My Experiences with EA's Mastering Divination Course

So, as the title states, I’m going through EA’s Divination Course, I’m starting from the bottom and pathworking through, taking my time. Because I want to grow my divination skills. I want to be able to enter a trance and answer any question that I may have, I don’t want to be confined to reading Tarot my entire life, I want to BECOME the Tarot, and Runes, and the I Ching.

So, I rebought the course and today is my first day of practical activity. First was using a spirit board (I know EA calls it a Ouija board, but Ouija is just a brand, spirit board is what it’s actually called it’s like when people call adhesive bandages ‘band-aids’) and today was my first time. My plan is to workwith the spirit board for seven days.

I watched the bit of the course that talked about how to make a board, he recommended wood, but I just used cardboard as I don’t plan on staying with any of the ideometric forms of divination. And so, I made my board and in between the YES and NO, EA encouraged us to use whichever symbols that are meaningful to me, and so I put the Chi-Rho in an attempt to make sure that I wouldn’t accidentally contact a spirit that would kill my Mom.

Anyways, so finish my board and I’m satisfied with it, and I get into the sync. And I start with a question, “Are there any Spirits here?” And I wait to feel a pull like EA said. I feel a faint draw to YES.

“What is your name?”

I feel my improvised planchette faintly move, “R O G E R”

“Roger, are you a human spirit?”

Still very faint, “YES.”

I decide to kind of start again. I shake myself out of the sync and put myself back in. Then I put my hands directly over the board and declare, “I open this spirit board as a portal between worlds, I declare this board open.” I feel energy leave my hands as I say it, then I do the same with the planchette, “I open this planchette to be a channel between minds, that it may guide me right, I declare this planchette open.”

Then, I get back, “Roger, are you still here?”

The pull is much more noticeable now. “YES”

“Roger, how did you die?”

“U Y I N G”

At this answer, I was skeptical, I didn’t think that it was a real word, so I looked it up on Google, and apparently it’s a popular last name.

“Were you murdered?”


“Did you die in China?”


This went on for quite a while until I finally got the right answer.

“Did you die in Great Britain?”


“When did you die?”

“2 0 0 7”

“Was Uying a man?”


“What was your job?”

“S H O P K E E P”

“Why did Mr. Uying kill you?”

“C H E A T”

“Did you cheat him?”


“We can’t all be saints, so being in the afterlife is there a heaven, purgatory, or hell?”


“Do you have something to tell me that will further my development and ascension?”

“C A K U”

It was intuited to me that it was meant to read ‘c Aku’ like see Aku. Again, I was skeptical, aku wasn’t a thing, but I looked it up on Google. And, I was led to this poem, which deeply struck me.

Aku by Chairil Anwar (1943)

If my time has come
I don’t want anyone to beg
Not even you

I don’t need that sniveling!

I’m but a wild animal
Exiled even from his own group

Even if bullets pierce my skin
I will still enrage and attack

Wounds and poison I’ll take running

Until the pain leaves

And I will care even less
I want to live a thousand more years

This deeply spoke to me, and I was amazed.

“Did you like poetry?”


I spent a bit expressing my gratitude at this experience and to Roger for sharing this poem with me that I would likely have never found. Then we said goodbye.

All in all, this was above and beyond my expectations, this is the first time that I’ve ever learned about things that I was not aware of in a divination. Even my visions of Jesus have never said anything that I didn’t already know.


Day two of seven working with the spirit board. This one is so weird, I don’t even know what to think.

I downloaded a dictation software to help me remember what is said, instead of me trying to recall the entire experience from memory.

So, I get my board out of its super secret hiding space, and set it down on my bed and I get into the sync.

“Are there any spirits here?”


“What is your name?”

“C H A D”

“Chad, are you a human spirit?”


“What are you then Chad?”

“D E N A E”

I didn’t know what he meant, I vaguely recall hearing that name somewhere from mythology somewhere. Google said it was a form of Danae, the mother of Perseus, I was confused."

“Like Danae the mother of Perseus?”


So, I went through other uses of Danae, and one is as the name of a plant, the common names being “Alexandrian Laurel” and “Poet’s Laurel”

“Are you a plant spirit?”


“Why is a plant Spirit named Chad?”

