My First Evocation of King Paimon

As the title suggests, today I tried to evoke King Paimon for the first time; four or five days ago I started feeling a particularly strong connection to him, while reading a thread that I’m going to link at the end of this post.
Since that moment I have not been able to stop thinking about him, so I did a lot of research (and I’m still doing it because well, you never stop learning!).
I’m still quite a beginner and I’m currently working on my astral senses and energies, and I’m not too skilled on evocations because I haven’t done many.
Anyway this morning, out of the blue, a thought popped up in my head while I was doing one of my daily meditations: “I have to evoke King Paimon.” I don’t know how or why, but I felt so ready, even prepared for it.
Afterwards I took a long, hot shower while focusing on my senses and intents, prepared two offerings (red wine and dark chocolate), the circle, the sigil and the candles (I still don’t have any kind of incense); then I meditated and gazed at the sigil while chanting His enn for more than one hour, and when I felt my whole body tingling, I stood up.
I felt a lot of energy inside me and my arms started moving in sync, as if moved by this energy. I remained focused (honestly, I don’t know how) and kept on chanting for about half an hour, and then everything stopped.
I was and still am so, so excited, that’s why I’m sharing my experience and if anyone’s got advices, I’d be glad to hear them

You didn’t “evoke” Him. If anything, you invoked something (could have been Him, could have been something else like your own semi-sexual energies, to put it very broadly and simply). If you felt a connection to Him while reading this particular thread you linked, I just want to say that this thread isn’t exactly the go-to source for establishing a meaningful connection with Him. Unless the people posting their little adventures actually think He would care about “possessing” their vibrators and other such fanciful notions. Some think that just because they had a wet dream about Him, He wants to connect with them, while others believe that masturbating while thinking of an entity means they’re bonding with the entity. King Paimon, from my experience, isn’t at all opposed to sex per se - once it is understood and not misused as gratification of undeveloped aspects of one’s personality. But He definitely won’t pose as fodder for foolish fantasies.

If you’re looking to form a real connection with Him, keep focusing on Him and try not to concentrate on the physical so much, but more on the mental. Like I said, it’s not that He’s opposed to the physical, but the mental is His main realm of influence, after all. But I would be careful if you’re not very experienced, you might want to learn to focus/ meditate and shield yourself/ banish just to make sure you’re not being visited by something other than King Paimon. Maybe learning something about energy work would be beneficial for you, too.


Thank you. I probably gave the wrong impression, I’m not looking for something sexual and I wasn’t attracted to that