My introduction

Hi, in lieu of any other name or nickname I am Arachnos.

I’m 32, male, from/live in Texas

I’ve been doing the demon thing for two years (thereabouts), been opening up my senses

Before that I started getting into energy from learning and practicing Qigong for 2 years or so (more or less). I’m really bad with time-frames and dates…This broadened my horizons from what had previously been a psychological model I largely adhered too.

I was an armchair magician and dabbler for a longtime. It was kind of more of a wierd hobby I guess. 🤷

I’ve always been spiritual, fundamental part of my makeup I guess. I have a Catholic background but eventually decided to let that go (I had actually been an altar boy at one time, guess I was drawn to being part of the ritualism), and it took a longtime to really divorce myself from the vestige abrahamism completely.

Years ago, I had actually stumbled on Koettings channel, and believe I had tuned in for the evocation of all nine gatekeepers in the circle of skulls but wrote it off as fucking crazy. Never thought anymore about it, how ironic that I should end up back here. I’ve come full circle. Lol

Somewhere down the line I decided to challenge myself to be serious or give up on spirituality altogether.

Started with Qigong and energy. Got interested in Vedic stuff and started reciting mantras. Eventually got annoyed with what felt too RHP for my liking. At this point I’d already been doing enough research to see demons outside of an abrahamic light/paradigm and said “well, I guess I should try that…”

With some trepidation I started slowly, eventually had a rather profound experience that convinced me (an experience im immensely grateful for) and decided to go all in.

My focus is largely on self empowerment and improvement. My practice is largely informed by demonolatry at the moment (though I don’t worship), and eastern spirituality I guess (Buddhism, taoism, zen, Vedic).

My interest are:
Norse stuff, the runes, energy work, the qliphoth, at one time I was into crystals but have largely set that aside, some divination from time to time, of course demonolatry (though demonic theurgy might be a more correct term), DreamWork, astral work, and some other things but my mind is bleh right now.

I’ve written this, and rewritten this a few times now. There’s a lot more I could say, but I wanna keep it simple.

I’ve actually been using this forum as a learning source for a couple years now as a guest and nonuser and have binged so much information here.

This forum has been an invaluable resource for me. Now that I’m a member, I hope to get access to yet even more information, be able to get input on things I experience and do, and hopefully contribute.


Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome :blush:

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Welcome, Arachnos.

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Hi there @Arachnos, welcome to the forum :wave:t5:

Is your pfp from a yugioh card? I couldve sworn ive seen it from yugioh. If so neat! Nice to meet you. Im from texas aswell.


Welcome! I can relate to a lot of your history.

Lol, yes.

“Spy-der spider”
I had seen the card some time ago and thiught, “hell yeah, that’s cool. I really vibe to that” and kinda filed it away it in my mind.


Welcome to the forum, I’m from/in texas too~

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Welcome to the forum!

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