My first encounter with Lady Lilith - my heart was racing like crazy, but she said to relax, it`s okay

Hello everyone!
I would like to share my first encounter with Lady Lilith… It was amazing!
She taught me how to meditate…

¨this is your problem You humans - you think (visualize) too fast¨

Note 1: Becouse this a very long text, PLEASE feel free to jump to the fourth episode.
Note 2: English is not my first language, and I wrote it directly in english. So there might have alot of error
and poor vocabulary.


It all started about 3 to 4 months ago when I started reading about occult, magick, witchcraft on reddit´s specific foruns. Although I study osoterism and meditate for ¨many¨ years (since 2009), I felt like I wasn´t really going anywhere with my studies, lately been an on/off neofith and less enthusiasmated. So I decided to expand my sources of knowledge…
a link from subreddit took me to BALG, and been reading others´ expiriences so I decided to give it a try!

I readed about goddess Lilith and at first I found her scary, and the more I read about her the more I got intrigued with so many different points of view about her, then I began to pay much more attention on those who claimed to have good experience with her and from that point I figured out a pattern of her.

From repeatting her enn in my head to dreaming of being given a book about Mesopotamia, my opinion shifted from fear to a sweet interest. I decided to draw her sigil in a small piece of a white paper with a blue pen. I heard about complex sets for the rituals like the LBRP, steel dagger, candels of colors, incense, etc, and I can´t afford all that, I even read that the sigil must be drawn in plack ink, I had no one of these things. I decided to learn LBRP at least…

2- First Episode

The first trial was in a latenight of a monday at around 3:00 AM, I prepared the room for the ritual and such, the light in the centre of the ceilling was on (as I said I had nothing but the LBRP, not even a white candle), while staring at her sigil my room became extremily bright, I lost perception of my peripheric vision, I got very scared, shaked my head and assuming that Lilith was already there I started speaking the words I had prepared beforehand, scared that I was, my voice was embarched, I said ¨sorry if I look nervous. This is my first time and I am not really comfortable, and please if you understand to show yourself phisycally up to me, do it in a pleasant and beautful way¨ - this last part
I read it somewhere that you can ask her to not scary you… and for the sake of my heart she didn´t show up, my heart was racing.
I ended my ritual and went to bed thinking about that imersive bright light.

3- Second Episode

After few days, I woke up in the midle of the night to a strange vibrations around my body, I felt uncomfortable and disturbed by it I imediatly ordered to whomever it was to leave… went back to sleep, and later on I was meditating on that and wondering if that was Lilith… and tried once more to call up on her through the sigil and the enn… No result to my prespective!

4- Third Episode

I wrote a letter of intent, saying that I would like to meet her and asked if she could help me and such, I burnt it after the ritual.
I did it during the day and forgot all about it and went back to my normal activities. I woke up in the middle of the night with the thoughts of the irresponsability of writting a letter to a spirit that I never met… ¨what if?¨, ¨was it a pact?¨, I felt stupid and could only sleep back after a meditation to calm down.

5- Ready to give up

A week later maybe, after seeing no vivid signal in these three trial, I started giving up on Lilith and pondered calling up on Astaroth, did a research, read people´s testimonies, wrote the enn and scatched a sigil and that is it; Ready to give up. It was in a night of a tuesday, and I was told that wednesday is a great day to call Astaroth, slept and wasn´t able to wake up a 3:00 AM, said to myself that would do it in the evening.

I was free for the whole wednesday. After the breakfast I felt like to smoking, I was with my siblings and I commented needing someone to go buy me cigars, none was available, and my elder sister said:

Sister: I have a bit of cannabis in my bedroom, Lol… a bit suprised I asked:
Me: what for do you have that in your bedroom?
Sister: I use its seeds to treat my hair
Me: oh alright… so, can you give me some?

She went to get it and I wrapped it in peace of paper and smoked… I can remember the effects that it causes on me, that was my fourth time smoking it in my whole life,
I get deezy and be laughing to nothing. I went to my bedroom to relax to it effects and suddenly remembered that people use it to get in trance state and meditate, so
I said I would give it a try. I prepared my room for the ritual and started… the effects of cannabis shifted from deezyness and laughing to a mix of a
very profound state of calm-ness and sensing all the energies in my body, so let call this THE FOURTH EPISODE…

6- Fourth Episode

I sit in lotus position and in front of me was the same small piece of white paper with Lilith´s sigil on it, drawn in blue pen. The reason I have chosen to call Lilith instead of Astaroth, was solely because I was already used to Lilith and let say halth way stepped into meeting her, and it was fair that I dedicated that propicious ocasion to Lilith… back to the ¨work¨ - I stare deeply into her sigil, started reciting her enn -RENICH VIASA AVAGE LILITH LIRACH- a bit silence to see if things happen and NOTHING. Put my index finger on the sigil, and again ¨Renich viasa av…¨ 9 times, nothing was happening… At this point I was led by intuition to do it ¨my own¨ way, and it was like this:

I closed my eyes and astral projected myself above my body, then above my house, a short fly nearby, I could see my house, my neighbor´s, I was not able to see people nor cars, then I returned to my bedroom. At this point my level of concentration was very solid - Note that I was doing this before mid day and there was all kinds of noise out said.

