My Evocation of Lucifer 2

I did another evocation of Lucifer this afternoon. He was a bit slower to manifest, but when He did, it was well worth the wait. He manifested astrally within, as He did on the first occasion.

On this occasion, He asked, if I would like to go with Him, and visit the place we call Hell. I said: I would and we travelled astrally to Hell. When we got there, the ground was quite similar in colour, to that of Mars. The sky was a combination of blues and greens. There were trees, which had bigger leaves than those on Earth. There were other types of plants and a finer grass, with appear as a violet colour. He told me, if I didn’t like the colours, I could will them to be any colour I preferred. He said: there is Sulphur, but the planet is not all Sulphur. There is Carbon, but it’s not all Carbon; Oxygen, but not all Oxygen; and Methane, but not all Methane. “There is a mix”, He said, “just like there is on Earth”. There was some heat, but no one was suffering. Then pointing the sky, He showed me that there was 2 suns and two moons - one each for me and for Him, He told me. It was an awesome sight.

Then He asked: if I would like to go and work some more, on the cottage for Daniel and I. I saw the cottage in great detail, complete with a picket fence, and my dog running around outside. To continue to manifest the cottage, He invited me to extend my right hand towards it. Then, I saw my arm and hand develop what looked like a white fog/energy around it; which then extended to and around the cottage.

He said: He would give me all of this, if I worshipped Him - then He said: “love” Him. I told Him: I already did love Him and worship Him. Then He told me the name of the planet, which He named after the name, by which He called me. He has asked me, not to mention this name, in case an enemy, would try to use it against me.

Then He told me: that I am already a god, and went on to say, that I am now the god of this planet. He showed me the inhabitants, which were humanoid. He told me, my mission as god of the planet, is to ensure that the inhabitants of the planet were happy, prosperous - not with money, but having all they needed - and loving. He told me, that we could go to any other planet, using the same method we got to this planet.

We then returned to the location of my body. I then laid down on my bed. I asked Him, to strengthen my god -
abilities. He extended His right arm towards me, and both His arm and I glowed with bright white energy. I became so relaxed and peaceful, that I was almost asleep.

The experience ended, when I
my mum called me for lunch.


Can you ask lucifer somthing on your next evocation?


Thanks. I just sent you a pm

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