My findings and knowledge of Satan please read

you can call me out on this as being fake or not having any real connections with this deity but I believe I do and this is my truth on who he really is please read and give your opinions…

names he is known by: Enki Melek Ta’us Loki Pan Shiva Thoth Azazel Quetzalcoatl

Forms he takes: peacock snake goat angel young boy bright light rainbow

he has many forms masks and names… originally was a sun or solar deity

his elements are: water and fire

known for: chaos trickery nature magic life creation and water

he is one of the oldest gods and his true nature is unknown possibly an alien from another planet within our solar system like Orion’s belt

other gods demons and lesser spirits are under his control and work for him or with him he can cause both joy and misery…

hope this is helpful to some who are new and if I am wrong go ahead and call me out…



side notes and info:

he likes offerings of sweets such as candy cake ice cream and fruits

his favorite color is blue he can be child like and in mature likes humor tricks and pranks

is fond of animals nature and meditation along with yoga

can be calm understanding and fatherly

loves pride and hates authority figures


I’ve been reading a lot lately about the character you named above and put up a picture of the same called Enki, and that he is the equivalent of Lucifer.

So far the research has been quite revealing and amazing at the same time. And most of all, it feels right! I know when I’ve encountered something worthwhile by the way it’s presented and the facts speak for themselves🌟

So yeah all-in-all I think what your looking at so far has some validity to it.


Glory to Enki // Lucifer, the true creator god and noble defender of Humanity


Enki is from the Sumerian texts, right? Enki and Enlil, and a handful of others.
Where is the connection between Satan and Thoth?


I’m not going to put in my two cents here because I’ve already explained everything on this forum already but I’m definitely interested in what everyone has to say about it all. So I’m just grabbing my popcorn and my lawn chair, a cold one and my bong. Giving it a bump because it deserves one.giphy%20(2)


Technically what your saying would be called syncretism.

Syncretism is usually always lacking in archaeological, geographical, and linguistic proof of it’s claims of -
"same deity by any other name "

This meme sums it up for me.


You know what? The more I sweat the more my clothes fade…I think he’s right I think we are indeed bleach! Lol :laughing:


I don’t really know enough yet from my studies to either affirm or deny the premises or claims that are made.

One thing I do know for certain though is facts of history, ones which are not subject to dispute or debate.

One such undisputed fact is that the religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism … all three… have borrowed from older and preexisting religions… parallels in thier “stories” of creation, good and evil, etc. this is documented so many numerous times it should be and is by many seen as a self-evident truth.


info from the yezid faith on who he is…

Melek Ta’us goes by many names some of them are Enki Green Man Osiris Quetzalcoatl Masaw Simurgit he is known as Lord of The Earth aka King of The Earth

his spirit aspect forms include a bright light a rainbow small boy young handsome man a snake or serpent and a peacock…


we also poop therefore we are made of poop :poop:

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now I have called out Satan aka Shaitan via meditation and evocation and I saw the small boy and the serpent so not a coincidence that those forms are the same as Melek Ta’us…

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Melek Ta’us Enki Lucifer Satan are all the same spirit with different names and stories they all are connected somehow with the serpent water life creation and trickery

also is a video about Melek Ta’us on EA’s channel it needs more views…


also confirmed that demons spirits love offerings of sweets

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This is widely disputed and rejected. by all historians.

The only people on earth that make this claim are the pseudo-skeptics from zeitgeist & mythicists.

Both are ignorant of the mythos of these ancient cultures through gross generalization, and plain lack of knowledge.

Basically the same logic is being used by mythicist as in my previous meme.


If that’s who-what he is to you, then it’s 100% true to you and anyone who agrees with you and adopt your view of Satan or any other spirit or deity. It’s only true if someone accepted it as true and used it as such in their work.

The point is, how that understanding affects the results of your Magick and your personal development.

In my opinion, if you’ll get busy with all those details and try to find absolute truth, and deal with the spiritual realm the same way we deal with and understand the physical realm, you will lose your connection with this world and eventually become crazy. This happens all the time, then usually spirits and demons are blamed for it because they’re “evil” or work for the devil.

For me, Satan is the ancient Creator worshipped by all ancient civilizations. He’s not an ancient God with specific character or powers… but the source of all. The father - and mother - of all spirits, Gods and deities. I think it’s the same view of S.Connolly and few others.

That’s how I see him or if you wish, that’s how he reveals himself to me.


I disagree with that. “El” was worshipped before Judaism was created. Jews only worshipped him with a “new” different name given to Moses and Isra-EL. YAHWEH. That’s how they manufactured a new religion around that deity EL and made him a Jewish God.

Christianity worshipped the same God but adopted many concepts from paganism, including the chosen understanding of Jesus as a son of God and the divine reincarnated in human form etc

Then Islam claimed to worship the same Jewish-Christian God BUT… used the same title-name-character of the pagan God Allah who was worshipped in Arabia with his wife Allat and their daughters !

Those are historical facts. Not my opinion. But you say that “all historians” reject the idea that those religions borrowed from older religions. Which I personally never heard before except from religious historians or historians working for religious authorities and those are extremely rare and no one takes anything they say seriously. Maybe you could explain that part and correct me if I’m wrong…





i view him similar to you…