My forever dead friend

First of all I have used the search function but I haven’t found anything similar.

I have a friend who took her own life almost 10 years ago, and I just wish I could see and talk to her again. I dream about her pretty often.

I wanted to know if it was possible to “evoke” her the same way you would Belial for example. Or is it too late? Is there a way to know if she’s reborn as a new human?

Do you have any ideas what I could do to have any kind of info about where she is now?


Bune can help with spirits of the dead!


I’ll make a tutorial on this for you now.


Thank you so much :sneezing_face:

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Hope you share with the rest of us as well :heart:️ I’m sure lots of people would appreciate it, I know I would

There you go.


Another thing you can do is communicate with her Higher Self, that’s usually simplest to do via soul travel.


it depends on what you believe, for example I don’t believe that it is possible for the person to be evoked so long after death, for even if she isn’t already reincarnated, she’ll be on another plane, without any knowledge of what is happening here in the earth (unless it is some powerful witch), then, in my view, the best you can do is to evoke her “shell” as if it were the astral body that her soul used when it was still alive. But as I said, this is part of my beliefs, if you believe you can even communicate with the true one, go for it!

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Just a spell is enough, a necromancy spell

Its perfectly fine to evoke a spirit of the dead, although the approach will differ from other types of spirits (demons, angels, elementals, etc) though, here’s the steps that I know of on how to do this:

To evoke a dead person is different than a spirit as in you need a special link to a dead person that belonged to to them in some way, like an:

These are basically termed as ritual implement, in this case a ritual fetish like;
Image (photo)
Anything that’s littered with their energy.

Now come to something called fetish items, these differ from the above in that instead of just their energy these items are linked to the individuals core, innermost essence. And are thereby more powerful than the ritual implements. Some of these items/links are;

Hair (a lock)
Nail clipping
Skin (dead skink)

And more.

Obtain one of the above items (if you can get a hold of a fetish link from above, you won’t have to worry about a quack/impersonator and therefore likely won’t need to do a vanishing rite) so that you have a solid link to the person,

Prepwork - for the sake of immersion, if you hadn’t known the person you’d have had to find a good deal of info about them, like who they were, their life, personality, etc (this step is known as preparatory immersion (this is a concept is E.A’s). This is just a tangent, you can create something akin to a sigil based off of their date of death and their full name, just combine the letters to create some kind of abstract symbol that feels right.

For this rite of evocation might like to have some candles lit, my suggestion would be either black and/or purple (in some culture it’s the color of the dead) to form a triangle (this is not a must it just helps a bit).

To note: @Vyriz d like to point out that, the only thing you really is one of the link items and the incantation the other items are not a must.

I would also like to suggest some type of incense but it’s not a must, perhaps some other members can suggest something appropriate, once you’ve done all this and set everything up, get yourself relaxed or find out someway that puts you in a nice relaxed state that will in turn with all the other stuff along with your breathing put in a trance state, now you call their name, an example of one such incantation would be;

N. Come, N. In the name of your father N. and in the name of your mother N. come, N come.

The above is a slightly modified version of E.A’s which is found in the become a living god e-book under the Necromancy section.

With all of this repeat the incantation over and over, until signs of manifestation of the spirit like:

Flickering candle flame/s

Noticeable, usually piercing or icy cold from seemingly nowhere, that does not stem from any other source.

Sudden preasure around you, mostly noticeable in the chest or around your head, that may intensify especially if you get deeper into the trance state (breathing may become harder over time)

The pressure is either behind or infrint of you, in this case it’s likely that the person will appear in front of you.

Incense smoke (if obtained and burnt) - May whirl, or take on shapes of faces or other stuff.

Knocking on the walls, or squeaking of the floorboards.

Wind may pick outside and is usually followed by one or more if the others.

If you use a tool, a Ouija board is recommended, dead people are able to communicate well with this, other types of spirits (usually (from my understanding)) not so much.

Or a pendulum (has its advantages and disadvantages, but we won’t get into it now.)

If you don’t use tools, you are going to have to trust your intuition unless you’ve developed your astral senses, preferably clairaudience or clairvoyance, or tactile sense/s. Be sure to write down your questions before hand and as the answer comes to you in the form of: impressions, images, partial sounds (words), thoughts, etc. unless you can hear the person clearly thanks to your caliraudience.

Once you are satisfied thank the person for coming and ask them to depart, in a respectful but also firm manner.

Blow out the candles and leave the area and make a sandwich or do anything that you’d normally do to relax, to ground (just to be through).

That’s about everything that you’ll need. Other people may suggest better or different options, this is just a great starting point for evocations in the field of necromancy.

P.S - the advice above is also really, really great, the tutorial especially.

All the best



Thank you, I’ll have to reflect on my options

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@Lady_Eva when I soul travel all I have to do is think of their higherself and I can go there?