My kundalini awakening journey. Journal of newbie in kundalini field

I have taken challenge to awaken my Kundalini within
6 months.
I will post every week, thing’s I have done and not done everything.

I am focused on cleaning the nadis and chakras.
All the 365 chakras that we have.

So, let’s begun.


Good luck! Looking forward to reading about your progres! This will be a great achievement.

Yes please keep us posted about your experience and your journey.

I am back to update my journey for Kundalini.

First I am doing reiki with karmic energy to remove all of my blockage on my nadis and 7 major chakras.
Well, it is showing effect as i fell more ease at my rituals and also my chakras are getting balanced. (20minute)

All my major three nadis are being cleaned by yoga and Pranayam.

I do anulom vilom and
Kapalbhati for it.(20 minute per yog)

So I am only working like 1 hour for Kundalini as I have not decided to put my everything on this rituals for now.

I have other things to do now and
My health has also gotten better compared to before.

All i can say
Last 8 days has changed me like 10 percent atleast which is very big change for me.

Feb, 21, 2023
By bald child



I now still working with chakra healing and nadis cleaning there is big change in my psychic abilities.

Now I can understand little little messages and things.
Understand the guidence that spirit’s are sending.

Let’s see next week what will happen

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Well, I am back.

Now one month is going to end since i took this challenge’and I think I have enough cleansing of chakras and the nadis.

So now I have purchased energy systems and rituals for opening and activating Kundalini.

I have hired master who have already awakened his Kundalini and after long consultant aion with him I invested money as
I was going to use traditional method to activate kundalini but
After the chat I got to know that my dying chances are very big in traditional methods.
So I hav now purchased specific rituals and going to use
Different demons and
Different gods from
Different religions to this process .

Honestly, I am glad I didn’t go on my own but took this consultation otherwise I would have wasted time and propably my health also.

So, for now I have completed the first step of the kundalini awakening journey.

Now the second step that is
Empowerment of the Kundalini and removing all the past soul contracts and curses from the kundalini
After cleaning then I will start the empowerment

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Congrats on your progress and achievements.

I don’t recalling anything related to that while i was learning about Kundalini.

Just curious, how do you know your Master has opened his all chakras?

I know him long time ago.

And I have gotten lot of things done for me which worked very well.

Emergency update-
My exams are coming so I cannot focus on this subject much.

So I am not going stop this but not going to dedicate much time here.
When exams are ended I will go with full dedication.

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there’s no one way to awaken kundalini. I also did that kundalini yoga stuff you mentioned, the breathing exercises. But ultimately it was kundalini witches who awoke it for me.

It was pretty intense, to say the least. It was like over a 10 days process they cleared all my chakras and awoke the kundalini and i felt like a literal living god

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It is really good for you then. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.