My journal of chatting with Lady Lilith

Enjoy my latest mandala type drawing.

Just wanna throw out a possible alternative here. You dont need to burn anything to cleanse a space. You can use holy water or moon water, place up wards, salt, or just place the herbs you would normally burn in little sachets and hang them near your doorways. Could even deploy a servitor specifically for “keeping your space clean”. Last just physically cleaning a space works well too. Hope this helps and your kiddo gets better!

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You can also brew the herbs into some water and spray/sprinkle that as a cleansing.

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What is moon water?

Just water left out under a full moon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tonight, I might try something different…

I might try a mediation on Furcalor enn, so basically a really simple evocation and see if I can make any sort of contact. I’ve tried once before and idk if I actually got him or a mimic. Got a very sarcastic and smart-assed energy however dad jokes were not appreciated and only got a sort of groan and pained laugh. I think it was a great joke personally:

How much does a chimney cost?
Nothing; it’s on the house…

Actually, no. That is kinda terrible.

Red vibes…

I should’ve guessed that… I’ll keep that in mind next full moon. Kiddo is starting to get better, so I may be able to get the sage and Palo Santo out before then.

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Oh… I can’t believe I almost forgot about this.

Had a visit from what I assume to be Lilith the other night in a dream state. Man, she oozes sensuality and sexuality. I won’t go into detail because that’s kinda private but yeah.

Thank you Lilith for making me work through what I have to even though I don’t really want to. I know you know what you’re doing, trust that you want what’s best for me and will help me achieve it.


Hey, I love this thread! I’ve also been trying to work with Lilith since last year. The first week I really felt her presence, I asked her stuff and she replied back instantly. But after that it stopped, I didn’t feel any connection.

About your dream: did you continue talking to her daily even when she didn’t respond before and giving her offerings? Glad it worked out for you, shes truly amazing!

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One thing I learnt almost right away is Lilith does things in her own time. She appears when she wants to, but when she does she appears with a bang. I must’ve attempted to evoke her again after that first time maybe 5 or 6 times and got nothing. She came this last time with no offering or no real ritual, just some reciting of the enn as I was falling asleep.

So don’t be disappointed, she is just being herself. I think she wants to know whether you’re really serious first, so she will make you work for it.

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Ok, so Furcalor was just rather interesting. Nothing major, but I got a few flashes of things.

  • long haired male, couldn’t see face with a spike crown.

  • green. Lots of green.

  • a really old, sorta beat up blue and white ute (pickup).

  • an old white car. Think a late 70s/early 80s hatchback rally type car.

  • the same spiky crown

  • he said something about kissing, but I’ve lost it.

Will see what my dreams are like tonight

I should also add that it was a relaxed but quite happy energy, but at the same time there was a feeling of a different sort of strength. I think this was mostly a test run (hence the random images and not a full revelation of himself).

But the kissing thing… I wish I’d caught all of it. I suspect it’s not physical kissing, although it could be, but more an exchange of energy perhaps?

I’m excited.

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My own experience very much bares this out.

It can be a little frustrating. Lol

A little frustrating? It’s infuriating lol. But, it is what it is… At least she isn’t mad at me. That would be bad lol.

After a long hiatus, I’m back to my journal…

First, I had some personal stuff to deal with. Then, I got the worst flu I’ve had in 20 years which was fun - the sinus on my left side was so inflamed, that side of my face swelled up and I could feel the pain right down into my teeth. Was great fun… Then about a week and a bit after getting better from the flu, I caught covid which was also fantastic fun. 0 out of five stars… I’m going back to college, so have been teaching myself about computer programming and learning python before I start in a few weeks (gotta get ahead of the curve, ya dig? Lol). So I have been quite busy.

I’ll start writing again when I work with Lilith again at the weekend. I got some other shit to sort out with some other spirits first, then back on the bike.

Did youse miss me? Lmao

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It’s so odd… I’ve had a few dealings with spirits while I’ve been away, Furcalor has been a major one and Naberius will most likely be next… But I would like to use this to say thank you to Dantalion.

“Have you not gotten what you wanted?”

Yes, I got exactly what I asked for. And thank you for showing me the repercussions.

To get back to the topic of the journal, I don’t think Lilith is interested in working with me right now or thinks I’m on the right path and is stepping back. It’s hard to tell with her as she is, for lack of a better word, capricious. But, when she does show… Ooh boy, doe she show.