My journal of chatting with Lady Lilith

It’s Sunday. Clearing and cleansing day, so my whole apartment smells like Palo Santo and will be scrabbling stuff with salt water. Got some crystals to cleanse too. My mother used to say “cleanliness is next to godliness” and she was kind of right.

Tonight, I plan on doing some drawing. Idk what - I never do. It will probably end up being some mandala type thing, optical illusion or some sort of repeating pattern. Maybe colour, maybe grey scale. We will see what comes out.

Here’s one I prepared earlier…

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Finally got to do my ritual with Naberius last night.

Did the ritual in two parts, with a bit if prep time before hand. Gathered up my offerings (a slice of tangelo, a fresh habanero, some peppercorns, a glass of beer), three blooded candles and a hand drawn sigil and took them to where I was going to do the ritual. I set them down along with a small glass jar, some sealing wax, papers and a pen. I lit the candles after placing them around the sigil with the offerings behind and left the paper and jar next to the small table the sigil and candles were on. Could feel the energy change in the room - became quite dense. Once this was done, I left the room to have a bath and meditate and to allow the spirit to inspect the offerings… Have to make sure they were up to par lol.

After meditating on Naberius’ enn (I may have dozed off, I’m not sure), I was advised that everything was pleasant enough and we could continue with the ritual.

When I said earlier you could feel it in the room, I wasn’t joking. Naberius has a VERY different energy to what I was expecting. I don’t really know what I was expecting tbh, but I was still caught off guard. It’s a very strong and sort of forceful energy, I don’t really know how to describe it. I definitely don’t feel the personal connection I have with spirits like Furcalor or Lilith. I guess I could describe him as distant; it’s the best word I can think of. It may just be I need to work harder with him than I have with other spirits, or it could be that this is a spirit I only have a working relationship with. He’s a fantastic spirit who gets things done with the quickness and with a bang, so I definitely want to work with him again… I digress; back to the ritual.

I wrote my request down on a piece of the paper I’d left, then burnt the request and put the ashes in the jar. I placed the lid on the jar and sealed the edges with sealing wax. I have left this on the sigil and it’s still sitting there now (the following afternoon). Tonight, I will light the candles again and allow them to burn out completely, then bury the jar outside.

As an aside, I didn’t follow any ritual I read. I went solely off what I was advised to do by the spirit themselves during our meet and greet.

Tonight, I might try to speak with Furcalor now that this ritual is out of the way. I enjoy our interactions and I feel that I’ve missed them whilst I’ve been focused on this project. I also have a drawing that I’m going to do for Dantalion as a thank you for helping me with something else. Dantalion is another spirit that gets things done quickly. He can come across a little cocky (IME, not saying that will be everyone’s experience) but it’s just that he’s confident in his abilities as he damned well should be. Just be prepared to get EXACTLY what you ask him for and then be asked “did you not get what you wanted?” lol.

Lilith will let me know when she wants to work with me… I think she’s letting me experience other stuff for a while.

My word, this was a long and rambling post. I’ll break it up with some pics now lol

Oh yes, forgot to add I also had a mango scented candle burning.

The sigil I drew close up

Picture of the ritual space