My first love spell! Is Love Magick Immoral?

So in my latest video I touched on my first ever love spell and how I came to create it. But it got me thinking about some important questions again. Is love magick really love magick.

I have this theory. If I wanted to do a love spell because I wanted a specific person to fall in love with me, then by doing the spell I am ignoring there own feelings over my agenda. I am essentially manipulating them to fall in love with me. The issue with this is that how would I ever know if those feelings became genuine at all? I would always have that doubt and once that ritual/spell is done I could never trust in their genuine feelings. This is a question of how important is genuinity for you. But it becomes a question of whether or not love magick is all just manipulation and essentially coercion.

Now yes there are love spells that dont target individuals but aim to bring someone in your road, I dont see that as a love spell but more a road opener, opportunity spell.

I am curious as to your thoughts. Is love magick immoral and just manipulation? Or is there more to it? if so what makes it so?


For me it is immoral. I would not tell others they can’t do it, but for me it’s like druging someone for sex. It is not something that is earned threw time and friendship but is used to force someone to like you. I use the basic thought of would I be happy if someone forced me to love them rather than earning it.


Great post Asborn … I agree with you. Not sure about moral, I guess in the average definitions that it would be immoral, unethical, and again, the good point about genuinity.


It is immoral, But there are people out there causing havoc breaking up perfect relationships. So in my world it is a tool in my bag.


I would agree with the road opening sentiment, personally. Now if your intent were to bind this person to your will like a robot with a program then yes. However free will shall always be around and that can throw a wrench in anything.

Love is said to be one of the most powerful things in this universe and we are but specks in the universe. It gives us the edge perhaps but the journey we take with that person will be the deciding factor on how long the opportunity lasts.

Edit: I suppose I should also ask who is casting this, what is the strength of it and how powerful are the results expected to be. A person new to it or been practicing for some time and has fair skill, see above. If we are talking someone who can absolutely control the will of someone with the direct intent for total manipulation, then you take the will away from that person and they become a puppet.

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I think for it to work the feelings should pretty much already be there…
Just need a little help surfacing.

Like if I did magick and Brad Pitt became madly in love with me. Yea I would always doubt if his feelings were true or a result of my mad magick skills :joy:

But that guy that’s always dropping by my work and making a special point to talk to me…
Who offers to buy lunch and is flirty
He probably already has those feelings but he just needs a push to help him /us out…
So I wouldnt forever wonder if he was really in love because the signs were already there.

I don’t do alot of love spells …
But yesterday day I dropped my own VDAY love bomb :heart::bomb:


Good point, why should some asshat waltz in and sweep them away from you. If it was once genuine, what’s the harm? This is black magic afterall.


I wonder why as black magicians we struggle with the ethics of a love spell yet alot of black magicisns do animal sacrifice and curses and alot of other stuff that we could define as immoral


So true - I look at him and wonder is this his feelings or is this my works. Then a sinister voice chuckles inside me. He once looked at me like I was the only Pastry to satisfy his needs.


I dont feel anything is off limits for a magician. I have boundaries but love magick is on the table for me. It’s there for the taking,why not have it? BUT I’m a ridiculously hopeless romantic and would only do love drawing for myself. I want to be swept off my feet without magick - just for being me.


Lol … True. Perhaps because true love, passionate, romantic love is what we all secretly or overtly hope for, pine for.

Speaking of spells, I’m going through a dictionary every day to have better words for spells.


Everyone, regardless of their raison d’etre, wants acceptance, appreciation or love in some form or another. We are still part of this existence that thrives and grows from such things.

You can be comfortable in the dark and yet want someone with you there.


I feel that as black magicians we are able to push some morals aside as we need to and really challenge what the world calls “morals”. Others are told what to do and not to do while we think them over and do what we fell is okay. This makes us strong for good or bad is up to us to the viewer.




Morality is a touchy subject but thought it worth including as we all have our subjective ideologies.


So then why do we struggle with the ethics of it…

If I can decide i need to curse xyz for something and not bat an eye lash about it. Why do I struggle with a love spell?

I think deep down we are afraid of love , because of previous relationship, or childhood traumas, we allow ourselves everything but the love we so desperately crave.


afraid of love… I think this is true for a lot of us. Well said.


All of this. At the end of the day all anybody wants is to be loved. But we convince ourselves we don’t deserve it or were just too afraid to try again. It’s more of a self preservation


Aww… thanks :slight_smile:

Exactly it’s like a flight or fight thing. .we know we have been deeply hurt in the past and so we automatically kick in the survival mechanism