My first blood sacrifice

So nothing to big or spectacular I didn’t kill any animals or people and I didn’t give any blood to demons, just a couple of drops I gave in an offering mainly to the moon.

It was very interesting though. After I am very curious as to what others have experienced with giving your blood in a ritual?

The second my blood touched the water it was like instant sensations throughout my body, sort of like if someone shot drugs into your vain.

At one point in the ritual I had some scary entity attachment, which isn’t too out of the ordinary but it was moderately more scary than normal. Probably much of what I was experiencing was something else entirely. When I think about the ritual I feel almost this weird uneasy feeling all over my veins. Also after I was done with the cup I left it outside in the snow up here in Canada and maybe that is it because I felt so, so cold after. Other than that it is pretty hard to describe.

It was kind of scary and lots of fun as usual. lol

It’s been 48 hours and I can still feel it and it comes and goes along with this sketchy entity, in spite the fact I will do a LBRP so this guy is a bit on the hard core side, I thought I was going to die, lol.

That is also getting normal, lol.

But it seems to be starting to clear up for the most part.

I am wondering what others have experienced.


Before giving your own blood to some entity offer a lamb or goat’s blood. Why bind an entity energetically so strongly with yourself. Animals are there to be eaten so offer the fricking blood and then eat it.


I do blood rituals regularly and never really noticed any physical sensations, so that’s pretty cool.
What I do notice is an increase in the ease and clarity of communication with the entity.

The moon is quite yin and you made an energetic connection to it so I’m not super surprised it made you cold. You could balance that by grounding and eating something yang - hot salty broth would be great, anything not cold and sweet (yin) would help you balance your energy back to normal.

Me being me I’d try to talk to the entity and find out what it wants. If it’s just a random attracted by the blood and ritual energies and banishing it is being tricky, try taking it back to where it found you and releasing it there, as it might be a fae and a bit lost after you took it indoors. Take it back home.


Dang so I have binded myself energetically to these beings, me and my foolish impulses. lol


I’m a Cancer so I already thought I had an energetic connection to the Moon.
And now it is day 3 and it still hasn’t balanced out yet.
I’m staying pretty calm but sort of miss what I felt like previously, it feels like a part of me really is gone and now I feel like I am more cold blooded like a reptile or something lol.

It is funny I drank some soft drink and it made it worse. I will heat up some soup.
I wonder if this is a part of me for life now. Maybe I will have to come back every so often and update.

I don’t think I mind being energetically connected to the moon so much. I do have a love for the moon and I owe a lot of magical thanks to it and recently I was looking at …

and I was like awe… it looks like the moon is having a bad day, so I lit a silver candle to the moon just because.

I don’t mind being energetically connected to the moon but do miss my warmth, perhaps if I don’t balance out I will do a blood sacrifice to the Sun and Venice or something to even out, that should work… I think?

I feel confused by some of this…

I may have to meditate on what the moon might want but the loudest thing in me is it seems to be suggesting I give clearer instructions or modify what I was saying I wanted slightly as maybe there is some un seen thing at play in working out what I want. I don’t know that might also be a bit coming from a place of right hand path fear stuff still in me though I dunno.

Banishing the moon would be pretty tricky that is for sure. When I want a much stronger banishing ritual than the lbrp I do a moon/elemental pentagram banishing. I don’t think I’d want to banish the moon, no lol. I feel bad just entertaining the idea. lol.

No I ended up offering the blood as sort of an impulse, the other deity I offered blood to was Shiva. I wanted to include him for his tantric guidance. I feel a little more silly as I feel a little less like I knonw what I am getting myself into. Perhaps I need to offer blood to Vishnu or something to balance that one out. lol. I could have sworn at one point I heard Kali be like: “Me next.” lol. I’m not sure I want to rush into that, Didn’t Keotiting say Kali was the same as Abandon Angel of the bottomless pit? If so I might not know Kali as well as I would like to think I do, but I do love Kali too. I felt like the moon was (If anything) surprised. Where as Shiva was a little more smug? He was all like: Okaay… if you saay so. Or something. Trying to convey the tone.

Anyways I think the blood in the cup of water was the more significant thing that is energetically effecting me and that was to the moon.

I think that was where I was most lost.
I put the blood in the cup of water and than put it out side. I sort of thought that was why I was cold because I left my blood which I may have had an energetic connection with out in the snow.

I had the impression the entity was something else than the moon? You were outside, and:

I didn’t give any blood to demons, just a couple of drops I gave in an offering mainly to the moon.
… At one point in the ritual I had some scary entity attachment

What else were you offering to, or were you not and I read that wrong?

If that works my summer air conditioning issues are over :smiley:
It sounds usual but if you intended it, then sure, why not?

Other than water I also offered a bit of sugar.

Oh yeah I did have another entity there for a bit. Maybe still near by but not overly active.
I do have some concerns that it could come back more easy or that I am more opened up to stuff yet again but I may have a banishing for that. The LBRP didn’t work for very long.

Did you think it might be a fae? That is interesting, what made you say that?

It wasn’t what I intended but seems to be working, but I don’t know if it is because I am connected energetically more with the moon or because I left the water blood cup in the snow, hence it might not work the same in the summer.

It is interesting though.

Just because you were outside. There’s a lot of them about.
Fae or not, doing workings makes you light up on the astral and that can attract all sorts of entities that are curious about what you are and what you’re doing. Most are nothing more to worry about than the birds in the physical. But you said:

When I think about the ritual I feel almost this weird uneasy feeling all over my veins.

Which implies a problem. Unless that’s what you were going for? Unease and anxiety usually signal some kind of imposition on your energy, whether from a parasite, psychic attack or unfamiliar critters in your space. I don’t think that should be happening from the moon - and you should be able to tell it’s moon energy.

Also, I guess I don’t think of the moon as an ‘entity’.
So when you said you had a ‘scary entity’ attach to you, the last thing I though of was that it was the moon doing what you’d just asked it to… maybe you drew down the moon and it worked just fine then.

Dang, yeah, I suppose it could be something else still.
I don’t think it was too likely to be fae as it happened inside.
I think it was trying to tell me that it was Allah. lol
Which I sort of don’t believe or have much way of
comprehending other than maybe it maybe was an Islamic thought form of some kind?
Or cause that would be a way to try to freak me out and communicate that my workings were stepping on the toes of other’s magick agenda in some way perhaps?

It was kind of bad as the LBRP didn’t get rid of it for long and that is kind of spooky if my weird change in energy is still from that entity. Although I do tend to notice that I get some bad ass spirits when I do workings around 3AM.

I won’t be able to get any professional healing for a bit, but if it is an entity I can probably do a stronger banishing in a few days.

But for me, I also felt something very weird the second that my blood touched the water. It went through out my whole body. That wasn’t a scary entity type thing, that was something else. It happened so fast that it was hard to say but I think some of what I am feeling might be something else, dealing with having my blood go into the water, but now I am confused.