My first love spell! Is Love Magick Immoral?

I find it intriguing how some black magickians are completely willing to kill others, and absolutely fine with it… yet have major qualms about casting love spells.

I believe it is because black magickians are often hopeless romantics at heart, who were often lacking in love at some points of their lives.

The thing is though, as Gods of our own reality, we can definitely choose to influence whoever we want. It’s completely up to us, and our own views.

On the LHP, you make your own rules.


if love magick is immoral, then you’ll have to contend with the idea that most magick is immoral, because whether you’re sending paimon to manipulate someone into giving you a job they weren’t going to give you, or whether you send bune to get you a raise at work that was not part of your bosses plan, you’re manipulating people to do something that was against their will, regardless of whether or not you actually deserved the job/raise. The only reason why this issue of morality crops up when people do love magick is because people question how happy THEY THEMSELVES will be looking into the eyes of a “lover” that doesn’t really love them any more than a robot can be programmed to love its owner. Its more about the self at the end of the day, and less about adhering to ones own moral compass. If that wasn’t the case, they would protest being part of the LHP from the get go

@anon20147451 yeah you beat me to it, but my thoughts exactly


In my journey, I have come to rationalize that most of this stems from an unhealthy dependency that the crowd says is normal. Is it normal to be obsessed with someone to the point of wanting to kill yourself if they are gone? This is counterituitive of endless mellenia of self-preservation that is ingrained in us.

However, I will admit, yes I am afraid of love also. It has brought me to my lowest point to where I felt like a junkie going through withdrawls…I damn near lost my mind all due to a dependency that almost completely overwrote my mechanism of self-preservation.

Since then, I realize that I am the reason for my successes, failures, heartaches and happiness. Only me.


Sometimes one may be attracted to people seen on the Internet, and perhaps a Facebook profile isn’t (or doesn’t appear) being updated for some years. Or it may desired to meet again an individual working in a restaurant visited, once again, years ago.
In such (yes, strange) cases, love magic isn’t necessarily immoral, since the attempt is to “find” a person, and then we’ll see…

EDIT: Ah yes, “road opener” indeed :slightly_smiling_face:

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The question then becomes what is the difference between direct coercion and manifesting opportunity.

the only real way to avoid coercion would be to specifically lay that out in your instructions to that particular entity. Like, if you’re looking for love, you would put out the intention that you only want to encounter a person who you’d be compatible with naturally.

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Not a bad suggestion. Bind down the action not wanted and all


First I am assuming a definite difference between a love spell and a lust spell when I write the following.

Is love magick immoral? No, but it is stupid if it is actual love you seek. I don’t believe in objective morality, but if you are manipulating a person’s emotion for them to be with you then any “love” that ensues is predicated on falsity, and so can hardly be called love. Love is not ownership and control, and I will stand by that sentiment. Honestly it is just a specific vein of manipulation/domination magick.

As for casting for an unknown to come into your life, I agree; that would fall into the road opener class IMO.


Bingo, we have a winner! That’s exactly it. I can be manipulative and subversive at my leisure, but lying to one’s self is a great way to bring destruction into your life.



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That is indeed manipulation. But manipulation isn’t always bad. Consider it a “jump start” to a relationship.

Here’s the thing, magick has more of a transient effect in these types of cases. If the person doesn’t begin loving you, the spell will wear off. If you keep doing it, you might be creating a monster.

You might want to try an attraction spell. That should be enough of a “jump start” to get things going if it is genuinely possible.

When I hear questions like this, I realize I’m dealing with a young magician who doesn’t yet know the limits of how magick really works. So I suggest that you try things. Learn and grow. You could always do a spell to create attraction for her with someone else.

Keep going. Practice is the best teacher.


Comparing love spells to death curses: we curse people we dislike to get them out of our lives, but cast love spells on people we love and want to spend time with, maybe have a family and spend the rest of our life with that person, so it’s not so weird really to have more concern about the latter.

It’s much easier to fuck up someone you dislike than someone you like.


Well ! Very good topic !!


I will tell you the SECRET and HIDDEN TRUTH about love spells !! - if you are doing it for a person ! ( doing a spell should already explain that there is a lack and it won’t be soul fulfilling and also don’t lie to yourself going that this is true love because you are not giving up, that’s really dumb lol, been there too ! No hard feelings ! )