Again, led by intuition I decided to create a scenario where I would like to meet Lilith, and that is when I was sure that something unusual was happening, I don´t know if I can call it daydreaming, I was still concious of my surrouding, sometimes I could hear loud speaking people, but I was too into it! I was inside a (kind of) footbal stadium, running inside a tunnel of white light, this tunnel was in the place of the running tracks of the stadium,
I was non-stop running and calling the name ¨Lilith, Liliithhh¨, at this point my heart was racing like crazy!

I heard a warnning voice saying: ¨You are about to meet Lilith. If you are not ready give up now or you will get to the point of no-return!¨
I was getting scared, and my heart… oh my god! I made a transversal cut of my chest and viewed my heart from upside-down and saw my heart beating like a drum,
went back to the stadium and although one part of me decided to give up because my heart was beating too fast, the other part of me decided go for it and I said:
I want to see Lilith… Lilith… and boom! in front of me I saw a glass door in the other side there was none but all red (red rose texture), the door desapeared
and silence… I got desapointed and went to what I will call a forechambre, there I stayed and was talking out loud about someting that I don´t remember now, after
few minutes I heard a lady voice responding me, I stood up and ask:

Me: who is there?
Lady Lilith: Lilith of course! who else were you waiting for!

in the other side of the door was that same red colour, no people, I crossed the door and in a very suprised and happy tone I said:

Me: heeey, you came… finally!
I tried to call up on you so many times, I even had dreams about Mesopotamia.
where you there when I called?

Lady Lilith: (smile)
Me: It seems like I can only get to you through cannabis… - she give me a ¨yes sign¨ with the head. I continued -
but I don´t want to smoke cannabis just to do this

Lady Lilith: you can always reach me through meditation
Me: I´ve been trying but I can´t
Lady Lilith: this is your problem you humans - you think (visualize) too fast!
Me: what do you mean?
Lady Lilith: you need to slow down the speed of the pictures.
Your eyes capture things very fast, you process fast… but for meditation you need to
slow down - I interrupted and proceeded
Me: just like how I get when I use cannabis? - she nodded her head
Me: oh my god, you are so lovely… are you really you
Lady Lilith: yes (smile)…
Me: ok… ok. so beforehand I would like to ask you that if you are willing to
show up visually to me, please do it in a pleasant and beautiful way (I said it two times)

Nothing happens and I proceed…
Me: I might feel uncomfortable otherwise
Nothing happens, I thought she was desapointed becouse of what I asked and I change my mind
Me: ok, I want to see your face…
Lady Lilith: No
Me: please, show your face
Lady Lilith: No
Me: it´s ok, you can show your face
Lady Lilith: I said NO! (like a ultimatum)

I noticed that there was two ¨me¨, the first one stayed in my body, with my high speed beating heart
and the second one was above my body in a different dimension.

I also noticed that we were floating in the air - she above the water (in the beach) and me above the earth. I could not see her
she was behind a blue shield of light just some inchs infront of me, we were using different methods to interact: verbal (thoughts),
flashes(pictures, videos). Proceeding…

Me: I called you to ask your assistance, I feel stuck in life, but let me tell you a bit background about me:
(won´t describe this part for personal reasons)
And I want… she interrupted me and completed (as if I was curling the words)
Me: yes… but before that, I would like to acomplish this and that
Lady Lilith: I see…
Me: You also can inspire me on finding a business career that muchs me
Lady Lilith: No… that you do it yourself
Me: ok… sure
Me: I would like to make some life improvements in these aspects, these are the hepls that I need
Lady Lilith: you are handsome, you are a clever man… you don´t deserve to be going through this situation…
yet for this long!.. yes I/we can help… can help!
Me: I called upon you because I want to know you, but today I want ask meny things… like, us human if you ask personal
questions in the very first day, we might no be willing to be open, I think you spirits might act the same way… that is why
I won´t ask many questions
Lady Lilith: I understand

Me: oh my god, you are so lovely! - I tried to sneak behind the shield - all I could see was light
Lady Lilith: (smile) thank you!
Me: am I really talking to Lilith ?! (that was me finding it so amazing)
Lady Lilith: yes, its me (in a very chearfull tone), stupid (sinic smile)!

she was there very patient, giving me all the time to speak…
at this moment saw my heart beating like crazy and she said

