My dog seems to be under attack?

My little man has been acting strange- only other time I’d have noticed this behavior was post-ritual. I️ve done plenty but two have affected him- this recent being one. This ritual was to show dedication to astaroth Lucifer and belial (I’d done the same the day before with just Lucifer and astaroth and I️t was powerful- and great.) but immediately after and to this day (2 weeks in,) of the one including belial (I️ did ask for something but gave a big personal sacrifice-) my dog has been acting very on edge- eating less if at all, not sleeping much if at all, sitting up right at the corner of the room or against a wall, looking around all over as if he sees things flying, can’t sit still, paces, eyes change, nudging for my attention to where you have to drop everything for him to just keep doing it, and most of all- will not want to leave my room or apartment (which he loves going outside typically) can anyone provide me with some info or resources on what’s happening and how to proactively take care of this? Here’s a pic taken while this post was written. His eyes are very different. I️ apologize if this rubs anyone the wrong way but my concern for him and his wellbeing far outweighs holding back.


He looks adorable ok 2 things

First do banashing rituals and cleanse the area.
Some like sage I personally do this saltwater and light exercises ea has in this vid.

Also say the KOF banashing incantations 3 times

Ashtu malku ta dat arkata Sastus seckz altamu partu
Iretempal krez ta felta Vaskalla regent met senturus Ta sastrus estos melta Kelta, kelta, ketla hine."

See if that improves the situation. If you want more, contact Camio he’s 53rd in goetia and helps with animal communication.
Ask him to soothe and calm your dog.

Do regular banishings eg the above or lesser banishing of the pentagram to keep the space and energy clean.

Good luck


Thank you so much. This won’t offend any entities summoned will it? I️ will try this and truly appreciate your input


just do it after giving them license to depart it’s fine.
I never used to do banashing and cleansing but after a while you realise the importance of it.

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You will not be offending any entities. This is a normal rite if yours. The only ones offended are the ones you dont want


Apologies on the I’ll informed nature in which I’ll come to you with, but two questions-
How might one appropriately give license to leave especially over a week later? And second, I️s this a sign of angering one of the ancient gods or offending them, or maybe other entities coming through? I️ never do banishing rituals but am beginning to find them necessary


Usually at the end of the ritual.
“Thank you for attending and for your assistance you are given license to depart and please return when you are called on again.”

Right now they’re probably gone, or some spirits including Lucifer and king paimon they like to hang around for a while, so that’s cool just do the cleansing at a slightly later time. If that’s the case just ask politely for your dog to be protected.(that was for future reference)

From this point in time. Do the incantation and the saltwater thing.
Learn the lesser banishing of the pentagram pleanty of guides and vids on this including ea and others.


Thank you very much for your advice

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Oops on the quote

Took a video of his behavior but can’t post :neutral_face:


Right - if your animal is ill and you are not qualified to identify what is wrong with the animal then take animal to vet. What you choose to do to yourself by delaying a visit to a doctor is your call but an animal has no option and needs your help. May have drunk/eaten something entirely unrelated to your workings, possibly outside.

Please do not be like an ex colleague who found money and excuses to have her hair gloss treated but not enough money to pay for antibiotics for her cat finally resulting in pet needing to be euthanised.


Definitely put my dogs well-being as top priority. He’s my world and the idea that this could have been caused by me brings me guilt beyond description. I’m seeking answers on this platform because I️ have less knowledge to this as opposed to medical inquisition. Having worked in the veterinary med field before doing media- safely can rule out that hes showing behavior symptoms as opposed to physical and none of which link to consumption of anything even drugs. My growing concerns that I️t may be a behavioral disorder in bloom though this only has happened once aside from now about 5 months ago post-ritual as well. That’s why I️ wanted to reach out here and analyze all spectrum ends of possibilities before taking action.


Raphael can bring healing to animals as well, so He may be able to help.


lol not stalking your posts :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah, this is a really simple method with Raphael:

Some other tips, run your hands over him gnetly, see if anything seems tender, or any spots on his abdomen seem warmer than others (abdomen area is usually warmer than rib cage, any hotter spots not within the non-ribcage area may mean a problem).

I did a post a while ago about dogs in general and there may be something useful in it:


I know that my neighbour’s cat loves President Marbas who is great with healing but I’m not clear if he’s too friendly with canines.


E.A. mentioned during a conversation/interview once that he summoned Marbas to heal his dog who got stung by bees on her muzzle and it worked. So, I guess Marbas doesn’t mind the pooches.



Ask them to leave, politely, to complete their agreed upon boon or task. Be sure to thank them for coming. Once they have been given license to depart, perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. After that, don’t feel bad; that will be the point your guest has overstayed their welcome. Give your dog a bath with salt, hyssop and agrimony in the bathwater. Play with it after to get it nice and happy.


That’s good to know, I was hoping to ask later today…

Lady_Eva stalk away! Ironically before posting this topic, I’d had read your article (same one that you attached ) about your dogs and experiences with interference- so consider it mutual! Thank you for your willingness to provide valuable info and tools and also breaking it down to better my understanding. My dog seems back to normal but rest assure proceeding with caution will be a new adaptation to my practice. Hope you are having a great week and contact me anytime

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Where would I find the ingredients aside from salt and water? I can do my research just thought I’d include this inquiry along with a thank you for your input Woodsman81. It’s very much appreciated. Hope you are having a great day.