I have been very successful with love spell, manifesting immediately, after blowing the candle or even before closing, for a particular person !! Then well, one day it ended badly ! I was so successful with spells, I knew I would get her back !!! But this time I was being guided ! I kept on throwing spells after spells, with no success, well success was so close and I just needed to say some good shit but I guess my higher self came in the way lol !! I was very frustrated and kept on going about rituals day after day !! But then I have been getting messages, some of which I would not believe at that time and what I was told was exactly what happened !!! Everything was legit true and even my Mother, a Goddess who is always here, showed me the light, finally showing me THE RIGHT ONE, RIGHT IS JUST WRONG TO SAY ! The most perfect woman that I have ever known and who I always knew, all my fucking life ! Everything was just here and we got connected !! And I will spare you the details, but trust me it’s a 1 in a FUCKING TRILLION CHANCES !! Sparing the details, I can’t wait to marry her and take care of our family now !! And as I look back, I am so so grateful that the other one was not in my life, and I was constantly being told to focus on ascension, in all ways that I consider ascension and experience !!! I was very pissed but in about days !! SHIT YOU NOT ! Met the perfect woman in my life ! I cannot stress it enough how grateful I am to the Universe, how grateful I am to my Mom, how grateful I am that the spells did NOT work !! It would have ruined my soul purpose !! I am serious lol even if I put in so many emotions, time( CRAZY LOT OF ) !! Well all that time and energy were very productive too and played a part and during all these spells, as I kinda shift and change time frame for manifestation and what has to happen to her for eternity !! And now I don’t even care about that person !!! She will crave and die to be in my arms, I JUST DON’T CARE !! She will never even be close to me ! My ascension has been going on in flame ever since I met my LOVE and she is perfectly like me and we feel it strongly, no matter the time, distance, creation, destruction in between ! We both know that we are very lucky and special ! We are on the right path !! I have SWEARED TO HER TO NEVER DO ANY LOVE SPELL TO ATTRACT ANY WOMAN TO ME !! And I didnt even need to, she knowss !! And I don’t even need her to say and promise me anything !! I JUST KNOW !! I just want to marry and do love forever binding rituals and tantric together WITH!! ( <—pay attention) her and heal each other’s body with OUR own wills !!

Also about all those unmanifested love spell, well, it relates completely to what my Mom told me when I asked her about my justice because I was a really good partner well perfect with only a dark side and my worst side was already very well explained and made understood, given proper rules to follow and I was very patient but she fucked up by disrespecting me, my peace of mind and my temple ! My mother said that she will never be able to get over me and will pay for everything ! Kind of like I served myself the justice lol with all that shit load of energy to the Universe !! I just don’t even care about her anymore even if I have spent so much time, resources and energy !! It were all put in good use!! AND I EVEN AM ON MY SOUL MISSION !!

All her answer were relevant to the heart breaking, loves I was sending the universe all along !!! And not being answered and actually manifest, were pissing me off and well !!! But it all went into good use as explained about !! and I don’t care anymore since I MET MY OTHER HALF !! I don’t even care about love spells and about any other woman anymore than my eternal love - the meaning of which which can be only experienced ! May sound silly to some !! I know what I said :))


FOLLOW YOUR REAL LOVE, REAL LIFE PURPOSE !! Cause nobody will be as lucky as that, it is worth just that one true love to have a fulfilled life and you will completely know when you find it without an iota of doubt!! than being the master of love spell and having everyone temporarily and LOSING that train that leads to eternal happiness, joy and SUCCESS and Spiritual HEIGHTS as final destination, eternally!! BELIEVE ME ! DO NOT LOSE THAT TRAIN!!

Thank you all !

I edited this SIX FUCKING times only because it is something that I know very very well about ! Too much experience and just want to make it right to pass the info !! I know it’s not perfect and I am not editing it for the seventh time. You get my point right ! :slight_smile:

Good luck all !!

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I agree that a relationship may (theoretically) begin in this way, it’s my other thought on the matter… And, as further examples, sometimes the desire to act is fueled by Internet behaviours not understood: sudden removal from friends or FB friendship refused after an apparent attraction on a dating site.

Duality is a lie, what is moral is also subjective. No such thing as objective morality.

This is a funny question as I just had this exact conversation with a client or a friend last night. She came to my house and we went over a few things.

First, back in October I did a love spell or “road opener” as many do call it for a man to come into her life. She wrote a list on a napkin for me with all of the traits of this perfect specimen, and within 3 weeks she receives a message from a guy she had not seen in over 10 years saying hello. So now today they are dating and she wants to seal the deal, but he is a little bit strange in his actions not exactly matching up with his words. So last night I asked her which she would prefer that I do for her.

  1. Would you like the truth revealed, and lets be sure this man has good intentions?
  2. Do you want us to bind him to you and reel him in.

I warned her that option 2 is temporary, eventually his own will will take over, and he may lose the feelings forced upon him.

Her response was this.- well if I reel him in, then it is on me to make sure he wants/ falls in love with me. Right now he does not know me well enough, but if I get the chance to actually show him that I am his best option, I have faith that I can keep him.

I am not sure if that fully answers your question, but I feel it is very related.


I couldn’t disagree more, in fact, I would say that objective morality, is the only possibility.

Whilst it’s a great post and a great story, sometimes it is not a problem with connection between people that is the cause, but circumstances that keep them apart, or disrupt the normal healthy development of things (this can fuel desire to “fix” things); similarly disruption or pressure can help create the development of things.

Question, would you have sex with someone if you or they were under the influence of alcohol? If so, it sounds to me like you’re “drugged”… Similarly, you might have sex with someone if you or they are rolling on Ecstasy… your body is a soup of biochemicals that in constant flux: when is anyone ever not “drugged”?

It’s funny how people won’t give a fuck about using spells to get a job, school admission or apartment, but yet there is all this mishegoss about doing the same thing with love. When you use magick to get into a school that you most likely wouldn’t without it, you are taking it away from the person who should have gotten the space. When you use magick to get an apartment that you didn’t qualify for, you are taking it away from the person who did qualify.

If you care about "morals’, it’s not a part time thing. Either you do or you do not. You are swaying an Admissions officer or management company to do what you want against their will just like you are a person you want to be with. Don’t try to fool yourself that you aren’t.