Lady Lilith: hey, it´s okay… it´s okay. Relax! (she kept saying that)

and I couldn´t control my self but wonder how lovely she was

Me: Lilith
Lady Lilith: say
Me: I would like these changes to occur in slow pace, not very fast.
I want to understand what is happing, what led me to this situation,
learn it and be able to teach others life lessons
(I was in fact afraid of something bad happen in my life as a result of it)
Lady Lilith: all depends on you!
Lady Lilith: I am going…
Me: No, wait…
Lady Lilith: what?
Me: what is a good way to call up on you?
Lady Lilith: that same one that everybody knows (she was refering about the enn, adding to this her sigil)
Me: ¨Renich v…¨ - she seconded me and we were both saying…
Me and Lady Lilith: Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach

she wanted to go and I kept asking questions…

Me: what do you mean by ¨it all depends on you¨?
Lady Lilith: It all depends on you

and I heard this three more times echoing in the void, while she turned around and desapeared just few foots away infront of me.

Me: Thank you for coming… thank you for coming… thank you for coming… thank you for coming…

I couldn´t stay more, a whirlwind of light formed around me and I was taken back to my phisycal body.

I opened my eyes and observed my heart beating violently to almost crack my chest, my body was dancing to the beats of my heart. I felt overwhelmed, realizing that I just encountered with Lilith, oh my god! what did I just do! I´m crazy… I stood up and made the closing protocol of the ritual…

I recoiled myself to a session of meditation post ritual… prayed to God for the opportunity to experment this and gave a treatement of all informations I got during the encounter… And I had the most happy day - feeling empowerd, all my panics from the
THIRD EPISODE went away… and I am happy untill now.

Thank you for reading

I learn from what I read on this forum, so I thought it would be of justice to share my
experience so you can also learn from it.

act safe, act with responsability, just do not give up!


I was nervous the first time Lady Lilith visited me, she’s nothing like how the media portrays her as. She’s very motherly and warm.

Least if your respectful and not like some people.


respect and honesty are importants for sure, even among us humans…

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Is it true reading Liber Lilith basically acts as a beacon to let her know you want to start working with and meet her? My succubus wife has been nudging me to finally start reading it(before she said i wasnt ready yet).

I’ve never read that book, although I do work with Lady Lilith. It’s not a requirement.

Guys, i read about Lilith that she abuses the children…? I think it was in Wikipedia a few days ago. From where does this state originates from, does anyone know?


Wikipedia is usually a not totally reliable source of information in general, and definitely not in this case either.

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Im so glad to hear that. it even mentions that she kills (her) children and this was the alternative option if she didnt want to be with Adam in Edem…
And I was like, wheeeere hooow those people came to those conclusions, is there any myth around this topic or something…

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There’s alot of myths/dogma/fear when it comes to what the internet will say about Lilith or anything deemed “demonic”. Although yes Lilith is a demon, but there’s alot of fear dogma with demon’s in general. Although not EVERY demon/being is good. So keep that in mind.

I know sweetheart, I’m not new to magick :smile:
I have read and discussed a lottt about anything is associated around magic, except the areas of necromancy and voodoo, in which I m not interested. :slightly_smiling_face:

Learning magic specially from the internet requires reading from many sources, cross informations and figure patterns… For example, I see that the fears of the neophit mostly comes from what s/he reads instead of the magic itself… I remember when reading about Lilith in one thread here, my opinion were shifting at each comment I read… oh she´s bad… oh no wait she´s awesome


Sorry if I misunderstood, but it seemed like everything was concerning you or worrying you. The online stuff.

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Oh no :joy: I was just curious because for what I have experienced so far, she is loving, helpful and with unbelievable sense of juctice. Personally, i dont even have sensed this dark side of her yet but when i read this I was concerned, from where this “potato” :rofl: came from.
@808semen I haven’t searched in the internet so much because almost everything has the filter of religion and especially the Christian one, so im getting veryyy annoyed noticing that


U mention are not enghlish native. Well one of the best books ever of her is in italian. Her historia etc and a b9oklet,which is dedicated to her for mens and wowens i have work whit her for love spells never use proctecion she s fast.

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What the actual f** just happened. I have downloaded some enns in my phone when i want to do an evocation on the spirits I’m working with,
And the enn of Lilith started playing on its own !!!
Whaaa :exploding_head::exploding_head:

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could be a coincidence, or could be Lilith telling you shes there with you and to not be afraid

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You should see my reaction when stuff like that happens to me, except these days it seems to be paranormal activity.

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I think she is calling me lol like every time Lillth is in my head and I saw her sigil too many times today… Should I evoke her?

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Well if you feel she is calling you, then I would ask her what’s up?

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I don’t have no insence and fancy candles what if I call her and don’t get a sign?