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Hmmm that’s interesting… See, in my country the ones who worship the ancient gods of our lands believe the gods were EL came from the star Serius and our country is called El-las which means “the land of EL.” You might know it as Hellas or (more common in english) Greece and since we were created by them we’re EL too. (In my language we’re not called “Greeks” but Ellines aka Hellenes)


Yes of course Plato told us that even the Egyptians recognized Greece as the descendants of the Atlantian.

Actually Atlantians were different. Atlantis was the land of Poseidon but they were not Hellenes. But if we assume the stories are real, then its not impossible some survivors ended up in Greece.

I didn’t know that, thanks so much, I will research and learn more about it. I guess that’s the same reason why in the bible we read the name “Elohim” which is plural for EL.

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In the Old Testament :slight_smile: Elohim (which later was translated as “one of many names of god”) created heavens and earth and…human :slight_smile: It is good food for thought truth to be told :slight_smile:

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Well the bible of the abrahamic people serves lhp a lot. For example one of the names of Satan: Notammargartet

Or reversed prayings which are excellent for LHP:
“Sanctus Draco Sanctus
Dominus Diabolus Sabaoth
Pleni sunt caeli terra et infernus Gloria Tua
Hosanna Satanas
Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini Inferi
Hosanna Sathana”
(Goetia Daemonium, Martinet Press)