“I T E V I”

So, I intuited that it meant “I tevi”. I looked up tevi in the wikitionary and it’s Latvian for “In you”

“Okay, I get it, you’re trying to go through my subconscious and it’s making things murky. Alright then, plant spirit, who speaks Latvian, named Chad, do you have any advice for my personal development or ascent?”

“F E S T E R A N D R O T A R E P A R T S O F R E A L I T Y L E A R N F R O M T H E M” (Fester and rot are parts of reality, learn from them.)

“What exactly should I be learning from them?”

“H O W T O K N O W W H A T D O E S N O T W O R K” (How to know what does not work.)

“Chad, the plant spirit that speaks Latvian, is there anything about my near future that you can tell me?”

“YES Y O U W I L L M E E T A N O T H E R M A G I C I A N I N Y O U R C H U R C H” (Yes, you will meet another magician in your church."

“Well then, thank you for all your help, good bye.”


Overall, while I am definitely getting better at feeling the pull, I was very skeptical about this whole experience, I’m going to chalk it up to interference with my conscious mind and work on eliminating that interference in later workings.

I think that it was meant to be a metaphor for the more negative aspects of life. If a plant starts to rot, it’s going to die. It needs a gardener to prune the rotten limbs so that the rest of the plant can live.

“Chad” said that I could learn from the ideas of fester and rot “what does not work”. To me, this seems to be a reference to the act of pruning, such a part of my life is rotten, and I need to get rid of it in order to blossom more beautifully.

So, figuratively.

^ That right thar is the gleam of the occasional absurdity of magick that makes it such a delight! :smiley:

I wonder if the magician to whom Chad is referring is human? Might be a saint, or even your head honcho?

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Ash thank you so much for posting this. For some reason this really captured my interest. I’ll have to start using a spirit board. Keep us posted on the magician that you’ll be meeting and any other spirit board phenomena!

Day three of seven of working with the spirit board. This one was pretty cool actually. I turned on my dictation app on my phone, got into the sync, and put my hands on the planchette.

“Is there a spirit here?”


“What’s your name?”

“D U M A R A” (Dumara) I looked it up, just in case because I’ve never heard of the name before, and it is a first name.

“Are you a human entity?”


“How did you die?”

“F A L L” (fall)

“Did you commit suicide?”


“I’m sorry to hear that. How old were you when you died?”

“5 3” (53)

“That’s actually pretty common. Are you a man?” What I meant by this is that suicide is very common among the elderly.


“Why did you commit suicide?”

“U N L O V E D” (unloved)

“By your family?”


“Do you have any advice for me for my personal development or my ascent?”

“B E T H” (Beth) I intuited that this was another poetry thing, so I look it up and the first result on Google was Beth a song by KISS, I’m not at all familiar with the music of KISS, so I read the lyrics.

Beth, I hear you callin' But I can't come home right now Me and the boys are playin' And we just can't find the sound

Just a few more hours
And I’ll be right home to you
I think I hear them callin’
Oh, Beth what can I do
Beth what can I do

You say you feel so empty
That our house just ain’t a home
And I’m always somewhere else
And you’re always there alone

Just a few more hours
And I’ll be right home to you
I think I hear them callin’
Oh, Beth what can I do
Beth what can I do

Beth, I know you’re lonely
And I hope you’ll be alright
’Cause me and the boys will be playin’
All night

Translation: don’t put off the real important things, because one day if you want to fix it, it’ll be gone. You can almost see a possible regret that Dumara has for his life. Let’s move on now.

“Do you have any predictions for my future?”


“Thank you for talking with me Dumara, goodbye.”


Overall, much better, I’m a fan of these spirits giving me deep poetic works that I otherwise would never know about.

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ashtkerr, I’m really enjoying this thread, thank you so much for sharing. Two things have given me laughs (I know that isn’t your intention at all, and I share here for the older ones of us). You Google things you don’t know (which is excellent!). When I started with a spirit board, there was no Google, and we had to write it down and then look it up in the library (which sometimes took days to get results)! That, and 53 is elderly. I would argue that most 53 year olds would argue with you on that! LOL!!

But thank you for sharing this. I plan to keep reading, I love the results you’re getting, and the hard work you are putting in to figure out what the responses mean to you.

I made my own board yesterday and used it last night and asked it some questions. It was a human spirit called “H.K” and as the working progressed, I felt it become almost angry. So I thanked it and said goodbye. It definitely felt human though. Was I just being a panzy?

