My First Evocation of Amaymon

I just finished my first ever evocation ritual and it was wild!! I have been preparing for this ritual for about a month with pretty much laser focus on Amaymon and clearing, clearing, clearing the path forwards during this time on so many different levels. I was given confirmation about some path working I have been doing as part of the Black Sun Covenant, the six sigilic seeds of light are confirmed as the energies Amaymon intended me to channel through as part of my demonic pact fulfilment. These were channelled a short while ago from lucid visions arising from black smoke. In the evocation rite each sigil was redrawn in the correct sequence and an explanation given for each one. I also received guidance on how to do the rest of the work before the seeds of light are shared with everyone in 6 - 8 weeks from now. So now I am about to have a sandwich.


Sounds like fun times, congratulations :slight_smile:

@Ann Do you say anything more about him? I’ll call him tomorrow and declare my intentions, I’m a little anxious.

@Mulberry Thank you! :slight_smile:

@Mayawi I was very anxious about this too. Mostly about doing it wrong. At one stage I thought I would die halfway through and my friend would find my corpse slumped over the altar in the morning. Oh well. At least my worldly affairs are in order. That’s how bad it was.

Then I just focussed on what EA said: if you follow all the steps you will evoke Amaymon. I took that on and believed what he said with every atom of my being. Then a strange quiet came over me and I just found myself purchasing the stuff I needed for the rite in peace and became progressively more focussed inside my heart. From this place I felt like I was beyond identifying with any worries.

Laser focus on Amaymon, laser focus on the exact questions you wish to ask. Also make sure that you are in contact with the correct spirit. Even after all the preparation, consecrations, invocations, when the spirit comes through, ask for his name. I found Amaymon’s voice is firm, authorative yet quiet: “My name is Amaymon”. So I thanked him for that confirmation and asked him to share something about the meaning of his name. Then I introduced myself as Ann because I don’t have a working name yet, also stated why I am calling him and would he please assist me with some questions I have. He more than exceeded my expectations!!! This rite was done in heart space ecstatic rapture to finally speak with the Lord of the Black Sun Himself after all this time.

Also you have to make the effort to make the rite your own. Like research so that you can give your invocation a personal heartfelt meaning. You have to mean everything you say. Write the ritual from your heart, like talking to your best friend, I consider Amaymon my spiritual father. Conduct yourself like you are in command, however never in the sense of being overbearing. Be polite to the Spirits of Fire and Air, treat them with the same respect as Amaymon, for they are the vehicles through which Amaymon is evoked into the ritual space. Utmost respect and gratitude.

Even after last night’s success, I was besieged with doubts this morning. So a customer to whom I had sent a parcel recently contacted me about non delivery. For some strange reason I had put the wrong street number. Yet I had photographic evidence which I sent to her so she could use it to verify the truth of the matter. Because of my dumb mistake she had to visit her neighbour to get the parcel, so I gave her a full refund by way of compensating her. He was very rude to her and told her to come tomorrow as he is asleep. So she messages me and I silently focus on the neighbour and he delivered the parcel to her door within 15 minutes. She was surprised as he is known to be a cranky person. She also left me a lovely unsolicited review, which more than compensates for the refund.

So the real world events today confirmed that last night’s ritual is producing measurable results already. And this is the most important part. Because any ritual, no matter how well crafted is nothing if there aren’t measurable results in the world.

I hope this helps you in some way and I wish you a fantastic Amaymon evocation!


@Ann I want to marry him, I hope he gets it well. Thank you for the information.