My journal of chatting with Lady Lilith

Ok, so I started writing this on another of my posts, but figured I should just make it its own post…

I’ve gone back to work with Lilith which I have wanted to do for a while, but haven’t been in the right frame of mind. Tonight was the night, so I thought I’d share my experiences with you guys. Most of this initial post on this thread will be copy pasted from where it goes it initially, but with some additions.

It was a very quick evocation as I was able to slip into the right headspace quite easily. After clearing the area and telling any unwanted spirits to leave, I chanted Lilith’s enn (verbally at first then in my head) and allowed myself to slip into the zone. There were some moments of euphoria and I found myself smiling a few times. I think I was told to watch out for one who is a nurse, which I don’t understand. However, I’m sure in time I will. I was also told she will send me a bird as confirmation, which I await eagerly because I love birds. I wonder what kind it will be…

I asked Lilith if she would teach me and she has agreed. I got the impression she will help me to clear my path and help me to put a few things right. I think this will involve some justice/revenge, but I’m not ready for that yet as I have a lot to learn and to be shown first.

When I asked what she wanted from me, the first thought that popped into my head was doughnuts. I had no idea Lilith would have a sweet tooth! She also asked for sandalwood, and when I said “incense?”, I was very firmly told “no, actual sandalwood”. That may be a bit difficult, but I’m sure I am find some. I think my local Magick shop will have some.

Wish me luck guys


I think i connected with her once. Wish i could say fpr certain

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@Delilah APPLE & STRAWBERRY ICING ON THE DOUGHNUTS LOL!!! Sandlewood is one of her faves :slight_smile:


I got her cinnamon sugar doughnuts and some green ginger wine… Ned to get some sandalwood today.

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Ok, so I tried again last night. I put the offerings out during the day (a cinnamon sugar doughnut, a large nip of green ginger wine because she asked for some sweet liquor but left it up to me and this is one of my favourites and a carnelian bracelet I found that I have to fix) and tried to speak with her that night after I went to bed. I got nothing. Couldn’t feel any presence, no messages - nothing at all. I found her presence on the previous evening to be quite high energy; powerful but delicate at the same time and very sensual, but I couldn’t feel any of that last night. I was a little disappointed, but I knew this could happen.

It could’ve been because I didn’t do my ritual the same I as usually would. I usually do any evocation in the bath as I find the warm water seems to work almost like a conductor of sorts - like a spiritual version of a copper wire. It could be that I had had a few drinks and my focus wasn’t what it could’ve been. Or, it could just be that Lady Lilith is being Lady Lilith and will only show up when she wants to show up lol.

I think I might take a break tonight and use the time to clean the space I’m using atm and cleanse the energies in my house. I have a sage smudge and some Palo Santo I will use. I might also work on finding a spell to help me with doing well on some study I will be undertaking and researching some workings for getting some justice for some events that I was given none.

Might also buy some plants.


I am so intrigued to see what you get. As far as what I normally would get her is this wine that is sweet but not overly sweet, an apple and some dark chocolate. For incense I gave her a mix of stuff including an oil that is ment for her. I love giving her fresh red roses as well and some of my blood. What she likes from me is also spending time on my appearance and working on my self esteem with her. :thinking:

Here’s a picture of my own. I am working on updating my room to be a temple but by bit. I started with Satan but she is definitely going to be next. Got big plans for her. :ok_hand:



@Zoclora this is my temporary workspace. It needs some work, but it’s functional


I love it honestly! I know my own needs work and n as well. Lol It’s a work in progress but hey if it works it works!


Ok, so I’m back. Minor crisis averted… Moving right along…

I haven’t been able to get sandalwood, due to mostly stuff and things preventing me BUT I have found this awesome vetiver and sandalwood spray that gives me the happies, so I’ll use that for now. It is a very lovely smell. Masculine, but not if that makes sense.

Gonna get back into it tonight. Gonna stick with the method that has worked best for me in the past; hot bath,sigil, candle, offering and go for it.

Does anyone else find water helps them? Or it it a me thing?

I’m thinking of deep sixing this account and starting afresh soon; I probably shouldn’t have used a nickname that’s pretty tied to me; this is a bit secret for me. I’m sure most of you can understand.

Oh, the house smells amazing with that spray.

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I can’t seem to edit my post… Oh well.

Have to clean, get my space ready, spray the house with that new spray, get the spawn to bed, then start.

Anyone else get pre ritual jitters?

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Ok, I’m feeling a little frustrated with this now. It’s probably the point but grrrrr…

This is the second time I feel as though I haven’t gotten very much from a ritual with Lilith. Like, I’m pretty sure I got through, although I don’t think I really learnt anything new. I felt a connection briefly, but nothing like the first ritual.

The only new thing I think I got was that I think I’ve been told to contact Pruflas. I’m not sure why; I had to google who that is. Maybe they’ll assist me with some of the more baneful stuff I’m looking to do. I’m really not sure.

Maybe this is to teach me not to be so hung up on getting results. Or maybe it’s to teach me that being frustrated and somewhat cranky is ok and that I shouldn’t beat myself up over it when I get that way. Maybe I need to focus more (there’s a rave going on around the corner so having loud EDM playing while trying to focus isn’t great) or something. I do not know at this point.

I will be giving some new offerings so that I can get some clarification on what to do next. I should also clean my space and get ready to move it again. I don’t have enough space where I am and it can be uncomfortable.

This is proving to be more difficult than I was expecting.

I still need to get sandalwood.

She does that to me too, so I find this pretty relatable. Lol


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@Delilah seems to be working especially since she has a habbit of making you do shadow work. Those thoughts and feeling write them down in a shadow work journal and try to figure whats causing them.
Most likely have alot of things to heal and let go off.

I have A LOT going on within this empty head. A whole heap of stuff to work through that I’m not really sure I’m ready to. But, it has to be done I suppose …

Things have been fairly stagnant the last few days, haven’t been feeling the greatest,. So I didn’t think it wise to try and so rituals when my head isn’t on straight. Going to stock up on some ritual stuff and get back at it in the next couple days.

For now, I’m going to unwind by playing some Xbox.

It’s a work in progress… Not bad for a first attempt I guess. Gotta thicken the lines and stuff, but you get the point.

Also still need sandalwood


Tonights offering to Lilith; some freshly made bread and a glass of grapefruit seltzer. Have also sprayed the air with sandalwood and vetiver spray

And yes, I baked the bread myself.


Last night; it seems I have to start on the shadow work now… Oh bother. Touched on since stuff I kinda, sorta already knew. Like, learning that people who are supposed to love you, aren’t meant to withhold love or be abusive towards you just because you didn’t do something they wanted and that being treated like crap isn’t normal in a relationship (I don’t just mean romantic, I mean in general too) nor is being gaslit. I’d like to thanks my parents for that learnt behaviour of mine… Also got agreement for protection of my son from the influence of his father. Big win.

Today’s meditation with Lilith was odd. Think she liked the seltzer (it is quite tasty) and the bread. Saw little flashes of stuff in my head but aphantasia doesn’t really allow me to see much. Got waves going backwards (idk if they were water or flames), partial gave of someone with a ponytail (idk if that was meant to be Lilith or if it’s something to keep an eye out for) and lots of blue/purple lights.

Feeling good overall. Off to grab some more supplies and baking stuff as supermarket was out of baskets flour.