Nope, IMO it;s best to trust your intuition, and if it says “Hey buddy, we have a crazy dude on the line here!” go with it! :slight_smile:

Life has enough real challenges without going looking for trouble.


Day four of seven of working with the spirit board. Sorry for not posting yesterday, events happened which made my use of the spirit board impossible. I really enjoyed this divination today.

As usual, I get out my makeshift board and planchette, and I turn on my dictation app, and I get into the sync.

“Is there a spirit here?”


“What is your name?”

“C A M I E L” (Camiel)

“Are you an Angelic spirit?”


“Why are you here?”

“I H E A R D Y O U R H E A R T” (I heard your heart.)

“What do you mean by that?”

“I S E N S E D Y O U R D E S I R E T O A S C E N D” (I sensed your desire to ascend.)

“And so are you here to help me with my Ascension?”


“What advice do you have for me now?”

“I J I X” (ijix) I looked it up and it’s a name, but it’s also an obscure character from the Star Wars extended universe. Ijix Harona was an officer in the New Republic Defense Force.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“S E E K A N D D E S T R O Y I T I S A M E T A P H O R F O R Y O U R P E R S O N A L L I F E S E E K T H A T W H I C H E L U D E S Y O U A N D D E S T R O Y T H A T W H I C H O P P O S E S Y O U” (Seek and destroy, it is a metaphor for your personal life. Seek that which eludes you, and destroy that which opposes you.)

“Thank you for all your help. Goodbye, Camiel.”


Some neat associations that I noticed while contemplating the whole event. Ijax Harona is a character known in the stories of the search for a vessel who’s nature and purpose is unknown; and a war against an extra-gallactic race of aliens.

Camiel’s name had two possible etymologies from the Hebrew. Either it’s from qum, which means to arise, so Camiel might mean “raised by God” which would certainly help you find something. Or his name comes from chammah, which means heat and rage, so Camiel might mean “Wrath of God”, which would certainly help you destroy your enemies. I do not believe that this connection between Camiel and Ijix Harona was accidental.

I also certainly don’t think that today being a full moon and me contacting an angelic spirit on the spirit board is a coincidence at all.

Day five of seven of working with the spirit board. I had a little trouble staying in the sync a bit at first, but for the most part, everything went well. I got out my spirit board and put my hands on the planchette.

“Is there a spirit here?”


“What is your name?”

“B E R N A R D” (Bernard)

“Are you a human spirit?”


“How did you die?”

“I W A S M A U L E D T O D E A T H B Y A P A C K O F L I O N S” (I was mauled to death by a pack of lions.)

“Where were you?”

“E T H I O P I A” (Ethiopia)

“What were you doing there?”

“H U N T I N G” (Hunting)

“Are you an avid outdoorsman?”


“What advice can you give me for my personal development or my ascent?”

“G U H I T” (Guhit) I looked it up and Guhit is a Tagalog word which means line. I meditated on it, I believe that it’s encouraging me that I’m on the correct path (or “line”).

“Thank you, goodbye.”


I love how the spirits give me advice, it is always a legitimate word or concept, I’ve never received gibberish yet. Even though sometimes I was afraid I might have. I also like how it’s always something that is relevant and relatable to me.

That said, I can’t wait until I move on from the spirit board, I’m ready for this practice and working to end. Two more to go.

Wow Thank you for sharing!

I took the Divination course but kind of spent lazy and just
did the Spirit Board part without making one with a board.

(I wrote on paper and used a coin.
That’s how I used to do when I was in primary school
with our friends. With our (Japanese) version of the board
using Japanese characters and signs. )

I could feel the subtle movement but didn’t really receive much.

I read your posts today and made me want to
do it again making real board and more positive attitude
following your experience :smiley:

Day six of seven of working with the spirit board. I get my cardboard board, open my dictation app on my phone, and get into the sync. I am ready.

“Is there a spirit here?”


“What is your name?”

“K A M E R O N” (Kameron)

“How did you die?”

“O L D A G E” (old age)

“How old were you when you died?”

“9 3”

“Wow, that’s quite the life. How many children do you have?”


“What was your job?”

“T E A C H E R” (teacher)

“What advice do you have my personal development or for my ascent?”

“R H I P A R” “Rhi” is the Welsh word for king, and “Pär” is a proper name.

“I think giving you for this, you’ve given me a lot to contemplate, and a lot to think about. Thank you for your advice, I love poetry, I love music, goodbye.”


