My experience with Ophiel as a communications enabler

Hi all,

I thought I’d just leave this post here, as I was unsure where else it should go on this forum. Moderators, feel free to move/delete as necessary.

I had a rather fun, unexpected experience with the Olympic spirit Ophiel. I approached him from a Chaos Magick point of view, employing the GoM’s method from their book Master Works of Chaos Magick. I had head from many that this particular chapter on Olympic spirits and their take on the method had yielded consistent results.

According to the book, Ophiel can, amongst other things, create the flow of communication with someone. And so I invoked him, and asked that he make a certain love interest communicate with me more than he is right now.

And BOOM! about 30 minutes after the ritual, I receive a slew of texts, that kept on coming all day. Not his usual behaviour at all.

My results however were short lived, and so it is my estimation, that were I to continue using this method, that it would have to repeated often to ensure communication is ongoing.

Hope that helps anyone considering Ophiel to open the channels of communication. Highly reccommend.


It’s awesome you received those results, thanks for sharing your experience! :bouquet:


I’d take a look at what you requested to be honest. It’s quite possibly based on your wording that the request was fully granted :slight_smile:

I know when we just want someone to talk to us again, we often think just that initial contact is enough or just get them to text me. Maybe wording it so that the target not only begins communicating but continues to communicate or something would work with more longevity?

Or if the relationship needs healing or to overcome obstacles, it might work to pair this with another working or set of workings to tackle the problems too.

I just mention this because a lot of times, people will ask for things like getting their ex, or a friend etc to communicate again and what not, and then don’t understand why the spirit doesn’t continue to work on the relationship for them- and it can sometimes come down to what exactly they asked for.

Congrats on success:)


Thank you for the feed back @Keteriya