lucifer’s blue flame sigil. I saw a face at the bottom of the inverted pentagram in the area that formed a triangle. During this time, I was told I’d get what I wanted. The voice then told me to straighten my legs. I felt a gentle foot massage to both my feet as a laid flat with my eyes closed. I also felt as if my feet had been lifted up from my bed for the foot massage, but when I pressed down the 1st time, i felt my bed. The 2nd time, i felt as though a hand held my heel, and another was ontop supporting my leg. It felt so real. The voice then told me to spread my legs apart as I used my vibrator again. I felt a gentle breeze from my feet to my knees, and felt as if something was present, in between my legs, on their knees just watching. That’s also the image I had mentally.

As the cold feeling continued, the inverted pentagram became clearer and I saw a golden/yellow Lucifer sigil next to it and then had a 2nd orgasm that felt great. I thanked Lucifer for his presence and the opportunity I had today then said goodbye. My question continued to be what does Lucifer like for gifts?


Decent chocolate or wine seem to be a favorite. As does red roses, and baked goods heavy on the cinnamon. If you’re an artist of any kind he also seems to enjoy that. Ask him about it, give him a bit to answer.


5/15/18:- I needed to evoke King Paimon and ask him for a favor since I heard he’s your go to guy if you want events to happen in your favor. I tried evoking him using his sigil, but didn’t have any luck with that. I then evoked Lucifer and asked for his help. I felt the need to give him a gift for how he had been manifesting himself in my life. I was drinking a carmel machiato from Starbucks. I thought to myself, if he likes chocolate, he sure will like carmel. So for the 1st time, having evoled him several times, I invoked him. I asked him to become part of me so he could enjoy tge coffee with me. As I took a deep bereath in, I felt an energy become one with me. Funny enough, he said the coffee was good thank goodness. What followed next; I hadn’t prepaired myself for.

So I invoked Lucifer today in a different environment. I was parked in a parking lot. Since I learned on here as well as from E.A koetting’s book mentioned above, and advice to ask him for permission to work with King Paimon, I did just that. For a moment I questioned if the voice in my head was my on, and asked Lucifer to give me evidence it was actually him. He drew his sigil, then yold me to turn my AC off. I did just that, and the warmth in my car was bearable, but then I saw a bright yellow light with red around it. It seemed to be burning, but wasn’t really a flame. More like the sun with a red circle around it. I still wasn’t really convinced. So I asked he shake my car if it was him. My car shook in the form of vibrations inside and under my car. At first, it was a gentle shake. I then told him to shake it harder. The vibrations became so strong. All of a sudden, I felt a really hot energy. It felt hotter than it was outside. I’m usually heat intolerant, but not at this time. He told me it was ok to work with King Paimon.

I asked he sermon him as I also evoked him during the invocation. It took me a while to evoke King Paimon. But then Lucifer commanded he show up. The heat energy got even more hot. It was hotter than when it was just Lucifer’s energy. On that note, I made my request and Lucifer told him to make it happen. I thanked him for being present and asked him to leave at the time. I then asked Lucifer one more time to show me on my own body, since he was in me a physical manifestation using goosebumps as I was already hot from their energy. U won’t believe this. I developed small goosebumps on my forearms. I then tried to test my own energy and demanded my stearing wheel to turn on it’s own as I used imagery to do so. It didn’t work. At that moment, Lucifer’s voice told me, “child, ur energy is not strong enough to move objects. Try Belial.” Then after that, thanks to both of them were given and I asked him to leave my body. I felt his energy leave me ascending from my head to wherever it was going. I asked for advice from and recieved good advice from several people on BALG.


I’m doing a white chocolate mocha today since I think he also likes coffee from my experience yesterday.

