My First Evocation: Azazel

So with much trepidation, anticipation, and excitement I will be implementing the culmination of my research and rehearsal tonight.
After searching diligently the past 48 hours for the right spirit to summon for my “first time” :wink: I have settled on Azazel.
My rationale being that since I am seeking understanding of the occult, knowledge of my true nature, the true nature of these spirits, and some guidance on my path to mastery of Magick; these all appear to be facets of reality which He encompasses.
I realized that no matter how many books I read, I’ll never really feel ready, so I need to just experience the experiment first hand.
The cognitive dissonance within my both skeptical and apprehensive mind is only distracting in its irony.

Anyway, wish me luck, I shall share my encounter with you all afterwards.
“To Know, to Dare, to Will, and to Keep Silent ( from all but this forum lol)


Well that fucking worked…wow.
I’ll type the whole report up later tonight, but just wanted to share an unexpected development , but in hindsight I guess is obvious.

In my first evocation attempt I felt the cool cloud of darkness fill the room, but couldn’t communicate at all, and hardly sensed anything.
Then I suddenly just knew that I needed to remove my Solomonic pendant *see photo.

I removed it and called Azazel once more and a rapidly descending black mist enveloped my space.

The candles grew and dimmed. The incense smoke changed direction and took form, and a hissing noise began to emanate from the candles.
I felt calm, confident, safe, free, and in good company.
I proceeded to casually and respectfully ask my questions, and King Azazel bloody answered them!
I felt we even laughed together on question 3.

Mind blowing. But it’s logically sound.
If that pendant was created to repel, or subdue, or harm demons, then of course I’m an idiot to wear it and expect any form of meaningful interaction.

Sorry if that was a bit wordy, or common sense, but I had not read anything about such a phenomenon; so I wondered what you guys/gals thought?


Congratulations on your connection with Azazel! Keep up the great work and please continue to share your success here on this thread. I find success stories with Azazel to be inspirational. I personally haven’t developed the senses to properly communicate with him but I still invoke him daily and I’ve evoked him every day for the last 7 days. I look forward to learning from him and growing with him. I also look forward to reading more about your experiences with him as well. Thanks again for sharing.

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It makes sense; the key of Solomon was meant to paint demons in a negative light. He was not their ally, but their coercer, in some ways. I can’t speak for them, but I think the Goetic demons rather resent him. Yes, there have been other accounts of people stating that the spirits indeed found the sigil of Solomon somewhat offensive.

Anyways, congratulations on your first evocation with Azazel!! I’m so glad it was successful, I find that he makes himself known fairly noticeably. As well as physical changes in the atmosphere, there are many energetic and mental changes to the magician as well.