My first contact connection with Lucifer, and why it may scare you, but shouldn't leave you frightened

So, first of all, I welcome everyone who’s just starting out and looking for a reference.
I remember quite well looking for a mentor and being stumbled by the impression others wouldn’t care.
But as “Christmas” approaches, I’m requested by Satholas (Satan), to share the insight I gained through my first ascension streek.
Back then, i channeled myself deep down into Philosophy, trying to grasp the essence of what makes understanding really work.
Now of course, Thoth, the scribe of gods, which not just knows, but also lays that knowledge down into his library, was a corner milestone. For good reason, he’s called one of the primal gods of Sorcery.
He indeed helps me today, which all began back then.
Now how does one go from noticing a Name in history scripts, to realizing that same entity to be very alive and accessible, and working in mutual benefit with it!?

Thoth guided me to other Gods, Demons and Angels.
He actually lead me in my studies, and helped me overcome what most consider the lowest grade of schooling.
(only mentally retarded people being below that grade, and it was actually discussed whether i’d better fit into their group.)
Now obviously this isn’t calling out onto my greatness or anything along that lines.
This is where i was literally challenged with all my siblings being schooled way better than me,
and my parents even told me, the schooling i undertook was a direct street into servantship,
with little options to break free from.
But i want to focus on Lucifer here.
Honestly, Lucifer scared me and blessed me countless times!
Really, i can’t say how often. It’s definitely more times than years I carry in this body.
Back then, i was revealed how the Winter festivals around Christmas actually praise the light - and therefore, the lord of light and revelation - lucifer.
In 2012 i looked back at around 10 cars being destroyed and shattered in my hands.
I knew i could have died several times, just through them.
At least 4 times i had escaped death and not just that. Most times i came out with little to no bruises.
Now, my parent’s used to teach me from pre-school age on, good and bad would be batteling about me.
And indeed, even back at that age, i had started fires in my home, electrocuted myself with putting metal sticks by hand into the electro tube. The only reason i didn’t die from that was a parchment beneath my feet which prevented the electricity to conduct out of my body.

So - just for my own sense of patience, whenever i talk of Energy manipulation, from reading this on, please understand i’m not just theorizing. :wink:

But the real crucial point was - of course - what happened through possession.
So in 2012 i told Lucifer - when i look back, all i can see is scattered shards.
Everything is destroyed and ripped in peaces.
How am i supposed to build a life out of that!?
And Lucifer gifted me with the first real internal manifestation of black Alchemy back then.
He helped me turn an emotion into it’s complete opposite.

He aided me, in taking all that loss and feeling of helplessness.
And with his aid, i transformed it into fulfillment.
I knew, more sure then whether the sun would raise the next day,
that i had became fulfillment.
yet, i was still scared of Lucifer.
Comming from Catholic and Evangelist parent’s he was supposed to be the evil guy.
The one trying to trick everyone.
But he had shown me much more love then this Christian God had ever revealed.
My parents and i argue about this still, up to this day.
The fact, that Demons actually answer when we call them,
while god doesn’t.
That hearing god or jesus is natrually taken as insanety unless there’s enough priesthood helping you out to come out with it and baffle away the false claims of demonic influence just misleading the believer.

It’s really upon us!
We are the ones who need to trust!
Even where it seems to be counter-intuitive!
There’s just so much we lost, during the false oppression from “Yahweh”.

I share this, for you guys, who worry and dabble in doubt!
I share this, so others can start considering, and grasping.
Truth which doesn’t even care about being challanged.
Truth that prevails, without needing dogmatic indoctrination.

I share this, so all can break free!
Free, from shackles, which had been bound on them,
without them ever asking for it.
This doesn’t come from a mindset of a murderer,
consultant, rapist, wicked man.
I comes from the generosity,
of being aware that accepting even those which has broken offical standards and laws,
to see and accept their beloved sincerity,
which is given freely towards all open to see and accept.

Long life the infernal realms doesn’t really make sense here,
even tho i’d really like to say it.

So… Release the shackles of Oppression from all beings!!!

-yaah, that sounds better!




:cry: thank you for sharing! :kissing_heart: love :heart:


Thank you!

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Cool :sun_with_face:

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Ive always admired your style of writing. It is concise, clear, every word you write has purpose, and it flows like poetry. Very good for the newer individuals, lol i hesitated for a while before working with Lucifer myself. But i have no regrets.

Thanks for bringing more light on the subject :slight_smile:


Thank you DormiensDei,

i really apriciate that response.

there’s been discussions,
wether it is even okay,
for me to end my Post’s with my classical

“Sincerely, yours - ¥’Berion”,

because some members disliked it,
some even wanted me to stop using it.

So it’s very pleasant,
to see someone actually liking the way i write.

Oh and your timing is absolutely dead on,
i’ve just started invoking King Paimon,
to prepare myself to finally fill in papers,
i’ve been avoiding to fill in,
for many month now.

your kind words of apriciation carry even more meaning,
just through that tiny “coincidence”,
or better said: proof of presence.

Even more impressive,
that confirmation came from me having taken on my imbued Paimon ring,
rather then looking at the sigil,
which i still have on mind,
to happen within the next few minutes. :wink:



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Aha, that coincidence brings a smile to my face as ive been admiring your writing for a while now, (you are a great teacher), but now seemed to be the best time to say so.

Lol when people ask me how spirits communicate, i reply with one word. Subtly.



Thank you.



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