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So here I am sitting here trying to figure out how to make my ex wife love me again? I’ve tried many things throughout the years from simple candle spells to full on evocations with eligos I want to know from someone who has success? How can I have my ex wife stop hating me and fall in love with me again leave her current boyfriend and take me back I ask because I have a child with her and I want to do what’s right and I’ve tried talking to her but that doesn’t work. What powerful goetic demon can I evoke to bring her back to me for the sake of my kid this is very important so please be careful with your advice I need really powerful magick for this

There’s a big thread here where people shared methods that actually worked for them:

My advice based on what I’ve seen is AVOID King Paimon, he’s a great tutor but he seems to get a lot of requests for this and he’ll basically agree, hoping to actually teach you advanced magick along the way, but he’s not the fastest and I don’t think he really enjoys the work.

Best bet if there are kids involved IMO is to approach the goddess Hathor, she carses about familiers and children, and happiness, and she won’t go round harming anyone who doesn’t deserve it. But I had no success with this kind of magick (which in retrospect was a GOOD thing, given that I used to fall for unsuitable men!) so my advice is based on knwoledge of her interests rather than first-hand success in this area. :slight_smile:


I see alot of people begging for spells to make their ex come back. What about a spell to make you actually strong enough to m o ve on or get over it? Thats unhealthy any time you place that much value on another person. Regardless of relationship. And kinda shouldnt need to be told that but Im saying it in general since alot of people on here are at the mercy of some human they invested their soul in.

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Not helpful. Some people can’t move on. It’s just a fact.


Then why approach magick? Real magick and real pathworking is not for people who “cant do this” and “need to have that”. When Special Forces Assessment and Selection Instructors survey potential students they immediately cut out the ines with extra needs and handicaps. Thats kinda how real sorcery is. Not to be negative but its a reality. Some paths are based around brutal and traumatic psychological imprinting, you wouldnt survive.

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Magick is a way of life to take control over ones circumstances but I see so much “work with what you have” advice as if one is promoting not using magick it’s kind of redundant if you ask me I have walked a path for years and I’m brought to this in the last week overwhelmed by it, and consumed with having it done. Magick to me is tapping into the godlike power in us all where before we would just sit by and let things happen.


I’ll be the one to tell you why it won’t work. You’re too emotionally invested in the outcome. You’ll cast the spell someone recommends, and then you’ll fret, worry and obsess over it manifesting. That’s called lust of result, and it’s a magick killer. If you can’t detach from the outcome, you can’t expect the outcome to manifest. I know it’s not what you want to hear, but you’re always better off with the truth.

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I understand being emotionally detached from a spell

Watch e.a. koetting love spells on youtube. I tried to do the spell with a photo of my ex girlfriend just to see if it would work, but I couldn’t place my real emotions in it. For you, it should work. E.A. Koetting even shows you a technique on how to forget that you casted the spell I think with some meditation.

Some of us suffer more in one day of working then some people experience in a normal lifetime or year.

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A helpful aspproach to this would have been to share the time you used such a method, and detail how to do it - as it is, your post comes across (whether intentiaonally or not) like you displaying your belief that you are superior to the OP at the fundamental level of personality and needs, and that’s just preening! :wink:

This guy wants what he wants, if we start opening up threads to being referendums on whether the person SHOULD want that, then basically we’ll be closed down by the white-light “harm none”/detach from everything brigade who are still on their way UP the mountain to self-realisation, and for whom these are useful truths.

Helpful advice that can include “are you sure this is right or empowering for you” is more useful than telling someone they’re simply strengthening the bars of their own jail, without giving them a way to escape from it.

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True, no argument there. And I can say sincerely and without exaggeration that I have experienced things in my life that most people will only ever watch movies about. Ive been told this by individuals of considerable stature as well.

Everyone’s life is different and unique some experience worse some exp. Better we should all take from everything and try to focus on how we can improve our lives with our paths

I should add here I am talking about my ex wife who has my son it’s important to me to be with them to tell me otherwise is just condecending and not good advice I want my family to be whole not broken

Experience is everything. Sometimes I cant help bit wish I could pull people in the physical and take them on a round in what my homeboys and myself do in the physical. I promise you its something I have yet to find an occult personality who has come close to.

I hear what you’re saying, but you’re basically telling him he should adopt your morals and worldview, and that’s not going to bring his wife and kid back, what’s he supposed to do - beat her up until she gets Stockholm Syndrome or something? lol!!

Those guys just basically thrashed their value system into you, they trained you like a dog to internalise their beliefs and priorities, which you may now be grateful for but it doesn’t seem like you got much free will or choice about it.

You have to play the hand you’re dealt in life, and I commend you for surviving, but mocking people for not being really evil is no different to mocking them for not being really “good” - they’re just two sides of the same old dogmatic coin.


I actually never thought about that but then I wouldnt say that that I wholly adopted thwir valies either although I can certainly see much truth in what you say. Then again those types of things you have to experience to understand point blank.

As for his situation my point was not mocking him for not being evil enough it was that some situations in life are best to embrace that desert experience and move forward from it stronger. Thats tapping into your own power. Youre absolutely right that hos desire or objective is his alone but still I do not see how all these people desperately chasing a way to bring someone back is realistic or healthy at all. Youd really have to comvince me of how that is ascent. That said I have nothing really more I can bring to the table. There are extremely potent ways of dominating a persons emptioms and thoughts which are rather simple using a technique I know of in Quimbanda but youd have to know qho your pomba gira is so Im afraid it wont help…

Ascent is evolution. And evolution rarely takes a straight path. It’s often a winding road and we all have to deal with our own energy blockages in our own ways.

Look, man … I kinda understand your viewpoint. I’ve struggled with my own judgmental attitude a lot at times. I’m working on it.

In the end, who am I to judge what’s right for another person? That’s their job. My job is to decide what’s right for me and learn from it … whether I’m right or I’m wrong.


Same here. Getting the right spirit involved is IMO the best way, they will usually have a better ability to judge whether the situation is keeping the person stuck and they NEED to move on, or whether maybe things can be fixed.

I would have fucked my life up if the ex I wanted back, had come back, because let’s just say my taste in men at that time wasn’t so great, but I also didn’t really have a spirit mentor at that stage to talk me through it, and the only thing that could have motivated me to get one in that state of mind would have been if I believed they could fix things, instead they could’ve kind of weaned me off him… lol!!

I’m not saying that’s what the OP needs because I’m not in his shoes, don’t know any details, and also, there’s a child involved, but either way I think doing SOME magick on the situation is a better way forward than being stuck wanting something to happen, and not taking any steps towards it.

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