My evocation of King Paimon . Please reply

I might have just evoked King Paimon .I lit my frankincense and myrrh incense stick (two in one) and I lit a white (used) candle . I repeatedly said King Paimon come to me over and over and I think he was there because of the way the incense was moving . I have never seen incense move like that in my life . I read out our pact between us
"Hello your majesty King Paimon . I would like to make a pact between you and I if that’s ok with you .

I would like for you to attract hundreds of thousands to millions of users to my app, App Name, within two weeks from today . I would also like you to make it so popular that people play all day everyday .

In exchange for this request I will give you one pack of skittles everyday for 5 days, I will write a review of your work on the website Become a living god and I will give you one cap full of Rum .

Please do not harm anybody in this process.
Thank you your majesty King Paimon ."

After that I told he he can have the essence of the incense that was already lit and I told him I will light another one for him also . I lit a big thick one .

After that I told him when he is done with the incense, can you please go back to where you came from . Thank you your majesty King Paimon .

Did I really summon him ?


spirits do influence how incense smoke moves, but the important thing is how did you feel during the ritual?
if you’re just beginning the cues of if a spirit manifest can be really subtle, the air in the room might feel different, either heavier or like a mild electrical charge in the air. Or you might just feel like someone is watching you or is in the room. a whole bunch of other things.

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around my ankles felt like there were sweating a little but that’s it

Also I feel nausea, heaviness pressing down, pay attention to emotions and if you get a sense of receiving messages, like a thought threat seems to be “given” to you.


Yea I didn’t feel much

I’m always of the opinion of treat each evocation as a success even if there weren’t that many signs of it. Too much doubt in real contact will nullify any effect, as well as not making the offerings promised cause you believed the ritual failed will also cause issues. I would continue with the offerings as planed and distance yourself from the ritual itself, the more you think about it, the more power you steal from the results.
after that, it becomes a game of hurry up and wait :slight_smile: i hope your results are swift coming


I hope so to . I will try my hardest to not think about it

law of reverse effort, the more you try not to think about it, the more you will. Do something to ground yourself in reality and take your mind off it for now :slight_smile: for any ritual, grounding and distancing yourself from the work is key

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I think you did. You may see him in your dreams.

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Hear, hear!
Koetting says making a sandwich works to take you back to mundane reality and help you forget, whereas watching TV will only allow you to think about what you’ve done.

My method is to slap myself across the face and then remind myself what a bloody idiot I’ve been in wasting my time doing Magick when other people are doing positive things like watching TV, playing sport or shopping.

Another is to start on a new, completely different enterprise - like learning Taro or I Ching or sigils, etc.


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But did it work? Did you get all the users to your app?


No it didn’t

My next question would be did you put the marketing and advertising work in nessasary to make more people aware this app exists?

How many visitors were you attracting previously, approximately? Was it an extraordinarily large growth that you were aspiring to achieve?

Well before I made the pact I paid a couple of websites to write a review . But no after the pact I didn’t put in any ad work because I was told to make the pact and completely forget about it . Do anything that doesn’t involve my pact .


Hundreds of thousands to millions of users to your app within two weeks may have been a little much in such a short period of time. Maybe try something like getting a steady increase of users everyday or something like that and maybe before you know it, you will have hundreds of thousands of users. Give the good King some time to work.


Hmm :thinking: this usually applies to forgeting the ritual the pact was involved with. The actual leg work needs to continue though.

And as @dollarvaluemenu said the time frame made is a bit much for a new app.

If you want to explore this in a new light try petitioning King Paimon again Without the idea of a pact, they arnt always needed. But if the aim of this app is to make others and make a business out of it, making an offering of recognition as part of the petition may be useful.

Maybe offer include his sigil minus the name, his sign if you will as a watermark in the background or in the corner as an emblem or in the background of the “about” info screen if you have one on the app.
Another possiblity is with public praise as progress is made.


So just tell him I will do that for him without writing it up ?