My incubus

So recent update on my supernatural relationship between me and my ubi
He took me with him to hell meanwhile , playing a background music which a classic romanic, but saddly it wasn’t entirely successful ,but i woke up .
He’s as usual not really responsive nor really I guess…? Into the whole staying alittle bit more than leaving out to his world … im abit worried im not exactly his type or inter e ring enough for him to want to stay more than he goes. Mabye its all in my head .right?
It hard to communicate i know but even when we do its like his not entirely devoted to it as i am along side everything that most people like yourselves with ubi’s have with no probably mabye im not doing magic like you guys or …idk anymore …mabye I missing something . I’ve tried everything …telling him and so on.?? What else is there ???

Most sexual entities are just doing a job. Demonic sex workers, basically. You should ask them to clarify what the relationship is. Otherwise you might be confusing a service you are paying for (with energy or other means) as a real relationship.

Communication is key. You can also use divination to help figure out what’s going on.

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And what job that. Seducing women meanwhile they fall in love and it not be real all along bc they cheat . For what reason .
He said he loved me and so on but this till occurs …and ill hate to say that he is cheating still
Okay let me backup 2 months earlier
He told me about three times his find someone else and now in present after he told me he loves me and so on but not ever telling his put the last behind him alongside his 3 individuals or one idk and currently am upset about . Idk what to expect from him and i cant harslt trust him either .

And i will

This says it all. Dump his ass, draw a line under it and move on, no hard feelings. It was fun while it lasted but it’s not working out for you. No trust no nookie.

Its called parasitism - it’s how they feed. Ditch this worthless fuck.

Get to the gym, eat healthy and get a real boyfriend. Messing with spirits out of insecurity is a big mistake in my book, very, very few get it to work in their favour and just nd up getting used as food. Partly because they jump into it without having great communication abilities, so you’re always coming from a place of weakness. Bad idea. Build your skills and become a strong mage before accepting a relationship like this - on your own terms.


It was actual a curse more than a letter of intent by will