My ex keeps messing with my head

i just ended a relationship with someone who was attuned with a demon. He had read a lot of the books, and he practiced regularly. I watched amazing things happen around him, and also watched some not so amazing things happen. He reeked of sulfer sometimes. Like his actual skin and i dont just mean really bad b.o. he would be dead asleep and speak latin some nights, i had seen the demon he was attuned to the first time we ever spent the night together. He never believed i loved him, and he used to send things to check on me i guess? Or check on me in some sense because i could feel the energy behind me or id hear his voice say “hey” he always knew things that he shouldnt unless he was right behind me watching my every move… i come home to him on the phone with another girl drunk as hell and i broke up with him, but i didnt really want him to leave since hes left the energy hasnt, i still smell sulfer sometimes. I still hear hey… my friends he thought helped me be shady, started experiencing weird shit. My memory has been REALLY hazy and my friend told me maybe i should check to make sure he didnt leave anything behind, like carvings, markings, hexbags, anything and when he said it i seen that aame demon in the backseat of his car looking at me through the window… he almost wrecked as soon as he left my house i tried to invoke the archangels last night for help, and my circle was broken with no explanation and my friend said “perish the day morningstar comes” this was also something my ex had said to me one night in his sleep… neither remembered anything about it… i dont know what to look for, is there anything i can do? Everything i know hasnt worked, or maybe im not strong enough… i feel like hes trting to drive me crazy… i also feel like my friend was right about him leaving something behind the only thing ive found is that he made some kind of formation with incense sticks in my ashtray that used to be a red candle he stuck them up in the wax in what looks almost like a weird ass pentagram… i don’t think hell hurt me on purpose, but i also dont known if i knew him as well as i thought…


You need to do a banishing ritual and an uncrossing!
This post should help Salt baths rituals or aura prayers for cleaning? - #13 by MiKu

Thank you

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I would recommend “cutting the cord” and cleansing. I would also get rid of anything he ever gave you or left in your home.

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I dont know if i have the strength yall i was gonna do it today and im literally so drained i cant function…

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Omg no! Just hustle through it! Find the strength to kick his ass out! Do whatever you can! This is his way to drain you and keep the attachment…

Damn, well you see…

If I was ever dating someone like that…

I would know ahead of time, before getting involved as more than friends…

That leaving was never ever going to be easy, no matter what the circumstances.

If it were me I would’ve made a lot more preparations. And tried to end the relationship on a good note. Or find some other way.

Anyway all you can do at this point is yeah, banishing, clearing, protective energy. If you’re real scared maybe try talking to him as friends? Too much talking could get him interested in you again, so just a conversation, maybe minimal contact about business-y transactions (like magic work in general for example) so that your relationship with him is amiable and separate. Good luck


If you can do “one” thing today. Cut the cord. You see, he might be draining you if there is an energetic cord that’s attached. “One step at a time”. I was once feeling drained and I grabbed a huge bottle of Florida water and cleansed myself from head to toe. (I pretty much bathe myself in Florida water). Believe it or not, I felt like an electric current released itself from me. At the end I was like wow! It worked! I then had the energy to do whatever else I needed to do.


I knew some things, but i didnt realize until it was too late he was just shining a light through the crack of the door, not actually opening it… :confused:

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Thank you guys for your help. Im gonna give it another try. I tried to be on friendly terms with the guy, but that didnt work out… he said he didnt want snything to do with me so i don’t really understand why hes doing it… unless its just fun for him… i knew he was dark, but i had no idea he was this dark, or this strong.

Evokate One of the gods from the Necronomicon and ask for assistance the other one would be to evokate Lucifer and ask him for support

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