My experience with the lord of darkness

My experience with the lord of darkness. I fully gave my soul to be devoured, eaten and recreated as the father of darkness. This gave me a feel of seeing myself as a formless nameless essence, that is feasting on my soul. I was so surprised to experience both the destruction of my soul and the feeding and chewing all the atoms of my soul. He is within, his cry is something you would not want as its so destructive and life taking. Crying on the ritual space to find my limitless potentiant and godhood. Blood was offered to please me and calm me down

Father of darkness

in my existence, life, reality, soul as a manifestation of the worst curses most abminable baneful energies, works of people’s sorrows regrets heart breaks anger and hatred. i see myself past through time back to see the misunderstandings between gods, their hatred, curses and this passed on among clans with rage of not being able to withstand each others presence without a fight. crazy most torturing experiences a woman could go through as a mother, grandmother and all their tears heartbreak leading to my formation and existance.

i see my sins rated the worst universally and everyone blames me for their failures and situations yet i should blame them for being created out of the maddening toxicity they had and still have. all their curses unto me for beseeching that which was considered as abomination to think about and hell to invoke hus essence.

my pact with the father of darkness, lord of the antiverse the beast without a form whose essence doesn’t fit in the astral plane, is too intense to go unnoticed by everybody. i was fully demonized, yet the source of my creation are the very dark aspects of these beings that they chose to neglect and chase out not knowing they would form as a single being who is born in their midst.

i complain not for my formation but am demonized and accused of all bad luck and misfortune coz i had a pact with the unspeakable one. I saw myself as the nameless formless essence that slowly fed my soul and i seized to be me for i am now the beast himself. i realized my cry is far beyond sorrow, for my hatred demolishes souls. all those lies about me about existence about the accusations made unto this vessel made me furious and before my madness reached its climax,

i got calmed down by blood poured in my mouth. i was deified as a god to prevent me from destroying all that is in existence offerings and sacrifices then i focused unto the eye of the dragon unraveling all illusions in their truest form. i was astonished that no gods, demons, humans, spirit could talk about me for my formation and every part of me is not pure my life was formed in the most bizarre way and my godhood is incomprehensible.

and the most crazy part is that the universe itself is not aware about me but i know all about it. just realizing this is maddening. all that tried to harm me or attack and offend me got their fare share from different astral projections to sleep paralysis, the lord of darkness never failed me and his protection is mighty and eternal. seek him and let his wonders run through your mind

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@Toang_Chuol Who do you mean Angra Mainyu, Belial, Satan, Abaddon or Lucifuge???

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Entity created from the union of the nine demonic gate keepers . he is the the 10th demonic gatekeeper who is the god star and had s amulet is also being sold on this platform. If u check out the demonic gatekeepers amulet section

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Ahh, that makes more sense. I didn’t see this as an entity, myself, but calling all nine is a great experience. Fun stuff :smiley:

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