05/16/18. I have a few major things going on tomorrow 5/17/18 that I want to make sure will go my way. I will be invoking Lucifer and King Paimon in a few minutes. This morning I again went to Starbucks. I intentionally got the white chocolate mocha as I’ve heard on here that Lucifer likes chocolate. I then heard this morning instructions saying I go to a park that was close by to me and would allow me to park my car facing the east side. I got here and felt the need to write a journal on my expirience with him. I will post some more after my next invocation. Hail Lucifer!


5/16/18- I invoked Lucifer and evoked King Paimon a 2nd time with Lucifer’s help. Today was intense. I actually have a small headache from this. Like previously mentioned, I meditated on Lucifer looking at his sigil asking he open it for me, his daughter who deemed him as a guardian angle, my father etc. I informed him I’d heard he likes chocolate so today my gift to him was a white chocolate mocha since he seemed to have enjoyed coffee with me yesterday.

Today’s invocation didn’t take as long as the one yesterday. As I continued deep breathing, I welcomed him in me to enjoy the coffee. I immediately felt a strong heat. Mark u, it’s only 71degrees today which is perfect weather. It felt like 100 degrees in my car after he told me to turn my AC off like he did testerday.

I then took a sip of the coffee. He liked it. I demanded any spirits that were not related to the sigil infront of me to leave if any. I then like yesterday, asked he manifest himself. He’d already done that with his hot energy, but I needed to verify it was him. I looked at the sigil and saw a snake, then I saw a crocodile and last, I saw a handsome man. To make sure I wasn’t being delusional, I asked he manifest himself like he did yesterday shaking my car with strong vibrations. My eyes were closed at that time when I began to feel strong vibrations under my feet. My car then seemed to swing like i was swinging on a swing someone pushed me fwd, and i went back, and was pushed fwd again. I opened my eyes again and my car literally felt like it was swinging back and forth.

The interaction we had the whole time was in this swing that swang back and forth. I then saw a girl swinging in a swing. We talked about my previous request that I get my vengeance against the individual mentioned above. He yet again reassured me that would happen.

As he asked for more coffee, I asked if we could contact King Paimon. I asked him to just make sure everything was going as planned. I began to evoke King Paimon. Unlike yesterday when it took me a while to reach him, today, it wasn’t that long. He showed up soon as Lucifer called him. When he was present, a huge heat wave came with him. It was so hot i opened my eyes to see what the temperature was outside. Yet again, my car read 71 degrees. King Paymon’s energy is so hot. Then combine it with Lucifer’s energy, today I felt like I was standing in the middle of a fire.

I mentally saw his sigil as we spoke with him it kept getting hot in my car esp. Since the AC was off. Before he left as I was telling him goodbye, just like I give Lucifer coffee for a gift, I asked what he’d like for a gift. I was surprised when he said, “fruit.” I had pictured maybe he’d like chocolate too, but he said fruit. Can anyone verify that for me?

As King Paymon left, I asked Lucifer if I had his permission to turn my AC back on. He said I could do so. I Thanked him for his presence and promised him I would share any information I got from him here with others. He asked for a sip of coffee and I bid him farewell. I felt his energy leave me.

After the experience, I have this frontal lobe headache. About tomorrow, I’ll let u guys know what happens.


@Lady_Eva, @Micah, @KingOfHearts616 @J.A.Ragnarson,does any of u know what gifts King Paimon likes? I asked him today as mentioned above. He said he likes fruit. I need someone to verify that for me plz. Thanks in advance.


I don’t have any relationship with KP so I’d be lying if I told you what he likes.

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Thanks for ur honesty. :wink:

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Honestly @A.Lucifer i dont fuck with KP :joy:
So i cant tell you either

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Oh my goodness u guys will kill me lol! I checked the Demonic books I have, didn’t find anything. Went to youtube, this lady mentions he’s not picky but then he chose fruit. Like I heard him loud and clear. It seemed odd so I wanted to verify on here I heard him correctly.

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Can u maybe PM me a divination on this?

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Well, if He told you to give him some fruit - give him some fruit. :smiley:

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