My journal of evocation attemps

My astral senses aren’t opened so the art of evocation is really hard for me. I am trying the help of drugs and sleep deprivation. weed doesn’t really work for me and I could not have yet get LSD or mushrooms so I am trying from today sleep deprivation for 72 hours. I am awake now for 13 hours. I am drinking lots of coffee and taking weed (Sativa) to stay awake. I would like to get tips on how to stay awake for 72 hours successfully.


Cold showers, coffee, exercise little enough to build energy, eat peanut butter for protein energy. Weed tends to make me sleepy.
To me, evocation was staring at a sigil with a candle lit and incense, in a darkened room, and pulling my gaze back, and seeing the lines move around and become 3 dimensional, and then greet the spirit and state my request, then give license to depart. Hope this helps.


Although I do not recommend these methods, I admire those who have the determination and willpower of those who do this to achieve their goals.
I have no advice to offer, but only congratulations and support wishing you success.

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You are getting in your own way, friend. This (evocation) takes practice. Tell me, are you often waiting for drugs, so then you can practice evocation? That is a self imposed bind.

Just evoke. Do it normally, you can toss in drugs- but the point is to evoke and evoke often.

You’ve received some great advice in prior posts - stop taking shortcuts. Some entities will fuck with you, and if you are in the middle of an 8 hour acid trip:
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in my own experience if you don’t have enough sleep your blood pressure will get high and you will not be able to get a complete state of “relaxation” even tho you are experiencing all those chemical shifts within. my advice is to try to do as many things as possible to get your cortisol levels in a optimal range.
And the most important thing. Practice, don’t give up.


I smoked a lot of weed and fell asleep after 20 hours. I think the 72 hours will be impossible for me unless I take something strong that prevents me from falling asleep. during the 20 hours yesterday, I think that I got a message from a spirit (it identified itself as demon Bael and I always tried to contact demons): “it’s much easier to get answers from us than u think. you don’t need drugs and big rituals. natural communication exists within you. hold the sigil of the spirit near you and ask google search. we will guide you to the correct webpage with the answer”


i think at the end its what you make it. Struggle to have a contact will have you in the spiral so to speak so my own working right now is to do my meditation, scrying exercises. Everything will fall into the right place and hope you can make your desired results soon.

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There is a high chance that I will get mushrooms this Monday. I really curious to see how they can effect me during an evocation attempt. I will update.

So tomorrow I will get 5 grams of mushrooms. I am going to take all this dose this tuesday after opening demons sigil. It can be life changing for me.

You can try getting up in the middle of the night before you are completely rested. Other ideas include meditation to get over your fears and leaving out offering for entities. (yeah, it actually helps with seeing them.)

5 gram of mushrooms will not give you psychic sight (clairvoyance)
What it will do though is confusing you, because the mental/focus will be altered. You will be in a different headspace mentally and emotionally. 5 gram dry is not recommended for people that never done mushrooms. A normal dose is 3,5 gram, experienced users could take 7 grams. Here is a online mushroom calculator of a respected site. Magic Mushrooms 🍄& Truffles Dosage Calculator - Zamnesia

Before you jump head first in to any kind of drugs/plants its wise to do proper research first.
Here is a link to mushroom trip reports on erowid, make sure you check if the person only took mushrooms or combined other substances. you can check that at the third column

Furthermore although its edgy to see and hear demons or other spirits, That should not be the goal in my opinion, the main focus should be on safety. You must and should know that the spiritual ¨world¨ is filled it different kind of spirits and not all got your best interested. Jumping head first in any kind of evocation or spiritual contact without proper defense and protection skills and techniques is not the wised thing you could do and in addition with any kind of psychoactive drug is basically generating unnecessary potential problems on short term and long term.

As for mushrooms I grow them, so I know how they work.

Edit: Here is EA`s take on 5gr mushrooms during rituals.


Now I am after the trip with 5 grams. It really gave me the breakthrough that I needed. In the beginning I started to see things but I was afraid and decided that it is not the time to see things so I could control my visions and the trip itself. The mushrooms caused me to do non-stop meditations like opening my third eye and the chakras that I didn’t have the motivation to do before. I also received answers regarding improving my life and my magical abilities. I am really glad that I did this step. I will practice meditations every day from now and I believe that I will progress quickly from today on.

Good to hear, keep up with the momentum of doing daily exercises. :+1:

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I dont have money for more mushrooms so today I am trying again the sleep deprivation method for 3 days. I had today a very interesting dream in which my third eye tingled very strongly

I am awake now for 19.5 hours… i am planning to stay awake for more 16.5 hours. If I will not enter into strong trance during this sleep deprivation of 36 hours, next time I will try 72 hours.

I tried dmt but it wasn’t for me so I returned to mushrooms and it was the best trip ever! Yesterday the mushrooms showed me that they connect me to my magic powers and they are the way for me to develop magically and they heal me. I will have another trip with them in the middle of september and every trip will develop and heal me more and more so i think that I finally found the solution for my problems

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What has DMT done to you ? Ever considered 5Meo-DMT?

It was really complicated to smoke it and it gave me nausea and couldnt get any trip with it so I gave it up. I will stick with mushrooms. Mushrooms also contain dmt in it and if you eat enough grams it gives you a very intense trip. With mushrooms my third eye is open during all the trip and I can do magic during the trip

How was September trip?