My first encounter with Lady Lilith - my heart was racing like crazy, but she said to relax, it`s okay

Can you help me by asking her

You can simply use her sigil and enn to communicate with her. If you don’t have strong senses then practice - they will strengthen over time.

No, because it’s better if you learn how to.

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Just once please

I already said no, my senses aren’t perfect either but I’ve been working on them. You need to put in the effort. Not have others do it for you.

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Oohh tell meee what has happened to you regarding her??
I have one more. My friend was laughing at me about talking with Lilith and for my loving feelings towards her, and he said "tell her to go f* herself "
Okay do you know what happened after 2 minutes…
He was holding his camera and out of nowhere, it fully locked and he couldn’t use it anymore :joy::joy: he didnt even know how this happened and how to unlock it
I was laughing for 2 days after this lmao

lol sounds like Lilith gave him some karma

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Exactly :rofl::rofl: and i also feel like defending her everywhere, i don’t know why. I ve never had those feelings for any other entity so far.
I feel like a part of me is is her somehow…? Don’t know how to explain it

That’s pretty general for a question, anything specific your curious about?

that stuff on wikipedia writed some christian haha, i was hear their Jahve actually killed her childrens, this all gods,godess be worshiped in old time, when christianity come they start talk shit and demonized them. They are energy they can transform in anything, be it beautiful lady or man or dragon etc… In my start in magic , first thing i was learn creatures see in thoughts your worst thoughts form of what you afraid and can take that form. Even many who thinked actually how will creature look that how it form taken. Its best think nothing as Lilith say. Empty brain which is most hard thing. Its best way to do is if listen some instrumental music, or get drunk or drink tea chamomile which is great for relax…

great experience, its will be more better and better

Lady Lilith, were the best things that ever happen to me during these last two years of working with her. As she helped with to become connected to the spiritual realm, and be able to sense when spirits around. Also help with unlocking my spiritual gifts, and opened up my spirituality, which have be lock until 2019, when I begin to work with her, and get into the occult/spirituality.

My cents to those who want to call Lilith for the first time:

1 - Learn TGS (theta/gamma sync) - it will allow you to have a conversation with her, instead of just go blind and death and be waiting for the flame to be dancing… some people can use divination, I don´t know how accurate are these.

2 - Prepare in advance your questions (and memorize them), this specially important for the FIRST TIME since you might be some how nervous and get to forget what you called her for and she can feel like you just a curious or are trying to waste her time.

3 - Don´t worry about which language she speaks… speak your language or any language you understand… perhaps you won´t need to speak - just think (intentions), imagine et cetera.

4 - Be respectful and genuine - your thoughts will flow and she will understand your real intentions.

5 - You don´t need complex itens for the first meeting… use her sigil and enn… As your relationship with her grows you will understand more and add itens in your rituals (such as candles, incense and fruits or drinks).

Note: Don´t limit yourself to what I wrote above, experment different things and learn from others too. Be responsable!

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