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Hi everyone I chetana from India. I am in so much of trouble of money… Since last 3 years I am struggling so bad I lost my job trying to get a stable job since then but always failed I lost my home was homeless for few days then I started living in some one else’s godown… I could not even earn for my daily living so tried to summon Lucifer so much but there also failed still I keep calling Lucifer in my heart but never get answers … I don’t know how to get help where to get help … Tried joining Illuminati there also got scammed more then 10,000USD (not together, in installment and through different agents) now the landers also troubling me and making difficult for me to breath in peace… Its been 3years I am trying to get help from lord Lucifer kindly help me if you can thank you!(upload://mK1DUCo0JCstTkdzJWmHXYEhXqR.jpeg)

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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome. Have you tried anything else? Use the search to find other ways to maybe help.

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Can you please suggest me something I really want to get rid of all these debts, poor sorrowful life… I don’t know when my fate will get the light

I did. Please use the search function. I haven’t done that type of spells, so I can’t give advice on something I haven’t used.

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Aah OK I am still searching with no clue where to search , thanks for giving your time to reply me just pray for me please may be he hears my issues in your prayers

The magnifying glass in the top right, near your profile picture.

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He could very well be answering you, but are you really listening? They don’t always use words. He could be guiding you to things that you can be doing to help yourself and your situation.

You can also write a petition to him (or anyone else). Here’s an awesome thread on petitions that lays out the steps

I wish you the best of luck!


Hi thank you for your reply… I tried the petition wise many times but instead of writing a certain amount of money I wrote help me to clear all my debts and give me enough money to lead a good life and other then writing 2weeks or so I wrote as soon as possible… May be these 2 things I am doing wrong way… Thank you so much for your suggestion

I’d say that’s asking a lot all at once, even with no time frame. And of course you know that things rarely just come to you without you actively trying to do things to help yourself too. Again, really start paying attention to what’s going on around you when you ask for help or guidance, they can come to you in a lot of different ways to steer you in the right direction to start solving your problems. A lot of times we can miss them if we’re not paying attention.

With the petitions, maybe try breaking them down into smaller things. Try clearing some debts, then maybe try finding a better job that will give you more financial security. Take it step by step, not everything all at once.

I’ve never done any money magick so I’m no expert with it, but a lot of people on the forum seem to have a lot of success with Bune in regards to money and jobs. Maybe try contacting someone else too.

Sorry that you’re in this situation and I hope you have better days ahead :slightly_smiling_face:


When I started on this path, I started with the expectation that this stuff wasn’t real, so I wasn’t going to pour real money into something that does exist because that would be stupid. I wasn’t even real keen on the idea of offerings, because why should I leave something out for something that isn’t there. I was not really tempted, because I kept my fathers ideas in my mind that it is all made up stuff. Later, I had myself more or less proven wrong, and I don’t doubt the existence of these beings any longer, but to start with I did. It drove a lot of my practice, to be very minimalistic with it, and certainly not to give people any money for it.
If Lucifer isn’t giving you answers, either change your method of contact or try someone else who might be more eager to connect with you.

I tried with pentagram method and I even tried with petition metho but both I failed may be because of less practice… I don’t know any other method :slightly_frowning_face:… How can I find out if any one else is eager to contact me … I even tried contacting bune but there also I failed…