After digging, there were three things that connected “king” with “Pär”: two songs, and one play. One of the songs, “Like a King” by Pär Bennett, is impossible for me to obtain while a Canadian resident. The other song, “Pär Lammers” by King of Spain, I have ruled out after a careful, meditative listen. But, the play, “The King” by Pär Lagerkvist, is promising. I ordered a free online version, and if all goes well I should receive it in the email soon.

I am always excited by these experiences, but I’m glad to be almost done. One last working, and I’m free.

I had read that spirit board is a quite dangerous method to communicate with spirits.
What kind of precautions did you take to do that?


Well, I wasn’t scared when I first started, but when EA told the story about his cousin who’s mother was killed by a spirit he contacted on the spirit board, that made me worried. I’m confident enough to be able to protect anything that might want to attack me, but my mom and other people close to me I wasn’t sure.

In my first post, where I introduced the spirit board, I said:

I put the Chi-Rho in an attempt to make sure that I wouldn't accidentally contact a spirit that would kill my Mom.

The Chi-Rho is a symbol of Jesus, and the idea being that if I use a symbol associated with a high vibrational entity, that the only entities that could contact me would be on the higher end of the vibrational spectrum. Thus, protecting myself and my loved ones from negative entities who might be wandering around.

Thanks for your kind answer.
I was thinking about your first day experience.
When the Spirit said “there’s no heaven, purgatory neither hell”.
So, afterlife is just another plane like this one.
What do you think about it?

[quote=“Yerkes, post:17, topic:8908”]Thanks for your kind answer.
I was thinking about your first day experience.
When the Spirit said “there’s no heaven, purgatory neither hell”.
So, afterlife is just another plane like this one.
What do you think about it?[/quote]

I’m not sure it can be trusted, the spirit board, as an oracular device is greatly flawed. I feel like perhaps my subconscious wanted to affirm my new direction and path It’s possible that it is true, but it’s also possible that it’s not. I don’t put a lot of stock in ideometric forms of divination.

Day seven of seven, the last day, of my working with the spirit board. And can I say, “finally!” I’m very happy to be done with the spirit board.

So, to today’s experience. I got out my board, got out my dictation app, entered the sync and saw an entity in my closet. Uh-oh.

I hold out my right hand to the entity and visualize a beam of white light blasting it. The entity hides into the wall. So, I grab my vial of holy water I do the sign of the Cross with the water on the wall while saying, “in my name: me, myself, and I.” The entity lingered for a bit, but eventually went away when I was using the spirit board.

Well, that was exciting, now back to the board.

“Is there a spirit here?”


“What is your name?”

“M A S O N” (Mason)

“Alright Mason, are you a human spirit?”


“How did you die?”

“S I C K N E S S” (sickness)

“What was your job?”

“S T O N E M A S O N” (stone mason)

“A mason named Mason, amusing.”

“I T H O U G H T S O T O O” (I thought so too."

“Do you have any advice for me for my personal development or my ascent?”

“T U V A L” (Tuval) I already knew this word, but I didn’t know why it was coming up. Tuval is a Hebrew name.

“Thank you for your advice, goodbye.”


About Tuval: it’s a Hebrew name, specifically he’s believed to be the ancestor of the Caucasian Iberians. He was one of Noah’s grandchildren. But it’s in the meaning of his name that we find the advice Mason wanted to give to me.

Tuval comes from the Hebrew root בלל which means a mixing of solid and liquid. It is a mixing of water elemental properties and earth elemental properties. Thank you, Mason.

Now, I am going to break and then burn my board at the earliest convenience. It is time to move on in EA’s Divination Course.

You’re a Christian and believe in a lot of stuff that many on this forum will immediately judge as vile, useless, etc (and, not without reason in most cases!) but as a man, you have the biggest fucking cojones ('scuse my language) and the bravest heart and noblest ability to put your own desire 2nd to what YOU believe to be right, you literally face that kind of personal stuff down every day, and navigate your way by the highest forces you can aspire to.

I don’t think I could be you, or deal with what you do, and if I had to, I’d be a LOT angrier and less gracious in the face of adverse commentary than you are.

Not really an “on topic” comment, just venting a bit, because I think you’re a better person than me in a lot of ways (most ways!), and I hope that you can find whatever works for you, because you deserve it. :slight_smile:

(Yeah. gonna hit post before I overthink this etc! :P)