My heart hurts

partial possession has my heart hurting, it’s the kind of pain that is mildly irritating, this happens when i’m usually resting or not doing anything productive like it’s pushing me to do something, and when i am doing something productive i feel euphoric

also hits randomly throughout the day, but also when i drink alchemized water, or when lilith is around

can anyone explain this?


What’s there to explain if u already deemed it"partial possession "

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right, i’m talking about the science behind it, i can feel other people’s feelings and shit it’s pretty sick, but it happens almost immediately when i drink energized water, there seems to be a pattern

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In qigong, the heart center (middle dan tian), the heart organ and the stomach are linked. So drinking the energised ater water affects the heart this way. The heart center is an energy storage point as well, so excess energy would naturally want to go there as the shortest route into storage before moving down into the lower dan tian.

It sounds like adding to the energy in the heart center is allowing you to feel the energy moving there at least. That might be all it is… Do you do any cultivation exercises, meditation or put any intention in heart healing and expansion?


I hate to be that annoying person, but please make sure you rule out a mundane physical cause. :see_no_evil:


*finna explode throughout the day


I don’t understand.

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Did u put a spell on urself. ? R u working with any entities? For self growth , personal development etc etc ?


if x = finna, but x also equals “about to”

then what is x?

you know finna explode?, jeez helena it’s slang get wittit my hearts boutta explode

belial & lilith

Sorry not everyone grows up speaking english. :roll_eyes:

Well then there u have ur answer .

For me Belial makes my heart pound sometimes, it’s usually a warning.
Lilith makes my heart jump like almost partly OBE,
Your not giving enough description but it more sounds like Baal to me with the heart.
Not that it is, could be explained in other ways.

What did you ask for if you don’t mind me asking?
does your heart hurt when unproductive but you feel euphoric when you are productive?
Sounds like you made a pact and they are dragging you across the finish line kicking and screaming a little.