My Herbal workings and notes

For the next year I am focusing on becoming a master herbalist. Along side of perfecting my herbal Magick.

This journal is where I will keep track of my highlights.


I will be using this giant journal. For my herbal information. I am going to be working through my herbal dictionary.


Beautiful I wish you luck on this endeavor. And yes hiya. The closest thing I’ve ever done herbalist wise was eating poisonous plant leaves trusting in Lilith to protect me I eventually ate to much and almost killed myself well at least it felt that way if I really did I’d probably have liver or kidney problems. O yea good luck on your journey and I hope your make lots of friends with the spirits of the herbs themselves.


Herbwitches are awesome!


This is my first book I am working through on this path.


A very good plan. :+1:

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Thank you! I have 8 different books on herbal Magick. So while I am doing the master herbalist course I figured work through the dictionary first. I am giving each herb a full front and back page in the journal. Kinda as a quick reference with basic spells and medical usages and then make sections for Magick and healing afterwards. I want all of my notes and such in one place and with how big this is. I think it will take me years and years and years to fill it up.