My friends is typing this lol help him [dreamwork]

I had a dream and I saw some goat head thing hold up a sign or something and I could move my body even tho I was sleep and jerk myself awake it was weird cause when I woke up I couldn’t stop seeing it

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Banish & cleanse:


He just wanted to know what entities is associated with a goat head and he drew a pentagram on his hand. I don’t think it was a possession or evil entity thing since he wasn’t feeling endangered by it

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It was a dream, so it could have been nothing but him remembering reading something, maybe about Baphomet, or Pan.

The goat is a herd animal used in lieu of sacrificing people in JCI religions. It became associated, by those religions, with demonization of former, conquered religions gods, especially fertility gods like Pan and Cernunnos that had deer parts.

In my opinion, the ideal that “demons” have to look like goats is ridiculous and based only in this old dogma. But humans being emotional creator beings we tend to project a lot of nonsense on a lot of things and make it real in the doing. It’s usable but it’s kinda fake at the same time.

Dreams don’t always mean anything at all. Dream interpretation is an art in itself, and at the end of the day the dreamer has to decide for himself. I’d recommend getting into trance, going back into the dream, and asking the goat headed subject about itself.

If you search here on “dreamwork” we have other posts and tutorials about it.

The best tip is, try not to take a dream at face value unless you really do think it’s being held outside your personal astral or is a memory. You have to know yourself really well and ask what these things represent to you at the time. There are no universal answers to dreams, they’re trippy like that.

You should also get him to banish and cleanse as a basic, basic precaution. Nobody needs randos showing up uninvited. You lock your front door for a reason: lock your spiritual space up as well. It’s plain common sense.


Yea true, its weird because he wasn’t into witchcraft but I explained him a book I wanted him to buy for me with is from S.connley, I was confused on why one appeared in his dreams the next day

Yeah, then it sounds like that’s just his subconscious mulling over the book idea.

Idk though since he still saw that sign when he woke up but I’ll tell him just to be safe, I’ll show him pan or baphomet and if he says it’s one or the other then I got serious research business to do