My journey with Prince Seere

Hi I’m Mana. I’m working with Prince Seere on eliminating some of relatives who are very problematic in my life. I promised him I would journal the whole thing and hoping this helps anyone else in the process .

I asked him for any sign in the ritual that my prayers are being answered and if I’m going in the right direction of my goal. So yesterday 1 day after my ritual I had a dream that I’m in a old house and I’m seeing ghosts. So after some research I got to conclusions This means that my mind is opening up ( although I’m no dream interpreter. I can use someone’s help in this matter).

So I’m starting to do a quick 7-10 mins meditation along with prince seere’s enn chant. And I’ll upload the result soon!


Well, before you do that @Cherrybloss please properly introduce yourself. You have been asked to do so twice already, once back in November, and again in February, and you seem to have ignored both so consider this your last warning before your posts are removed. It is a rule of this forum and not optional, so CLICK THE LINK BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick, ie what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


Just now did the Introduction. Sorry for the delay.