My heart ❤️ started to glow, all one with reality, beings where everywhere... what happened to me?

Hello there, several years ago I did about 15 Hawaii Babywoodrose Seeds on a full moon and I fasting for a week… What happened was I felt as flat as paper but my heart :heart: was connected to the whole house , then what happened was my heart started to glow and a voice started to come out my heart area and all the lights start to flicker and all the telephones start ringing , it felt like the end of the world and the only thing left was me in the house… Then it seemed like Egyptian God King RA toke over my body and picked up a item off the ground and help it is my hand and started to shake it and the item became all air… King Ra yelled at me about a impure heart and me being an person with a bad attitude. It felt all of time stopped and out of nowhere all these mysteries like beings where everywhere… can anyone help me and what happened?

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With your story it sounds like you have a very active imaganation and after a week of starvation got high and then started hallucinating. Nothing magical or occult.


That’s about twice the dose recommended for experienced users and they recommend you start at 3 or 4. So you went in hard and sounds like without any preparatory intention setting, with the result that you got a fairly random experience.

The message that I get out of that is that you would do well to do your shadow work, develop yourself into a strong person emotionally and mentally and act with right mind. Then, in future if you are judged, you know who you are and why you have acted and can answer for yourself.

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It sounds very much like the plant helped you break the veil of your own reality and showed you an underdeveloped part of yourself. I advise you focus on grounding and see how you can use what you saw for everyday life, either way, congrats, you’ve had another spiritual awakening. :star2: