My family reunion

So, I had my family reunion today. It was pretty awkward actually. A room full of people I didn’t know but still knew they were family.

Throughout my life, I’ve had a close relationship with relatives. My Grandfather had four children. Three stayed in the general, having their own kids. My father was the one who moved away. We’d still see them on Christmas. Actually, we moved back down to NC to be closer to them. I’ve always thought I had a big family, but today was ridiculous! My Grandfather had 8 siblings. Can you imagine how many people that makes after three generations?

I have no issues or conflicts with my family. But I feel a bit cramped when there’s a get together. But today was a nightmare. To make matters harder, my family tends to be traditional. Meaning people tend to marry young and have kids early. So, I can’t relate to members in my generation.

I just felt like expressing this.


Did you want magickal ideas for how to get closer to your family? Why can’t you relate to them on other things like hobbies or values that are not about getting married early?

Could be worse: both my parents were only children, they and my grandparents are all dead and I’m estranged from my only sister, I so have zero family and have no blood to make ties with. If you had the option would you prefer that, or to have suffer the occasional dull party?

Either way magick can help, either to extract you from the tedium, or make it more tolerable by creating connections. I’d go with Hermes and Dantalion for improving communication and forging closer connections myself, you never know when you’ll need your family.

And yes, I am transparently trying to make the thread be on topic for the forum somehow, because I don’t really want to close this on you for being off topic, that would be sad, but I don’t want to encourage a wave of non magickal posts. Help me out and talk about magick here man! :+1: :smiley:


You are just such caring and nice human being. All love @Mulberry <3 <3

Be Blessed