My first evocation of Grand Duke Dentalion

I Have performed my first ever formal ritual type of evoking with the circle, salt candles, copper coins and an offering of simple tea. I had prior performed a banishing ceremony and drew a sigil and colored it in green.

Then around 10H00 I started the ritual with a petition, but I used my own words not as prescribed in the lesser key of Solomon, then I felt a chilling presence, unfortunately, I am neither clairvoyant or clairaudient to see or hear from the entity. I just started my petition and my offering and ask that he confirms if he accepts in a dream.

All I had seen that night since I put the sigil under my pillow was a narrow path in the middle of a neighborhood bush cut neatly on one side and the other side looking too bushy and freaky.

So far not much has happened and I really don’t know what to do next because I’d like to know if he accepted or not??

what should I do now??


I am neither clairvoyant or clairaudient to see or hear from the entity

You may use the pendulum to communicate with the spirits. It is sufficient easy method.

I felt a chilling presence

Yes, I am also feeling a chill waves at my evocation rituals.

There is also an excellent thread about Dantalion here:

This is by far the best thread on Dantalion I have ever read, I read a blog article which was almost as descriptive as this one; it made me fall in love with him. I think he impersonates my passion in life but as a beginner magician I don’t know how to foster a deep, respectful and constant relationship with him to get most out of his intellect.

I evoked him, then I really don’t see the manifestation of my partition, how ever I have already designed great looking sigils as part of repayment and set them as my wall papers on desktop and phone.

Any advice since you seem to know him so well, I would like to invoke him later on?

Any advice since you seem to know him so well

Probably you should not to focus on visible appearance of the spirit at the evocation. Dantalion helps to control and convince the people, also his sigil could be used as a talisman.

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