My friend wants to start summoning demons, but he is raised a christian, what demon should he begin to summon with?


ok, here is the deal, my friend is raised and born in a christian family, but he wants to start summoning demons (ironic much) but what demons should he start summoning in the beginning?


I’ve heard Lucifer is pretty good with newbies.


Alright so there’s A LOT of answers. It really depends on what his opening goals are. Find that out and I’ll make a suggestion. I’ve worked with a lot, even if just momentarily and I’m very good at researching what to start with for why. I admit that Lucifer is a good beginner evocation but because of his background i don’t think that’s the best starting choice. Find out what his goals are and I’ll have you an answer


alright! thanks!


No problem. Just give me a starting point


If you really cared about your friend then you should give him a piece of advice.
Must change his brainwashed image of Lucifer as a “demon” who is ready to cast
immortal souls in lake of fire.
Years of f-ing indoctrinations could mess up human psyche.
Let’s change that first and then hard work on opening astral senses.
You wouldn’t toss a non swimmer in a lake,would you? :wink:
F*ck it,let him try with 4 archangels instead.
Imagine him walking towards a “demon” spirit with all his fake assumptions…it might not end well for him.


I wouldn’t recommend it. I consider demons advanced. He should work with pagan deities.


Number one if you want to lead him on demons explain to him Lucifer is not Satan and not all demons are evil


Prince orobas is perfect


Has he asked any questions?
I’d like to hear them.


I’ll be honest, I don’t think Christians should practice magick until they abandon their beliefs. I’ve worked with Christian magick in highschool and it was very manipulative. Besides, the bible tells them not to anyway. I can’t enforce this belief, nor would I, but I’m warning you’re friend to change his entire mindset if he wants to do this.


alright! thanks everyone for the help!!! :smiley:


no, not yet, but when he heard i was practicing it he had sort of a mental break down and now he also wants to. and i know that if i don’t help him he’ll probably try to summon azazel like i did on first try ;-;
which… was… not on purpose?


hm… he is very new, like totally, i don’t even know if he studied anything?
even i am new to it. which is why i came here.


Study first I did


Doesn’t mean he doesnt know what he wants to accomplish


He wants to copy his friend, that’s what he’s trying to accomplish. Nothing to see here, just a child reaction.


Lucifuge Rocale and then the all of the 9 demonic gatekeepers. LETS GET THIS FUCKING GATEWAY OPEN NO MATTER THE COSTS TO THE REST OF THE OMNIVERSE!


Something tells me that’s a little bit of going from crawling to windsprints for a beginner


Tell your friend to summon Lucifer,Lucifer is great with beginners