My fathers dream of me before I was born

According to my mother, before I was born my birth-father had a dream about me. Allegedly God himself was on a white horse and said something to him about me. I dont know what the whole dream entailed and Im not on speaking terms with my birth-father. Anyone have any ideas what this could mean? Ive spent years thinking about it since I was told and I dont want to ask him about it since I havent spoken to him in over 13 years

It depends what white horses and god means to the person who dreamed it.

Dreams are the subconscious communicating but also thinking and worrying about things, having wish fulfilment dreams, solving problems and rehashing memories for storage.

We don’t know what else went on before the dream, so it’s hard to say if it was say, yourself having a conversation with your chosen father, or just your father dreaming about becoming a father.

Without his input it’s really hard to say. I dreamt and saw (and spoke to) my oldest son a couple of months before he was conceived. So its entirely possible…

I had never considered my spirit self contacting him ahead of time. Although that could be bias since I dont really like who he is

He was a christian, or at least tried to be one because I remember going to church alot. Could be his religious views and excitement to be a father triggered a response, but I dunno